Bollywood Photoshop Challenge

Favorite rain song

Aaya Tere Dar Par Deewana/ Tum Hi Ho/ O Saiyyan/ Main Yahaan Hoon/ Boondon ke moti.
Desi Bwoys In The West

Categories: The Wannabe Gangstas, The Wannabe White Guys, The FOBS, and the rare but there Normals.

EXHIBIT A: The Wannabe Gangstas and Shit They Say:

  • I smoke weed so I’m really cool.
  • I do underage drinking omg I’m so cool.
  • Wiz Khalifa is my role model so I’m really cool.
  • I got a single ear piercing AKA I’m so cool.
  • I have a tattoo so I’m really cool.
  • I blast music on the highway so I’m so cool
  • I wear my 59/50 hats lopsided, so I’m so cool.
  • I have a chin strap obviously I’m cool.
  • My undergarments are never actually under anything so I’m cool.
  • I wear my pants below my waist cause I’m so hood, so obviously I’m cool.
  • DJ Pauly D is my body inspiration so I’m so cool.
  • I got all the hoes, so I’m so cool.
  • I got more bling than my momma so I’m so cool.
  • I’m always daring boys to fight me, so I’m really cool.

EXHIBIT B: The Wannabe White Guys and Shit They Say:

  • I only shop at Abercrombie.
  • My skinny jeans are tighter than my sister’s.
  • Zayn Malik is my fashion inspiration.
  • Got these nerd glasses OMG IM SO HIPSTA.
  • Your Vans are soooo last season.
  • Hey guys, meet my white girlfriend.
  • I wear a rosary even though I’m Hindu.
  • I wear shades inside the building omg I own the place.
  • Of course I’m desi dude, I say Namastaay.
  • I haven’t shaved my arms in like three days omg I’m a hairy beast.
  • My parents are so rich, oh yeah swag.

EXHIBIT C: The FOBS and Shit They Say:

  • OMG these ladkis need to cover up.
  • But please don’t tell my mother about the porn virus my laptop got.
  • OMG these boys are all messed up crack heads.
  • But please don’t tell my father I stole from his liquor stash.
  • The Mandir is where its at.
  • But please don’t tell my grandma I skipped pooja to go to the mall.
  • Boys should respect women.
  • But please don’t mind me shoving my male chauvinism down your throat.
  • India is the best country ever.
  • But I never want to move back.

EXHIBIT D: The Rare but There, Normals and Shit They Say:

  • Hi I’m Raj.
  • I want to go college.
  • I’ll make my own money one day.
  • Oh sure, I’ll be your partner in the couple dance.
  • Aw man I forgot to study for the test.
  • I prefer Sherwanis over Suits.
  • I want to wait for the one I fall in love with.
  • I sing really well.
  • I’ll fight for the one I love.
  • I exist in Bollywood films.

Got ya;)

DISCLAIMER: We’re just joking around and know that all desi boys don’t fall into the molds of these stereotypes. Please take this in good humor. :)