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What kind of cat would the s and m bros be (and yui if it ok) and how would they act. (I love you mun but I'm way to nervous to come out of anon)

Don’t worry hun, its perfectly fine if you want to stay on anon just know I love you too… but don’t play with my emotions like this because I had to go through so many cat photos and… cats are just so great, like I can’t deal. 


Shu - Siberian Forest Cat

Reiji - Bombay

Ayato - Abyssinian

Kanato - Munchkin

Laito - Solmali

Subaru - Cymric


Ruki - Russian Blue

Kou - Singapura

Yuma - Maine Coon

Azusa - Scottish Fold


Yui - Ragdoll

*Crying* Babies…

“No one has ever been saved by their belief.”

Been thinking allot about Laito’s backstory lately. About how he must’ve felt, being unable to confide in anyone, and probably lost in a vague sense of confusion and numbness about what was happening to him, so he kept internalising his feelings. I headcanon that his happy mask would slip sometimes, when he was younger, and he’d have to go to a quiet place away from prying eyes.

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all the boys reaction to seeing their s/o wearing nothing but one of their shirts

Another good one please enjoy, and thanks for the ask^^

Shu: Flipped his switch is what you did. You look adorable in his shirt that is oversized for you. He’ll laugh at your appearance before telling you to lay on top of him. Maybe some butt grabs here and there. Needless to say you both didn’t get much sleep.

Reiji: He definitely won’t say it out loud but you do look good in his shirt. Your bare legs especially. Will tell you that you’re trying to temp him with your attire. “It seems you’re trying to temp me.” Something like that. In the end you will leave his room with bite marks mostly on your legs…you brought this upon yourself

Ayato: Won’t even hesitate to say how hot you look. He’s very open with how he wants to touch you apparently. Will ask you to wear that all around the house. Ayato will definitely start buying you oversized shirts now. But first he needs to get you out of the one you’re wearing

Kanato: What are you doing with one of his shirts! Won’t admit it but you do look cute. His clothes do suite you well. Kanato will tell you to take it off trying his best not to lose it. Will probably make an excuse just to bite you, but still refuses to say how he feels.

Laito: If you managed to talk to him with that still on I applaud you. He adores the way his shirt fits you. Laito went as far as putting his fedora on your head. Prepare for wandering hands and lewd remarks. He just can’t stand how cute you look.

Subaru: Where are your clothes! Don’t wear his things like that. Embarrassed to say how he feels, or rather he’s not sure how to say it. Wants to hold you while your dressed like that. In the end he will end up telling you that you actually look okay in his cloths before throwing your own cloths at you.

Mukami Brothers

Ruki: Who told you you could wear my stuff anyway? Acts like he doesn’t appreciate it, but he loves your legs being put in the open. Will drop things on purpose and ask you to bend down and get it for him just so he can see your butt. You won’t leave the room unscathed. He feels you need to be punished for walking around like that, so be a good girl and bend over.

Yuma: Yes, you look amazing. You should wear his stuff all the time. Your skin exposed like that is very pleasing to the eye. Although he does like it when you wear tight clothing loose clothing looks just as good. You’ve awakened the beast so prepare yourself.

Kou: You look so adorable. Kou will take a bunch of pictures. Wants to see you wear thigh high stockings with his shirt. Likes the fact that you like the way his shirt smells. Lots of hugs and kisses and of course som-[censored]

Azusa: Azusa can’t contain how happy he is. Compliment after compliment. Wants to suck blood from your exposed lower body. He will ask if anyone around the house has seen you like that, and depending on your answer your night will end wonderfully.

Diabolik Lovers: Kisses

Words: 480.

Anime: Diabolik Lovers.

Character(s): Sakamaki brothers.

Shu- His kisses would be lazy and slow. His hand would often cup the back of your head whilst the other would rest behind his head, if he were lying down. If you were both standing or sitting, the position would basically be the same but his other arm would wrap around your back and hold you close against him. His lips are usually soft and he always pulls back long enough to make you crave more. He often pulls you on top of him so he can feel you as close to him as possible and plus, that means he won’t have to move a lot to feel you close to him.

Reiji- His kisses are short but forceful. He wants to get his point across quickly because he’s often very busy. He would lift your chin to face him and press his lips firmly against yours before pushing up his glasses and going back to whatever he was previously doing. His lips often leave yours swollen and bruised but you can’t wait for the next time.

Ayato- His kisses usually start with him sucking your blood. There is usually one hand on your shoulder and the other wound around her waist. His hand would then slip to where he just bit you and up to cup your cheek before he would kiss you. His lips would pull at yours as though in a battle and if he were somehow losing the battle, he would press you against something and kiss you harder, his hands tightening their hold.

Laito- His kisses would leave you completely breathless. His hands would be on your hips and his lips would descend on yours slowly. He would tease you with short, light kisses before passionately kissing you, his tongue forcing its way into your mouth. He would play with your own tongue for a while before going back to the light kisses. He would alternate between the two, causing you to become dizzy with his kisses. If you let him, your kisses would usually end in the both of you in bed and without clothes.

Kanato- His kisses were short. He doesn’t kiss you often but when he does it’s usually to get you to shut up or to perhaps frighten you. You would often be stunned if Kanato kissed you which would make him laugh and start asking Teddy what they should do with you. In other words, there is no passion behind Kanato’s kisses.

Subaru- His kisses start off hesitant. He is afraid he’ll hurt you in some way so you usually initiate the kisses. After the initial fear and hesitancy he would stroke your hair from your face and kiss you more deeply, his hands winding through your hair. His kisses were originally sloppy and inexperienced but the longer he kissed you, the deeper he kissed you.

