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26-year-old Takara with her 7-year-old daughter Sakari, her 3-year-old calf Kamea and her nearly 2 week old calf. This is a matriline. This is the most prominent feature of orca life and this is what the breeding ban takes away. Sakari, Kamea and especially this new calf are doomed to live in stunted social situations because activists believe they would be better off never having lived than living in human care. They could have started their own matrilines, have their own calves to protect, nurture and teach. Themselves and their calves could have educated and inspired thousands to protect their wild counterparts. They could have informed scientists about the secrets of orca life, biology and cognition. Instead Sakari, Kamea and this calf get to watch as their social groups dwindle one by one till no one is left. The social diversity of the rest of these animals’ lives will be similar to what it was in the 80′s and 90′s when pod structure was unnatural and forced. It’s sad to realize this is the last time a group of SeaWorld’s whales will be able to live in a naturalistic, diverse social structure. 

Amorralok week day5 In the work

My amorralok AU

The bloodbendeing brothers has a Chi blocking Arts Hall and pharmacy

in a small village.

Noatak is a chi blocking master,bonesetter and uncle.

Tarrlok is a pharmacist,owner,substitute teacher and father.

Korra is the Avatar and mother.


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Yesterday, Ousmane Dembele was successfully operated on  by doctors Sakari Orava and Lasse Lempainen , under the supervision of Dr. Ricard Pruna  and is scheduled to head back to Barcelona on Wednesday to begin his recovery.

Dembélé , who will be out for approximately three and a half months as announced by the Barca medical services, will carry out his entire recovery process in Barcelona, ​​especially in the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper, where he will be supervised, with Dr. Pruna.

Get well soon / Courage Ousmane Dembele!

Attention people who care about captive orcas

Probably the orcas with the fewest updates and stuff are the 6 at sea world San Antonio. They also still have a dolphin petting pool. Also, I’ve never been a fan of the pinnipeds enclosures since there is no shade and it’s really freaking hot.

So I was curious if I should go video things and update everyone about the current conditions and interview staff and such. I just want to have other people’s input on whether I should spend money towards a ticket (I wouldn’t purchase anything in the park) or an annual pass to update people and if my contribution to the company is worth the information and everything.

Please let me know what you think!