Bleach ‘‘B’’ Station - Ichigo with Hinamori, Yumichika, Zangetsu, Mayuri, Nnoitra, Komamura, Ukitake, Szayel, Rukia, Homura, Shusuke, Kibune and Rurichiyo. 

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Ok. Captains reacting to a younger, lower-ranked member of their squad confessing their love to them.

Shunsui Kyoraku: Shunsui liked how brave they are, and young and how they smile so big when they confessed, he jusy falls head over heels for them right away!

Sui-Feng: Sui-Feng doesn’t know them cause they are low ranked, so they aren’t very worthy of her attention so she just says no.

Rojuro Otoribashi: “Oh my I’m shocked but” he starts frowning “Hmm.. I don’t recall your name but maybe we should discuss that over dinner!”

Retsu Unohana: She isn’t shocked, but her squad memebers are! Who would be brave enough to confess to Unohana, she is scary!

Shinji Hirako:“Um well..” Is how he starts off, he knows them rather well, and for a while he kinda knew about their crush on him, he doesn’t wanna be a jerk so he accepts, but if the first few dates suck well he can’t say he didn’t try!

Byakuya Kuchiki:“It has nothing to do with your ranked” he tells them, but, he isn’t convincing anyone…

Sajin Komamura: He doesn’t care that they are young a lower ranked, someone actually likes him!

Kensei Mugurama: He doesn’t want to be rude, so he just says “Thanks” and walk off which is still pretty rude..

Toshiro Hitsugaya:“Me?” he ask them, again, he doesn’t really know them, but he doesn’t want to hurt their feelings so he just accepts it.

Kenpachi Zaraki: He dates them, but he wants to fight them everyday so they can be strong like him, but he almost kills them a few times…

Mayuri Kurotsuchi: Mayuri probably has never seen this person his time being captain, so he just looks at them when they are confessing and then he says, in a really blunt tone"Who are you?“

Jushiro Ukitake: Jushiro gives them a lot of props on confessing to them since it took them a lot of courage. Even if he doesn’t know them well enough Jushiro will still go out with them and get to know them more.



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Could I get a HC of the captains plus Renji shopping with their S/O?

Shunsui, Rose, Shinji, and Renji would actually enjoy shopping with their significant other. They would even suggest which stores (*cough* Victoria secret) to go to after leaving one. They would also help pick out pieces of clothing for their partner and tell them, “I think this shirt would enhance your assets.” Well, something of that sort. But yeah, they all would actually find shopping with their partner to be a pleasant experience.

Kensei, Toshiro, Kenpachi, and Mayuri would honestly dread shopping with their significant other. The captains would basically follow them everywhere like a lost little puppy, and they would let out a soft groan each time they are forced to enter a new store. Obviously, the guys would also have to carry all the shopping bags, much to their displeasure, and I can see each one of them murmuring, “Jesus, woman. How much clothes do you need..”

Sui-Feng, Byakuya, Sajin, and Jushiro would be the ones who would just quietly follow their significant other around with no complaints whatsoever. Slowly nodding their head whenever asked, “Does this top look nice?” Though, Jushiro would actually contribute his thoughts. Basically, their partner would be able to shop with ease and not have to feel bad about it. 

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Captains with their s/o asking them if they wta kids and if so how many

Shunsui: He’d love the idea, and he’d be the captain with the most children at four.

Soifon: She would actually be averse to the idea of having children. She’s more likely to adopt, and even then only one.

Rose: He’d be overjoyed by the idea, and they have two or three children.

Shinji: He’d be kinda iffy about it at first, but would ultimately end up liking the idea and have one or two.

Byakuya: He would be actually pretty apprehensive about it, though he wouldn’t show it. In the end, a maximum of two children.

Sajin: He’d be surprised by the question, but ultimately would not be interested in having children. It would be a long conversation with his s/o. Perhaps adoption.

Kensei: “Sure. Why the fuck not?” They have one child.

Toshiro: After he gets done spitting his tea everywhere, he has a conversation with his s/o. Turns out he’s a great dad and they have three children.

Kenpachi: “Fuck no.”