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Can you do one where Yui starts texting the Sakamaki boys memes and they're just

this is kind of an alteration of the basic prompt, but here u go she made a meme

this is based on a true story.


there’s a song about it.

beta mod is the one singing it.

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*your youtube inspired me* what kind of youtube channel would the boys (SMT and Kino) have?


Shu - He probably went viral after somebody filmed him playing the violin and he kind of kept doing it.

Reiji - Lifehacks and podcasts. Mainly him talking about certain subjects on an intellectual level, it’s so well put together that his fans are very patient when he takes a while to get one up.

Ayato - Let’s plays and dare videos mostly. He’s known for screaming and crying during extreme horror games and for that fantastic ego~

Kanato - Doll making. It’s weird, it’s creepy, it’s cute, it’s traumatizing to people with autonomophobia but it has Kanato written all over it. Plus his fans love seeing his face because not only does he look like a doll as well he is also super adorable… to them.

Laito - Sims, his channel is basically the sims (I believe he is an avid player of it) and probably just talk videos where he elaborates on subjects he finds interesting.

Subaru - Let’s plays and dares that he gets dragged into by Ayato. He’s known for extreme raging and breaking the wall beside his computer, his fans make many gifs of him punching the poor wall and it’s so funny.


Ruki - He does book reviews and cooking tutorials… he also has a book club

Kou - Daily vlogging mostly and he’s not afraid to whip out the camera in public and start talking to it either.. All Kou all the time… daily.

Yuma - Gardening tip mainly, he’s helped so many people with his tutorials that he’s sponsored and has his own gardening tool line.

Azusa - ASMR, he’s quiet enough and he liked the tingly feeling so much that he picked it up and he’s damn good at it.


Carla - Speedpaints mostly, maybe talking videos but not often because the comments are always thirsty and telling him how sexy his voice is… not saying he doesn’t like it tho.

Shin - A DIY channel but like sick shit, not your cute shit either he’s going Threadbanger on this shit. He also does dare videos.


Kino - Another gamer, he’s more known for Minecraft videos and management games like The Guild 2 or Civilization. Streams often.

Yui - DIYs and daily vlogs but like the boys gotta try and take her spotlight but it doesn’t work. “Good morning guys! I hope you all had a nice night, Ayato bit me while I was asleep… again.”

Ayato: *at a v important meeting* I feel like there’s a word for why we’re so into Chichinashi. Why we’re totally crazy about her, why we chase her. We must be- 

His brothers, the Mukamis, Tsukinamis and Kino in a droning chorus: Yuisexual.

Yui: *walks past* Hi guys.

Sakamakis, Mukamis, Tsukinamis and Kino: *watch her until she’s out of sight*

Sakamakis, Mukamis, Tsukinamis and Kino: *eye each other warily*

Laito:…I’m gonna go see what Bitch-chan is up t-

Reiji: You stay.

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What would S, M and T bros do if they saw their s/o rolling around their room and laughing like a little child?

Depends on what you are laughing about.


Shu - Though he thinks you are adorable you are too loud and would like for you to be more quiet about it.

Reiji - “Would you stop acting like a child.” Finds your antics rather unamusing. You are too to be doing that.

Ayato - Would probably be laughing with you even though he doesn’t know what you two are laughing about.

Kanato - “You’re too noisy… stop it.” He’s the only cute one around here so get in line.

Laito - Laito finds your antics adorable and could watch you go on for hours even after you become annoying.

Subaru - He’d shake his head and walk away with a smirk, you’re such a dork… but you’re his dork.


Ruki - “Livestock do I need to remind you that you are not a child?” That question is scarier than you think.

Kou - He’d record it for social media because of how utterly adorable you are.

Yuma - He’d watch you go on for a while mumbling about how much of a dork you were and go back to the garden.

Azusa - He’d lay in the floor with you just to watch your laughing face as he felt butterflies in his stomach every time a giggle left you.


Carla - He’d observe you while you were in this state… humans were weird creatures all right. But he did like hearing you laugh.

Shin - He’d be laughing with you to, even if he doesn’t know what it is. If you ask him he’ll say of course he does, but that’s just a cover up.

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What small things would the boys find their s/o doing cute? (11/10 bad English ur blog is already top notch 👌👌💜)

//Your English is fine dear! Don’t worry about it! ^^ And since you didn’t specify, I’ll be doing the Sakamakis and Mukamis for this!


Shu: He’d find you singing or attempting to play an instrument to be adorable. While it is noisy, he does find it sweet of you trying to do something he’s interested in.

Reiji: Seeing you cook and also dress in Victorian (or other elegant) clothing will make him think if you as a cute partner.

Laito: He finds almost everything about you cute. Blushing, fear, resistance, and lewd expressions are just some of the few cute things about you.

Kanato: When you’re quiet and obedient, he will comment about your cuteness to obey him. But what will make you seem even more adorable is being his little doll and letting him dress you up in Lolita clothing.

Ayato: Resisting him and being embarrassed are what he finds cute about you. Even when you sometimes back talk, he may see it as “cute” for opposing him.

Subaru: Simply showing him kindness and gratitude will be considered cute. It’s even cuter to him when you act innocent or give him a gift such as a rose.


Ruki: Being oblivious is something he finds to be cute about you. Your clueless expression just makes him think of you being very innocent.

Kou: Since he loves cats, he will find you cute if you were to dress like a cat or wear a collar with his name engraved in it.

Yuma: Cuteness isn’t a word common in his vocabulary, but he will use it on you if you’re dedicated to gardening and also caring about him and his brothers.

Azusa: Just yourself in general is cute to him, but he will find you even cuter when in pain. Expect him to cause more harm to get more “cute” faces out of you.