Okay, so I’m not going to bore you all with the usual “OMFG WARPED TOUR WAS AWESOME!” (which it was) but I’m just going to talk about this particular part of my day. So Pearl, my sister, and I were standing in line to meet Rise Against. We were disappointed that we couldn’t take pictures with the band though. And when I finally got up there, I shook Joe’s hand. He looked at the lyric book I handed him and said “Good album,” and smiled at me. He then elbowed Tim playfully and said “Look.” Tim smiled when he saw the lyric book. He said, “Quality album.” I was so excited. I showed Tim the Rise Against bracelet I made and told him that he could have it. He said, “Oh that’s really cool! How long did it take you to make it?” And I said “About four hours.” He smiled at me and said “How about you put it on?” I was freaking out. So I tied the bracelet on his wrist, but it took me a second because I was shaking so much. He told me to tie it as well as I could and he would re-tie it later. I moved down the line and met Zach and Brandon also. We didn’t get time to talk but it was really worth it. After meeting them I was so happy that I cried for a good half an hour. I was thinking of all the things that their music had gotten me through in life and I couldn’t handle it.  Later as we were watching them play (and I fought my way up to the barrier) I saw Tim wearing the bracelet! He smiled at me during the concert too! This was the best day of my life.