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I might have missed an ask along the way, but have you discussed the dynamic between Momota and Ouma yet? I understand Japanese enough to get by without the occasionally misinformed/misleading translations and I am FLOORED by the lack of people talking about the dynamic shift between them in chapters 3 and 5. I guess I just wanted to know what you had to say on their relationship since your metas are always on point (also bc my friend and I can only scream at each other about these two so much)

I wanted to answer these two questions together because I’m actually very excited to have a chance to talk about this! Ouma and Momota’s relationship and the way in which the dynamic between them shifts is one of the most fascinating parts of Chapter 5, in my opinion.

If Chapter 5 in every DR game is about encouraging the player to put aside their preconceptions in order to find the truth (trusting that Kirigiri is lying to Naegi for a good reason, understanding that just because Komaeda’s murder was gruesome and horrible didn’t necessarily mean he was killed by someone else, etc.) then ndrv3 Chapter 5 really, truly takes the cake: complete cooperation between a culprit and victim is definitely a first in a DR game.

There are so many intentional parallels and points of difference between them, in much the same way that there are parallels between Ouma and Saihara, or Saihara and Momota. I feel Saihara himself managed to summarize it best when I was translating the Chapter 5 post-trial, and when he said that they “had lost the friend that they could trust the most and the friend that they could trust the least at the same time.”

I’ll be discussing Ouma and Momota’s relationship pretty thoroughly under the read more, so there will be quite a few endgame spoilers. Please read only if you’re comfortable! I’ll also be referencing things from the Chapter 5 post-trial quite a lot, so if anyone hasn’t read it yet, there’s a translated transcript of the whole thing here!

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Mi sento una perzona falza perché qua su Tumblr seguo blog vegan però minchia io non potrei mai diventarlo cioè davvero io vi ammiro ma toglietemi tutto ma non il sake maki

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What will happen if their wives wanted to buy a pet? :3

i will assume that you mean Nozokotonico

Koto: “please Umi, just think about it -”

Umi: “no, there is no place in our apartment and i don’t think they’re good pets”

Koto: “you won’t even notice that it’s there!”

Umi: “how can i not notice an alpaca standing in the middle of our living room??”


Maki: “we’re not getting a pet because you say you will take care of it but then leave all the work to me after a week when you’ve gotten bored”

Nico: “i have valid experience in taking care of things! i raised three younger siblings for heaven’s sake!”

Maki: “but you have no experience in taking care of a pet!”

Nico: “what are you talking about, i’m taking care of you aren’t i??”


Eli: “i’d love to raise a dog with you, Nozomi”

Nozomi: “i love how unproblematic you are, Elichi”

Eli: “there is no punchline to this, is there”

Nozomi: “no because we are a perfect couple”

Okay, so a lot of people completely erase nicomaki for the sake of ships with maki or nico not with the other. But shitty bffs nicomaki is literally my fave thing, like imagine nico being the little shit she is and constantly dropping heavy hints to makis crush WHILE SHE IS IN THE ROOM, along the lines of ‘wow makis sure been staring at you a lot lately wonder why that is *cough* she has a crush on you *cough*“ "nico im gonna strangle you” “try me”

Or maki going shopping with nico and nico just chooses the pinkest, frilliest dress in the whole shop and forces her to wear it and maki actually looks really cute and makis like “lol, betcha jealous” “you fucking wish” “sure do”

or imagine this dialogue that probably happened sometime
M: “why am i friends with you”
N:“because im irresistible”
M:“seriously why are we friends”
N:“because you love me”
M:“if i had to choose one person to push off the roof, itd be you”
M:“love you too, darling”
N:“everything for you, honey”