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A Summary of Onision’s Content

Onision’s entire channel (all three of them) can essentially be broken down into the same four video concepts that he repeats ad nauseum:

1. Regurgitating poorly-written songs and skits with the exact same topics in the exact same format over and over again. “I’m coming out as [insert sexual orientation/gender here]”. “I’m So [Whore/Pedophile/Nerd/Emo/Goth/Stalker/Hippie]”. “Onision and Laineybot doing the ______ tag!” “Onision Googles ______ and reacts to it!”.

The only time that there is ever any variation in this other repetitious routine is when other YouTubers are featured in his skits. Otherwise, they are mundane and repetitive.

2. Rehashing the exact same stories from his past over and over again (being in the air force, why he doesn’t talk to his dad, YouTubers that he’s fought with, girls he regrets dating even though we’ve all heard about all of his exes dozens of times each, etc), because he doesn’t have a life and never does anything new worth sharing with his fanbase. 

(Take it from me, guys. When you’re stuck at home 24/7 - whether it’s by choice, like Onision, or by coercion, like Lainey - there is so little intellectual, social, and sensory stimulation going on in your life that the only thing left to do is ruminate about the past. I guarantee that the source of much of Lainey’s depression is boredom and inactivity; and I’m sure that this is also why he sometimes allows her to bring friends to come and live with them for a while. She’s bored and starved for interaction, but he doesn’t want her to leave the house for school or work, because then there are outside factors at work in her life that he has no control over. Onision has kept her and himself in this situation on purpose - he doesn’t want a normal life outside of this limited, but comfortable, little bubble that’s entirely within his control.)

3. Starting shit with other YouTubers. Choose a new (or old) target every week when the drama begins to die down again. Repeat ad nauseum. **BONUS!** Wonder why his channel isn’t doing as well as the channels of other big YouTubers who actually do things, like go out of their way to be quality content creators, collaborate and maintain positive relationships with other YouTubers, and work to stay within YouTube’s TOS (which I bet he’s regretting not trying harder to do now).

4. Ranting, talking, or complaining about the same repetitive topics over and over again. Republicans. Religion. Feminism. Cutting. Andy Biersack. Mental illness. Animals. LGBTQ+. Eugenia Cooney. Ex-girlfriends (Skye, Shiloh, Adrienne, Billie). Circumcision. Marijuana. Anything revolving around weight and physical appearance in any way: obesity. Anorexia. How to lose weight. Binge eating. How to gain weight. “Body positivity”. Diet. Veganism and vegetarianism. “Would Onision date you?” “Does Onision think you’re hot?” “Onision rates YOUR body on a scale from 1 to 10!” “Are you fat or skinny?” “What does the perfect female body look like?” 

The man has not had an original idea in years. Hell, he even stole the concept of Chibi Derp from Fred. Do something else, Onision. This is why your channel is dying

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Hey! Can I have some headcanons or a scenario of Katsuki who has fem s/o that's exactly like Monoma? Like their personalities are the same (how she mocking the students of the Class 1-B for example); Katsuki doesn't even notice it until someone mention it and he's like 'woah dude what the fuck..' (I DONT SHIP THEM BUT I THINK IT'D BE FUNNY HAHAHAHA and excuse my shitty english!)

Wah? I think you’re doing fine on English, my dear! Well, this is new and quite interesting to see, a female version of Monoma! 😱 r U N. in all honesty, Monoma is cool with me too. - Mod Dabi.

  • Bakugou is literally looking at his s/o like “WHAT THE ACTUAL FŪCK?” face. The frickle did he not notice this before, dating an imitation of Monoma? He didn’t know until his classmates point out. “HAHAHA. 1-B IS STILL THE LOSERS!!! OH YOU COULDNT BEAT US? WELL TOO BAD.” - “Bakugou, control your woman, for peep’s sakes. Now we have a Monoma in our class. Fantastic.”
  • He’s like even more in love ?? honesty he finds it adorable if his s/o is trash talking down anyone… especially Monoma, that smug punk who is always attacking 1-A.
  • Bakugou couldn’t care less if his s/o is judging 1-B, HARD. Like seriously, can he be anymore prouder than that? He grins proudly while watching s/o smack-talking.
  • But yeah, sometimes he does have to shush his mocking s/o up because Aizawa-sensei gets a headache from her mocking them too much.
  • What’s even worse is, all the dang classes are out to get the 1-A even more now, like how fun would that be? His classmates are disappointed in BAKUGOU and S/O. Disappointed look.
  • Monoma and s/o smack talking each other everyday. He sometimes DOES wonder if this is actually bad or a good thing? Monoma is good enough, but s/o??? Who knows. If he likes her then he does. The end of that.

Wanna R O L E P L A Y with a B O S S ass B i T C H on her own agenda? Well I’ve got an original character for you; based completely on the Mythology of Kriemhild within Nibelungenlied. As well as the infamous ‘ Die Nibelungen.’ With a bit of Nasu flare to it, I present to you Avenger. A servant who would gladly get rid of her master and literally every other person ever, if it means she can freely reign upon the world as she wishes and so desires too. All for the sake of getting her husband back. This once God-Loving-Catholic Queen, has lived through all sorts of unfair justice, and thought to herself……………….. Why not,

                               R A ↑ S E ˡ ⁱ ᵗ ᵗ ˡ H E L L

It’s so weird to occasionally see discussion on ‘when/how A/B/O dynamics entered the fandom world’ and people bring up Supernatural because

I think the underlying theme of A/B/O has existed for like…ages. Decades at least.

And also because I’m pretty sure the furries (oh no the furries) have been running amok with A/B/O for a while now but I never see it brought up and I think it’s funny bc I know ppl don’t like furries but they’re also unwilling to accept that themes cross fandoms etc and that’s hilarious

Anyways I’m pretty sure the whole A/B/O dynamics as a theme found in fandom has existed for a very very long time even if it wasn’t called the sake thing that it is now.