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For the child AU please! How the boys would act if their new care taker had depression and anxiety from their own past abuse?

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Shuu: He doesn’t understand that adults can have problems like that, and is honestly completely confused by yours. 

Reiji: He’s more of a nervous wreck than ever when your issues start up, terrified that it’s all somehow his fault. 

Ayato: He’s determined to fix every problem you have by himself, and runs himself ragged trying to make you always be okay. 

Kanato: He doesn’t understand what’s happening when you start to act wrong, and gets horribly distressed every time. 

Laito: He mostly avoids you when you’re upset, wanting to help you, but too afraid to risk making things worse. 

Subaru: He somehow manages to blame himself for every problem you have, and makes himself sick with worry constantly. 

Ruki: He genuinely tries to help you feel better, but doesn’t know what to do with issues so similar to his own. 

Kou: He all but panics any time your issues spike, worried absolutely sick that something really bad could happen to you. 

Yuuma: He doesn’t get how badly those things affect you, and is continuously confused by just how miserable you can be. 

Azusa: He clings to your side even more, concerned that you won’t be okay anymore if he leaves you for a second. 

Carla: He mostly keeps his distance from you when the issues hit you, worried that his presence would only make things worse. 

Shin: His idea of helping is lecturing you on being strong. Since you’re so close to him, you have to be just as tough as he is!

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Some people have told me that Yui falls victim to stockholm syndrome in kanato's route in the first game, and it becomes so extreme that she even kills his brothers to show her devotion to only him? I don't think that's right, cause maybe they are missing something, so I was wondering if you can tell us your thoughts on that?

I’ve read the translation for this route before, and it is Kanato’s Manservant Ending for Haunted Dark Bridal. Yui is very apologetic to Kanato in this ending, and the reason why she killed all of the brothers was because she wanted to appease Kanato, who was angry at her earlier.

In this route, Kanato threatened to “tear Yui apart” for making him angry and this particular notion makes me believe that Yui was NOT a victim of Stockholm Syndrome because typically, captors who threaten to harm their hostages will face negative feelings or backlash from the hostages because their lives are in danger. Victims of SS have the belief that their lives are personally handled by their captors which defers them to solely rely and believe in their captors taking care of them. It’s a positive feeling going on. This is not the case between Kanato and Yui.

Overall, I feel like Yui more or less did this to survive the horrible circumstances she found herself in. She was scared of what Kanato would do to her, and I think manipulation was also a factor for this since Kanato was upset and unhappy with her behavior. Yui nods frantically in agreement to Kanato’s words and quickly agrees to kill the brothers in order to show that this was her way to apologize to Kanato. And he accepted this form of an apology from her and when she finishes her mission, Kanato declares that she’s broken and that he wants to break her more.

Sure, you can argue that she did this to prove her love to him and that she’s actually a victim of SS, but you know what really motivated her instead at the end? Fear. Nothing but sheer fear for her life. “Love” would come later if Yui remained alive for it.

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The boys for @tenshixkyuketsuki


Bloody Bouquet, Laito and Kanato Sakamaki.

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Headcanons for things that the boys would do for/to an s/o that they'd become attached to? (xeno AU)

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-He starts to be inexplicably close to you at all times, sleeping somewhere a mere few feet away and claiming that it’s just “coincidence”. It’s harder and harder for him to get proper rest without being able to smell you nearby, and the more attached he is, the greater the need to have you close.


-At first, he just gets fussy, following you around and complaining about every minute thing you do wrong. It quickly becomes obvious that it’s just an excuse to get close to you, especially when he starts demanding your help with random duties just so you’ll be forced to be near him. 


-He very openly demands your company, and will resort to physically keeping you with him if you resist. He’s started to feel nervous when you aren’t close by, and that feeling makes him so sick, he has no choice but to give in to instinct and make sure you can’t leave him. 


-From the first time he cries because you aren’t close enough, he more or less forces you to stay with him at all times. He refuses to admit that he actually wants you, and comes up with all kinds of strange excuses as to why you’re not allowed to be more than a few feet away. 


-He despises having genuine feelings of any kind, and resists the impulse to need you for as long as he possibly can, even going so far as to distract himself with other lovers. When he finally does give in, it ends in even more intense possessiveness than usual, because of so long without. 


-He absolutely hates admitting to needing you, and covers up the sudden need to have you close with flimsy excuses, many broken objects, and a lot of yelling. It’s almost pathetically obvious how your presence affects him, especially when he gives in and starts using force to keep you close. 


-He’s extremely subtle, and does everything possible to hide how nervous he feels when you aren’t in his sight. Sometime around the time he starts having nightmares about you, he starts forcing you to stay close to him, claiming it to be just another way of controlling you. 


-Despite being extremely wary of just how indebted to you he could become, he can’t fight the sudden, overwhelming need to have you near. It’s painfully obvious how frantic he is, and it’s very hard to feel anything but sympathy for how powerfully the new instinct affects him. 


-Honestly. he’s dense enough that the attachment takes forever to really affect him. Once it does, though, it hits hard, and when you suddenly feel every bit as important as his family, you’ll find yourself forced to spend all but every second with a grouchy, newly overprotective Yuuma. 


-If you though he was clingy before, you’re about to see just how bad it can get. His neediness absolute skyrockets, transforming into an all consuming need to be as close to you as possible. With no pride to stifle the instincts, he very quickly becomes consumed by them. 


-He won’t show a bit of the new desire until it’s forced out of him. He forces it down and stifles every urge until it makes him sick, and by then, the pull is so strong there’s no way to manage it with dignity. His demeanor change from cold to viciously controlling in an instant. 


-While he hates the idea of being bound to you by his own mind, even he can’t resist the instinctive pull for long. He becomes violently possessive and prone to even more risky behavior, caught between his hatred of giving in to the instinct and the desire to just be close to you. 

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Boys reaction to their baby saying the most unexpected and/or undesirable first word?


♥Shu:… What did you say?… How bothersome… Now we have to teach which words you shouldn’t repeat…

♥Reiji: N-no! I won’t allow my son to speak like that!

♥Ayato: Hahaha! Say it again! Hey look Chichinashi, she said something really funny!

♥Kanato: What?!!…Aggh… How am I supposed to take care of this snotty brat…

♥Laito: Eh~? Who taught you that ugly word? We’ll have to be really careful now…

♥Subaru: Shit, don’t say that! NO! Don’t repeat that! Aaah!


♥Ruki: Now now, where did you hear that? Did you learn it from your uncle Yuma?

♥Kou: Ah, no!! Don’t say those things, kitty! You’re too young for that kind of language…

♥Yuma: What the… And I thought you wouldn’t hear me… Damn, this is harder than I thought.

♥Azusa: !!!… Who… Did you hear that from…? Your mother… Will be angry if… You keep saying that…


♥Carla: This is why I don’t want you to keep contact with humans… They always are so ill-mannered.

♥Shin: Hey, don’t say that kind of words! If your mother hears you she’ll blame me! Not to mention how Nii-san would react…