sajda tere pyar mein

Sajda Tere Pyaar Mein (Title song)
Rucha Sharma, Prashant
Sajda Tere Pyaar Mein (Title song)

Mera Ishq ab avaj ye de meri ruhh ko tu jaha dekhe,
Me adab se badat me gir jau tere age…
tuje chumu karu tuj ko sajda ve….
rab dese mere rag rag me tere..
karu sajda me tera des mere..
sacha jab Ishq ye fir he kya jisma ye..
sb kuch to he mera ab tere nam pe..
sir tera na juke sir ka he taj tu..
tuj pe ho kurban sab he meri arju..
me kuch bhi kar jau jab teri vat vae..
sar juka ke karu tuj ko sajda ….
rab dese mere rag rag me tere…
karu sajda me tera des mere…
sajda ….sajda..saaaajda


  • Mallika, they will never tell each other what they feel
  • like never never
  • seriously
  • and btw, it’s quite ridiculous to confess your love at time when you are supposed to plot against India’s most wanted terrorist
  • Ranveer probably things that will mess up in Aaliya head if he would tell her ily and we need her head to be, you know, clear and working, cause she has to woo MP
  • and Aaliya for sure is like ‘man, i love him but he has no feelings come on’
  • though tbh I thought that Mallika will play jelly for next couple of episodes… what a nice surprise :)
  • and yes, why Riya’s to-be hubbie has to be a criminal? give me a break. will the trp go low if somebody is happy in your drama?