saiyan saturday


It has returned. And to be honest,

I totally don’t have a clue where to start.

I guess the safe beginning would be to mention the new upcoming animated film “Battle of The Gods” that Toriyama is having role in. It’ll debut in Japan theaters sometime in March (I think). The story will be set sometime after the buu saga but before that epic failure that was GT. A lot of people have speculated what it will be about, and I could sit here and do the same, but I’ll link the trailer and let you make up your own opinions. All I care about is it’s new DBZ and that makes my heart happy. 

Now that we have that out the way (along with me being in a rush) let’s get the medias of the week done:

GIF OF THE WEEK: Standard Vegeta eating gif that I may have already posted :/


MEME OF THE WEEK: Sent to me from a co-worker. Cell Pwnage.

VIDEO OF THE WEEK: I was going to put up Screw Attack’s battle between Goku and Superman (because it’s epic) but Goku kinda loses, so… how about Vegeta beating up a hedgehog?

Bye for now!