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Dina Caliente & Johnny Zest / Zoe Patel & J Huntington III


I SPENT TOO MUCH TIME ON THIS but yeah context for the beginning: barts #BUMMED bc he failed a test despite his best attempts and killuas passing by. this is the worst thing ive ever drawn @stargenerator is partially responsible for this crossover b/c apparently my gons look like bart


“Friends” by Kavan Cardoza
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When I was veeery little I met this kid in a park I often went to and we played with our nintendo ds, he was adorable and I remember it being the first time i played with multiple ds. He was the brightest person I met and ALWAYS smiled and when he lost at the game he giggled and was like "thats fine i had so much fun!" while other kids my age would've cried instead, I still think about him now and I wonder where he went and if he's living a happy life and if he's still the same

thats such a specific childhood memory but something about it also seems super familiar omg..idk this feeling of meeting someone as a child u cant forget even after so much time has passed and kinda wanting to meet them again just to see what theyre up to but also not /really/ wanting to meet them bc that would kinda destroy the memory