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A follow up to “You wanted me to walk in on you” ft. Inuchiyo. Not edited because I just wanted to get this out there. Please address all concerns and grammatical errors to: oh my god i hope this wasn’t reblogged before I fix it @

He said my name.

I would remember the sound of it, the catch in his voice as it segued into a groan, at the most inconvenient times. Standing in front of the stove, checking the doneness of the vegetables – he said my name. In the bathhouse, ducking my head under the water – he said my name. Serving Lord Nobunaga his dinner – he said my name. Inevitably, my face would begin to burn again, as red as the moment I walked in on him, as the image of it flashed through my mind. Broad shoulders pressed against the futon, his back slightly arched, lifting the tightly bunched muscles of his abdomen into the air. The flex of his forearm as he stroked. The glimpse of his teeth biting down on his lower lip.

It was distracting.

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"You don't know what you do to me" + Drinking, Nobuyuki. Am I gonna regret this? Probably.

“Would you like more?”

Natsu nodded, having lost the fact that all of their friends had left the banquet hall and that, tipsy as she was, it was only Nobuyuki and herself that remained drinking. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she had registered the fact, but for now, it was not the most obvious thought.

Lord Nobuyuki paused before he could complete the pour. “It seems we’ve been abandoned. Would you come with me, so we may drink somewhere more comfortable?”

Instead of a carafe of sake, he held out his hand; Natsu set her fingers atop his palm, enjoying the friendly natured laugh that he offered and allowing him to pull her gracefully to her feet.

Well, as gracefully as she could walk. His hand was large, strong, warm… she was so focused on the way it felt, she did not stop to think about why Lord Nobuyuki would deem it worthy of his time to drink with a cook. With his support, they slowly made their way down the hall to his room; his hand on hers turned into her shoulder against his torso, his arm about her waist.

“Careful, now.”

She laughed. “I am sorry. This is the most embarrassing thing…”

They paused outside the door, and for a moment she wondered if he would open it; Lord Nobuyuki turned to her, his arm still about her, and it was then she realized just how uncharacteristically close he was. From here, she could nearly feel his breath; she could imagine what it would be like to be pressed against him, and there was enough alcohol in her system that she did not feel ashamed by the thought.

If anything, it was freeing. 

“What are you thinking, Natsu?” he released a light laugh, sliding the door open and pulling her with him as he backed inside. “I have never seen that expression on your face before.”

“That would be because I never–”

It all happened so quickly; Natsu registered the fact he did not have a carafe of sake, and that his free hand not holding her reached above her head to slide the door closed. They were enveloped in darkness, and it only emboldened her further. If she could not see him, he could not see her… her fingers tentatively reached for his jaw, tracing the stern edges.

“Are you sure you want to do that?”

His voice was husky; she could feel the way he pulled her to him, gasped when her body pressed into the hard planes of his chest; there was no doubt that he had taken care of his physique, just as prepared for war as his brother and father… Natsu’s fingers dropped from his face.

“Lord Nobuyuki…?”

“You… don’t know. What you do to me.” his face lowered, and she leaned back, feeling as if the right thing to do was to allow him clearance to not only tower over her, but to stand above her as if he were a great tree and she the flower it shielded from the sun. 

No, she did not know what she did to him because until this moment, each a little heavy with drink, she had never noticed he had ever watched her. He was not unkind, although there were moments she could feel a different drive beneath his smiles; but he had never approached her as anything other than a grateful lord. Not as a man to a woman, as he was now, his hands finding their place along her hips.

Possessive. His hold tightened and Natsu’s knees fell weak.

“Tell me.”

He released a short laugh. “If I did you would run.”

“You might frighten men, but you do not frighten me.”

There was silence then, but he lowered them to the floor; Natsu thanked the gods with each shuddered breath, because her legs would not have held her weight much longer; they spread out before her, until Lord Nobuyuki settled one hand on her knee, and spread them apart.

“I want to be here.” he slid between her legs, slowly, and although they were fully clothed it was not hard for her to understand exactly what he meant. “I have no right to claim you and yet all I can think of is making sure my name is the only one you will ever say again.”

His thumb found her lip, drawing sensually across and sliding just beyond until she opened them to suck in breath. Natsu’s eyes were adjusting to the dark at this point, and she thought there was some pain in his face until he drew far too close for her to see, only feel.

“You are trembling. Do I frighten you?”

“No.” she breathed the words agaisnt his skin, not knowing what part of him was by her lips, and using that knowledge to fight the urge to kiss him. “No, milord. I don’t believe you would ever hurt me.”

“Fear and pain are two different things.”

“Should I be afraid?”

“The things I want to do to you…” his words pressed along the shell of her ear, tempting with the brush of his tongue. “… if you are willing, perhaps they would not be frightening at all.”

He took her face in his hands, pulling her full and taught; she followed, competely under his spell. It was little mercy that she could not see him clearly, could not know the storm brewing in the blue of his eyes. It was a tornado, a typhoon; it was everything that was so much more than her, so much more than this, and she would drown.

But she would drown happily.

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Another Story, But About Mom...

I was like

Eleven at the time and in the deepest throes of my embarrassing weeaboo stage, which meant of course I was begging my mom to take me out for sushi.

So we go get sushi, sitting at the sushi bar.

Now this sushi bar has regulars. Super friendly.

My mom is a social butterfly and she starts chatting with this lady, and the lady is all “WELL IF YOU’RE EATING SUSHI YOU NEED TO DRINK SAKE!” And buys a carafe for my mom

And it’s hot and sweet so she assumes it’s like
Or something
So she’s drinking
And drinking And chatting

And making friends. I’m being my quiet eleven year old self

And fifteen minutes pass and I’m being ignored. Noticing this, the lady is polite and inquires about me

To which my mother replies, after her second carafe of sake, “This is my daughter… Um… Donna.”

And continued talking. Five more minutes pass

And she realizes I’m staring at her with distress and she asks what’s wrong because I am just staring at her with wide eyes and a shakey lip, like…. CLEARLY SOMETHING IS WRONG.

“My name’s not Donna!” and she stares at me as realization dawns on her that she just called her daughter by her sister’s name. To this day, my family will tease me and start calling me Donna.