Saiyuki - Winter

iapetusneume answered your questionSince I’ve finished with the last set of prompts…well, like always, I’d love some more!

Saiyuki - Kougaiji-tachi, first snow of the season

(In which I am shocked to realize I can still spell Dokugakuji from memory…)

The further north they get, the color it is likely to become.

There is one morning where they wake up to find the ground carpeted with white.

Lirin’s eyes go wide when she sees it, and she is up and running before Yaone can even react - skittering through the snow, feet sliding upon the ground.

“Yaone! Yaone, look!” Her voice is loud, waking the other two - Kougaiji wakes to see Yaone trying to follow his sister as she run.

It’s still snowing, the flakes catching in his hair, and he shivers just a little bit - perhaps an open shirt is not the best clothing choice.

Dokugakuji sets up beside him, arms crossed over his chest, looking fondly on at the two girls running through the snow before them.

“She’s going to wear herself out,” he says, and Kougaiji nods slightly. Lirin has flopped down in the snow, arms and limbs spread out around her, moving in wild motions, then gets up, dart about, picking up snow with her hands, molding it into something.

“She is.” A snowflake catches in his eyelash and he blinks furiously, not wanting to raise his hand to brush it away.

And then a clump of snow hits him in the face.


Dokugakugi grins. “Looks like your sister is having fun.”