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Diabolik Lovers Lost Eden [OP]
Sakamaki Brothers
Diabolik Lovers Lost Eden [OP]

Opening of the new game Diabolik Lovers sings by the Sakamaki Brothers

  • Midorikawa Hikaru ( Sakamaki Ayato)
  • Kaji Yuki (Sakamaki Kanato)
  • Hirakawa Daisuke (Sakamaki Raito)
  • Toriumi Kousuke (Sakamaki Shuu)
  • Konishi Katsuyuki (Sakamaki Reiji)
  • Kondo Takashi (Sakamaki Subaru)
Kanato's voice changing
Sakamaki Kanato
Kanato's voice changing

I’m not the owner of the original audio from the game / the picture, his voice suddenly got DEEP! SORRY FOR SO MANY MISTAKES! *Bows*


Kanato : Hey, Teddy. Can you watch her carefully to make sure she doesn’t do anything suspicious today?*chuckles* Teddy is really a good child(or boy mabye).

Kanato : And to compare him with you(This is the part)… Hey you, since earlier, why you just sleep at that place?

Kanato-kun のBreathy voice
Sakamaki Kanato
Kanato-kun のBreathy voice

Prepare your ovaries, Minna ;). I’m not the owner of the original audio or the picture.


Kanato : That song earlier, you heard it, am I right? You too know about this, right? *breathy voice* Scarborough Fair.

Kanato : *chuckles* Whenever I sing that song, I feel like remembering something that happened long ago.

God, spare meeeeeeeeee~!

Main Objective is to first explore on how to use Photoshop and the options on the Layers (e.g.: Normal, Vivid Light, Soft Light, Luminosity, etc.).

I used the Voice Actors from Diabolik Lovers, and then placed their respective Characters on top of their pictures, in which their respective characters are edited to give off effects.

Edited using Adobe Photoshop.

Diabolik Lovers © Rejet Factort; art © Satoi


LOST EDEN Vol.1 Sakamaki Story

Sakamaki Ayato(CV.Midorikawa Hikaru)/ Sakamaki Kanato(CV.Kaji Yuki
Sakamaki Laito(CV.Hirakawa Daisuke)/ Sakamaki Shu(CV.Toriumi Kousuke)/ Sakamaki Reiji(CV.Konishi Katsuyuki)/ Sakamaki Subaru(CV.Kondo Takashi

Releasing Date: August 17, 2016

Also the fact I had the chance to get at least one of these I wanted (kANaTO I loVE thIS soNG) but I passed it up to get Kuro Crest Story with the DVD and limited edition plus Bloody Songs -SUPER BEST II- and now if I wanted one of these so badly (which I’m tempted to get because I really love 快感DEATH-TRUCTION and ahhhhhh) I’d have to swap out Kuro Quest Story and It’s a big dilemma because I really want  After the Rain’s (Mafumafu and Soraru) album as much as Kanato’s and Laito’s. Then I had to think logically and I was like “So Kuro Crest Story has 16 songs and 6 on the DVD where as the Dialover ones have two songs and a mini drama track so logically Kuro Quest Story is better at this point in time and they might put these two songs on an album like the Bloody Songs one right? So if I wait then I might be able to get an album with them on (Also Bloody Best II because Mukami’s amirite) BUT I REALLY WANT THE TWO ALBUMS UP THERE AND AHHHHHHH. I promised myself that If my mother wont get me Kuro Quest Story (even though I’m kinda paying) I will go for an album, which will most likely be 快感DEATH-TRUCTION  because I love it and Kaji-kun’s voice ahhHHHHH.

Sorry for this. I wanted to get my dilemma out and now I came to a decision that may work. In conclusion I love 快感DEATH-TRUCTION and Kaji-kun + Kanato. Also I never really mentioned Laito but I want his album and like Hirakawa (*All fangirls moan in the background*). That’s all. lmao sorry I wrote so much.


Diabolik Lovers Versus Song Requiem (2) Bloody Night

Vol. I: Sakamaiki Ayato X Sakamaki Subaru
Vol. II: Mukami Ruki X Mukami Azusa
Vol. III: Tsukinami Carla X Tsukinami Shin
Vol. IV: Sakamaki Reiji X Sakamaki Kanato
Vol. V: Mukami Kou X Mukami Yuuma
Vol. VI: Sakamaki Shuu X Sakamaki Raito