Mayuri: He’s already got Nemu. What are a few more? As long as they can be made to be useful, he wouldn’t care. Probably only another two at maximum though.

Jushiro: He would smile at his s/o and tell them he would love to raise a family with them. They would have two children.

The Captains’ expectant S/o has bizarre cravings in the middle of the night.

It’s basically impossible to rouse Kyoraku. Add to this the fact that he is pretty much a human blanket and sleeps with his entire body stretched out over his S/o and cravings suddenly become more urgent than usual. His S/o will adapt and hoard the food they’ve been craving in the bedside cupboard or find a way to maneuver out from underneath him. One of two things will happen as a result of this. Kyoraku will wake in the morning and almost instantly wonder why there’s a dusting of crumbs on his back or, roll over, expecting to flop onto his S/o and wake at the realisation that they are not there. Cue one panicked, half asleep Shunsui still pulling on his clothes as he makes to leave the house, asking his S/o where his hat is as he walks out of the door, turning back to see them eating orange peel as if it’s contraband.

Sui Feng would pretend to be grossed out, but would secretly be curious. She would have one of her lackeys fetch the ingredients and tell them it was some kind of emergency just so they arrived in half the time, all while staying with her S/o and checking that they are okay. She is more than a little bit paranoid of something happening to them, but she won’t tell them that that is why she stayed. She’ll probably make some excuse like the captain of the second squad cannot be seen running errands as if she has nothing better to do. Her S/o would have her figured out by then, though, so it’s kind of a pointless thing to say.

3am is basically Rose’s favourite time of day. When the streets are emptier than usual and everything is a little bit strange and macabre, he ‘comes alive’. Maybe his S/o will send him out at this time deliberately just to hear the stories he has to tell when he comes back, because somehow he has an amazing way of describing everything and making it seem more fantastical than it truly is. In terms of what his S/o craved, I feel like he would associate it with 3am and curling up with his S/o, so he would crave it too. Maybe there’s even a mysterious song somewhere titled Pineapple and Black Pepper (or something) that’s about those mornings and only he and his S/o know the meaning.

When you’re in a relationship with Unohana, you are also pretty much in a relationship with your doctor, so the moment her S/o gets weird cravings, she’d write them a prescription for iron or whatever nutrient she feels is deficient. They probably wouldn’t have weird cravings for that long, since Unohana would get to the root of the problem and fix them, but on the off chance the baby is hella stubborn, Unohana would be that scary ass lady in the grocery store at 2am that literally NONE of the retail store staff want to approach. Maybe the store closed at midnight. No one will mention it.

Shinji would develop a weird rapport with the supermarket clerks in the World of the Living. If you work retail, you know the kind I mean. Like, they probably don’t exchange too many pleasantries because Shinji is in his pyjamas with ruffled hair and it’s pretty freaking obvious he got out of bed only recently to buy…iceberg lettuce? Frosting? The first time it happens, they figure he’s a weirdo, but the next, he picks up a copy of ‘Mother and Baby’ as he stands yawning in the queue and they realise that he’s actually really sweet. 

Byakuya sends servants and/or Renji. He wants to fulfil his loved one’s needs but thinks it’s beneath him to set foot in a grocery store. His S/o is most likely to be Noble or have taken classes to understand the requirements of their role (like Kate Middleton did when she married Prince William), so wouldn’t question him too much on that attitude. Would he have tried the random-ass combination? Most likely. Will he decide he has tea cravings at around the same time his S/o wakes up with random food ones, meaning they can hang out in the early hours? Definitely.

The moment Komamura’s S/o tells him they need something he’s out of the door. It honestly doesn’t even matter if his S/o is craving vegetables, he will come back with everything they asked for and sit with them until they fall asleep. Depending on what his S/o is craving (and all things considered, I imagine it’s going to be pretty weird), Komamura will test it out. If his S/o is craving a load of meat, he won’t vocalize it but he’ll be really proud of his offspring.

