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hoshinoshizuka  asked:

Hi! I wanted to know is there a manga for T&B that follows the events of the anime?

Hi Hoshinoshizuka, thank you for your question! You’d think this would have a simple answer but it actually doesn’t, haha. 

The closet the anime got of an manga adaptation would be Newtype Ace’s published ‘ Tiger and Bunny’ series, illustrated by Sakakibara Mizuki. There were 9 volumes in total (volume 9 has not yet been translated into English by Viz, due for release towards the end of the year in the West)

This adaptation, however, does not follow the series of events that happen in the anime, step-by-step. The manga is also told more from Barnaby’s point of view, as opposed to Kotetsu’s, like in the anime. This presents an new interesting perspective on the events that happens in the anime and more of an understanding of Barnaby’s motivations in his search of what is ‘Ouroboros’. 

Some of the events in the anime are even changed in the manga to accommodate Barnaby being the main focus rather than Kotetsu. There are also some new back-stories for some of the characters.

This manga series, however does not fully adapt the anime series, as it ends after the defeat of Jake. 

There has not yet been a manga adaptation of the second cour of the anime series. Whether we’ll ever see one is completely up in the air!

In need of more Tiger and Bunny goodness you say? Fear not! 

As a plug, I would highly recommend checking out Miracle Jump’s ‘Tiger & Bunny The Comic’ written by Erika Yoshida and illustrated by Ueda Hiroshi. There are 6 volumes and is currently being published on a monthly basis in Japan.

This series tells brand new stories that are set across the whole series (and after). They are well written, well illustrated and focuses on all the heroes individually and develops their personalities/relationships even more. 

Unfortunately this series has not yet been released in the West and has not been translated into English ‘officially’ and is only available via scanlations, but i would highly recommend reading it and badger Viz at convention’s for a release of this series. 

I hope that helps :)

Latest additions to my manga collection

I just figured out that the second volume of ZAKK’s Canis - Dear Hatter is also out… Well, it will come in the next pile I guess.

I’m still madly in love with not only ZAKK’s style but Komizu Kiyo’s and Suzukura Haru’s, too. Komizu’s style reminds me of Moto Haruko - plain, simple with manly characters and powerful scenes.

I bought the 4th volume of Boku wa subete wo shitteiru because I have the other 3 and because I don’t trust Juné publishing it… (They have not release the 3rd volume yet.)

Last but not least - a Tiger & Bunny artbook I did not know about until now! I saw the cover posted on Tumblr and I just had to have it on my shelf. It’s a nice artbook, I love Sakakibara Mizuki’s style. It had a really nice surprise - a full-color manga in English. :)