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Megacon Saiyuki Cosplay Group Motivation/Discussion Post

Okay so you guys may or may not know, but after 8 years of trying to get a group together for my favorite series ever, a manga that is so important to me I can’t even explain, and after having so many issues with past attempts at getting together said group that it became known as my Macbeth of cosplays, forever cursed, doomed to failure, after I gave up hope, I’m finally getting a group.


This is sort of a really really big deal and I’m still not sure I 100% believe that this is actually happening but I think its slowly hitting me now

and I am freaking the fuck out

So here is the deal, I need your help

To my Con Buddies/Bros in the Florida Area:

I need help finding a ride and a room. My past two attempts at getting a ride have ended in failure and I’m getting preeeetty close to freaking out. Rides are always an issue with me because I can’t drive and I’m located in Gainesville, but now I’m really starting to get worried that I won’t be able to find a ride in time. If anyone has space in their car or knows someone who does, and by some miracle is passing by Gainesville (super unlikely) or wouldn’t mind swinging a bit out of their way to pick me up (I’ll pay for the gas, I swear) I will love you forever.

I also don’t know what my room situation is going to be. There has been pretty poor communication about that but I think I am roomless at the moment. 

In the next week I hope to make a separate post about the ride/room issue specifically for reblogs and a bit of signal boosting in the community if I end up being really, really in need, so please keep your eye out for that. Please. If you have any ideas or space, if you could send me an ask I would be eternally grateful.

To my Sanzo Party: 

  • Jess: I am so sorry you somehow got wrapped up into this crazy whirlwind of a ride, all I can ask of you is to just please keep reading and feel free to talk about it with us man. Seriously. Also we need to text more so I can ask opinions on stuff I’m getting for your cosplay and like measurements and sizes and stuff. Alright? Alright
  • Dori: Keep doing what you are doing, you seem pretty on top of this as it is. Have you ordered your wig?

  • Callie: Chill out, I’m the one responsible for your costume and guilting me with constant reminders of my past failures is not the way to motivate me to start working. I know that wasn’t what you were trying to do but it still kind of made me feel like shit. I’m working on it. And now that I have my computer I can access references and tutorials faster and I can really figure out what I’m doing. I’m not sure when we can actually meet up since my days off are fairly random at this point but let me know when you’re free and then I can try to adjust my schedule. Also I need to link you to wigs I’m looking at on Ebay because I need to buy yours by the end of the week.

To the Tumblr Saiyuki Family:

God bless you for reading this far down my shitty post

You guys are great, reallly, I love you guys. I don’t think I say that enough. I’ll try to say that more because you really brighten my dash and are all wonderful.

I recently lost my computer and with it, most of all my saved tutorial links. I’m at a loss. It doesn’t help that on top of that, I’m also kind of at that point where I’m frozen in fear of making the wrong initial decisions on the cosplay. I don’t have time to be frozen on making choices when I have a month to make 3 costumes and make them right. I need some support. If anyone is willing to talk to me about Saiyuki cosplay, share input, give advice, try to convince me that I’m not going to fail at every aspect of these costumes, I would be so appreciative I can’t even explain. I can give you guys my skype (which I’m working at getting back on my computer), hell I’d give you guys my number to text me. I, like, I really need some external support on this. I couldn’t even chose a fabric without going into a minicrisis of self doubt and indecision. And I am responsible for the costumes for 3 out of 4 of the party. 

I really need help

(I keep staring at pieces of their outfits like, I have looked at you for 9+ years now, I know at one point I worked out how you worked, but I can’t remember it now…HOW DO YOU WORK???)

To Everyone Else who happens to be reading this: 

Any reminders or motivations you can send my way to keep me on track would be great as I get really easily distracted and discouraged (as you can probably tell from my daily posts) but honestly I’m not expecting anything. Thank you for reading this message and for following me and I warn you that I might be liveblogging my cosplay progress on these costumes for about the next month. 

and that’s about it!

Wish me luck, because I’m finally doing a Saiyuki cosplay group