sakamaki brothers

anonymous asked:

what are the sakamaki and mukami brothers favorite pokemon and would they keep one of them?

Ayato: i like Venusaur and hell yeah! i’d keep one!

Laito: Vulpix or Ninetales i like them both

Kanato: Nidoran is so cute! not as cute as teddy though, ne teddy?

Reiji: what was that one huge rock snake called again?.. Onix? yes that one

Shu: i think a Snorlax and i would get along quite well

Subaru: Arcanine is kinda cool, it’s hard to pick one

Yuma: Tauros and Typhlosion, oh but i also like Girafarig haha i don’t know i like em all

Kou: Gardevoir is my favorite!

Azusa: i can’t… choose… between … Latias and Latios

Ruki: i don’t know much about packaman or pookymon or whatever it’s called but i do like the way Noivern looks