I did some screencapping of the Sakamama’s dresses. (the back side of their dresses/full length since they don’t seem to have any refs from the game) To those who need references of them and also for cosplayers. Screencapped from Episode 6 (Christa) and 7 (Beatrix and Cordelia). Hope this helps! <3
Christa has a very long dress and cape..while Beatrix has frills on the bottom of her dress and her collar. Cordelia seems to have a little ribbon attached to her netted glove too. She also has the net design on the back of her dress.

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Sakasalmons: Shoe, Sakamama Rage, Oreo, Dildo, Hysteria, Toyota and Mookamis : Mookapapa Ricky, Trash idol, Carrot dick, Zuzu the bunny, despite yours weird names and your weird kinks, vampirism, sadism and overall trashiness i luv u all! !!!!! And the only sane person on this blog Mun-chan the most! !!!!! Happy late valentines! !!!! *hops on rainbow unicorn and disappears*

Nananah, I’m a really insane person, anon~


♥Shu: Someone called me shoe… Again. How bothersome…

♥Reiji: -sighs- That nickname… I’m nobody’s mother! I’m just the only responsible person in this house!

♥Ayato: Who do you think you’re calling “Oreo”, Chichinashi?! It’s O-re-sa-ma! Keep that in mind!


♥Laito: So… “Dildo”, Bitch-chan? That is insulting~… You know, I can make you feel way better than a dildo… Fufu~

♥Subaru: Could you cut it with the car jokes?!


♥Ruki: Next time you call me “Ricky” or “Mookapapa”, Livestock, I’ll make sure those are your last words.

♥Kou: Haaah~ How dare you insult me?! There isn’t any idol like me, M Neko-chan!

♥Yuma:…You clearly know what you want, calling me that. Well, you won’t escape from “angry carrot dick” ya dumb Sow!

♥Azusa:… I’m not a rabbit… Eve…! I’m a… Vampire… I’m too far from being… Cute…

the boys' powers

as some of you may have garnered from my essay on vampire motion (to be found here) i am actually a huge nerd when it comes to supernatural shit. So here I am posting my personal opinions about the various powers that the boys would have (Sakamakis only) based off of mythology, and various franchises, as well as the Bible (reading selectively, only the cool stuff about Hell and its hierarchy). 

Watch me fucking go

trigger warnings for child abuse, sexual violence, dubios/non-consensual sex and gore, as I will be discussing the past of the boys. 

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                                                              Lɪᴛᴛʟᴇ Mᴏɴsᴛᴇʀ;

I want to say thank you to all! ;v; I’m closing in on my next hundred and I haven’t done one of these in a while. I can’t believe that I’m still roleplaying Kanato, I know that I REALLY did struggle with him in the beginning, I even went on several long hiatus’ and almost deleted too. But nope! I’m still here and rp'ing! ;v; Ahhh, just thank you all so much!

Precious dolls:

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warpedloyalties tiightropewalker trapeziist yukinenoragami organdoom originalheir qingbang
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filthyandunwanted iubitor xmonstro angelickomori sanctuaryintheabyss mukamiruki
museii incredible-zim pervertedsadist shxraa hidxyoshi thanagxr genocidemode

This isn’t in any particular order! ;0; I love you all and thank you soooo much! ;; I hope I didn’t forget anyone ahhhh >o< I feel that I did.