Signs as Bleach captains ~

Aries: Kurotsuchi Mayuri

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Taurus: Unohana Retsu

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Gemini: Aizen Sousuke

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Cancer: Kyoraku Shunsui

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Leo: Komamura Sajin

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Virgo: Ichimaru Gin

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Libra: Sui Feng

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Scorpio: Zaraki Kenpachi

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Sagittarius: Hitsugaya Toshiro

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Aquarius: Kuchiki Byakuya

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Pisces: Ukitake Jushiro

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So apparently the last Bleach chapter came out today, now I haven’t read any in over a year so I’m like 100+ behind (up to where Sajin turned into a fox) so I thought maybe I should think about catching up…until I started getting posts on my dash about who Ichigo ended up with….and just…

As an IchiRuki fan since like 2006 or something, and in the past I was a hard shipper of them, like a LONG TIME I couldn’t stop reading fanfics and such hard. I was just certain they were meant to be and was of course going to be together, from their interactions, their bond, to the movie that was basically an IchiRuki film. And to find out after ALL that and what I have yet to see in the manga chapters I haven’t seen to know that it’s Orihime…when they had no chemistry at all and like nothing in the way of interactions in the likes of Rukia….is like the ultimate troll….

One of the oldest pairings in the hope of becoming canon ended up being destroyed, and that’s something that will not be forgiven easily but at all.

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What would a child look like between Sajin and a female shinigami?

Yooooooo I thought the same a couple times too😱


Sajin: love child

•I mean it’s either 2 outcomes, they are a literally wolf just like him, or they turn into some kawaii neko/inu child. For the most part let’s think he would have the second outcome.

•I can imagine him having this hybrid daughter following him around all day, acting like a puppy, she wants attention and love from her father. She has his ears and tail, and of course some fangs. Very self-sacrificing she will jump in front of a blade for her dad.

•If he had a boy child, I think he would definitely act like Tsundere, and he would be easily impressed by anything, someone throws a ball, he will bring it back to the person who threw it. Very obedient and loyal, and not very good at playing well with others, he would want to be a lone wolf.


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