Kensei would complain about the weirdness of the craving most likely, but he would do it while getting out of bed, putting on his apron and oven mitts (if the latter was necessary) and going into the kitchen to look through the cupboards to throw together something that meets specifications, which is likely probably not even wholly possible (and yeah, he’d say so). Breakfast in bed at 3 in the morning would become a thing, though Kensei would probably fall asleep the moment his S/o gets stuck in. Not that he’d feel so bad about that, considering it would be like onion pancakes or something!

Toshiro will be happy to fetch the ingredients for his S/o, but he will be completely baffled about if such things are normal, since he hasn’t much experience of these sorts of matters. He’d probably end up somewhat worried that there’s something a bit wrong and discreetly, captain-to-captain double check with Unohana, who would think it was fiendishly sweet. Also I’m somewhat convinced that out of everyone’s S/o, Toshiro’s would be the one with pica and want to eat ice the whole time. He is the best person to oblige and would probably even make little shapes out of the ice to avoid it getting boring.

Kenpachi would not get up to grab the food items unless his S/o got up to get stuff because he would be their bodyguard and go everywhere with them, ready to take down anyone that looks like they might be a threat to his S/o. That’s probably for the best, though, since he tends to get lost on his way to the store and, if he did get up, he would return about two days later with the wrong thing, having forgotten the thing they actually wanted. Yachiru would want to try the thing they craved and laugh at how weird it is, but the only thing she would smuggle in for them is sweet things. They would be grateful, of course, but if they crave something savoury or slightly more obscure then it’s not exactly helpful (omg imagine if sweet things made them ill to boot!!!!). So basically Yumichika and Ikkaku would become the S/o’s unofficial maids and Ikkaku would be the one that goes to the store at 3am and literally anyone who asks him how his wife is gets a rant about Yumichika’s beauty sleep, Kenpachi’s sense of direction and whatever Yachiru did to torment him that day.

Mayuri would conduct a study on the health benefits of whatever weird thing his S/o craves. In the middle of all of the legitimately serious studies going on in Squad 12, Mayuri will be there, putting sardines or something under the microscope. Anyone who questions him gets the same lecture that it has ‘untapped potential’ and his child is undoubtedly a genius. 

It largely depends on Ukitake’s health whether or not he personally grabs the items his S/o craves. If he’s ill, then clearly, he will not be up to the task and will ask Kiyone or Sentaro (both? both) for the favour. He will not only try the random ass combination but Ukitake, I think, is likely to be the least judgmental. He’d actually probably develop a taste for pickle juice or cheese coated cantaloupe or whatever the craving is haha. To be honest, I think his S/o would know better than to send him on this mission, since he would disappear for hours and return with a bunch of stuff they’ve never even heard of!


Urahara literally owns a store so it’s not like he has to go far. He’d probably wander downstairs in his pjs, grab a few things and return to his S/o like ‘you know it’s really depressing that I have a tab at my own store’. Even so, he would never refuse them anything they asked, no matter how weird. Like Mayuri, he’d probably find it fascinating.

Real!Aizen wouldn’t care. Fake Aizen would go to the store, grab about 12 of everything and be at his S/o’s side in five minutes flat, apologizing for how long it took him. Fake!Aizen would be that dude that smiles at the retail workers as he checks out like ‘it’s not for me, my S/o is pregnant’ and everyone is quite literally like AWWWWWW.

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how do the captains + uryuu feel about PDA?

Shunsui, Shinji, Rose, Sajin and Jushiro- They love it! It shows how much a person can love each other, even in front of other people.

Unohana, Kenpachi, Mayuri- Don’t really care about it, they can engage in it if it was ok with their lover or not, and they don’t blink a eye when other people do it.

Sui-Feng,Kensei,Toshiro,Byakuya and Uryu- It makes them uncomfortable, the only thing that they will engage in his hand hand holding, and when they see other people make out and other stuff, they cringe. 

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Could you please write a scenario for how the captains would ask out their crush? I'm not quite sure if you do groups, sorry.

I do and first request, yay!

Shunsui Kyoraku:

He was very confident when he went up to them, smirking and throwing a few pick-up lines towards them. After a few minutes of talking with them he eventually asked them out, with them gladly accepting.


Soi-fon didn’t understand what it was about them at first, or why she was so interested in them. Yoruichi - Sama was all she needed, or so she thought, but when ever she saw them her heart would race. So she decided to do something about it. Walking up to them and clearing her throat she asked if they would like to go out sometime, blushing they accepted.

Rōjūrō Ōtoribashi:

Whenever Rose thought of them, he made the most wonderful music. They were his muse, and then he decided he’d ask them out. Though he thought how boring and unoriginal the normal way was he smiled to himself as he got an idea. The next day he saw them walking to their barracks, as he got out his guitar playing the song he made for them. They looked at him smiling and blushing, as he offered them his arm they took it walking with him.

Retsu Unohana:

They came into Squad Four alot, always injured from constant fighting in their squad. Retsu always took care of them herself, eventually developing a slight crush on them. One day they came in with almost fatal injuries, Retsu treated them almost immediately when they came in. When she finished she was about to leave when they grabbed her arm mumbling a thank you. She smiled at them asking if they would come around sometime - uninjured, they laughed accepting.

Shinji Hirako:

Shinji watched his new squad member wave towards him smiling. Shinji watched them walk away smiling to himself, seeing the sun shine onto them. One day they came into his office to deilver paperwork when they noticed he wasn’t there. Dropping the paper on his desk then turning around to see him smiling at them, asking if they wanted to buy him a drink sometime. They looked at him confused until realizing that he’d been asking them out. They laughed and accepted his offer for a drink.

Byakuya Kuchiki:

After Hisana, Byakuya thought he would never care for anyone like that again. He was wrong, because as soon as he saw them his normal stoic expression broke and a blush spread across his face. Walking up to them with his prideful expression he asked if they would like to have tea sometime, smiling they said they’d love to.

Sajin Komamura:

Walking by them, Sajin watched them pick up the puppy gently petting it’s head. Smiling at how gentle they were with the puppy he smiled, watching them for a while. A while later they put down the puppy jumping back as they saw Sajin. Sajin smiled lightly, as they went up to him patting his head talking about how he was such a cute puppy. He asked if they would like to go out sometime, they nodded accepting.

Kensei Muguruma:

Kensei  was going to a bar, he had just really needed a drink. When he go there the bartender flashed a smile at him, and he smiled back causing them to laugh. The bartender brought him a drink sitting down next to him, soon he asked them out on a date and they accepted.

Toshiro Hitsuguya:

Toshiro didn’t understand what it was about them, but it made his heart skip a beat. Toshiro couldn’t handle it soon, he had to know what they thought of him. So when they were walking by one day he walked up to them, slightly stuttering as he asked if they would like to go eat some watermelon some time. Giggling they accepted the offer.

Kenpachi Zaraki:

Kenpachi rarely got hurt when fighting, but he hadn’t been paying attention and then he got cut. The cut wasn’t fatal but it was quite deep, so he decided to go to Squad Four. When he got there Captain Unohana wasn’t there to help him, so he went up to another squad member. They led him to a table, quickly took care of the wound blushing slightly telling him he could leave. He smirked but before leaving told them he might have to get hurt more often if it meant seeing them.

Mayuri Kurotsuchi:

Mayuri didn’t understand his attraction to his new squad member. They were always interested in taking part in his experiments whether on themselves or someone else. Mayuri had never met someone as interesting as they were. One day during experiments he came up behind them asking how they were. Confused they replied that they were fine, he then asked if they would like to do some ‘special experimentation’ later. They blushed stuttering a small sure.

Jushiro Ukitake:

Jushiro had cared for them ever since they came in to help him whenever he was sick. They were so caring to him, helping and making sure he got better as soon as possible. One day Jushiro had gotten sick, but this wasn’t as bad as most times just a few coughs. They came over as usual to help him when he stopped them from helping him. Suprised they looked at him as he asked if they would like to go out once he got better, smiling they said first he would have to get well.

(Sorry this is my first one and I know some weren’t too good, but keep requesting and thanks for reading!}


I finallly got around to doing a steven universe referenced drawing with sajin and me. I loved the way that episode ended with connie and steven

I drew this on account of me not drawing sajin for months and kind of ignoring him emotionally cause I didnt feel worthy of my self proclaimed position