saiyan life

me: god broly is just so.. boring…. he’s easily one of the weakest dragon ball villains in terms of backstory and personality in general… i just don’t understand why he has such a huge fanbase?? there’s literally nothing you could do to make me interested in this giant bara man

akira toriyama: ok alright i hear u…. but what if i…made broly a B A RA wOMAN™



I’m so sad. This was going to be it. I was finally go through with buying my dream car. I mean I still have a month to decide but so many older people are like dude. It’s not worth it, yes the cars sick as fuck. But think about it if you want a house in the next couple of years or if you find someone who wants to move out with you, you won’t be able to afford it. At the same time I’ve put this off so many times. I’ve wanted one for years now. As of right now I still own the yeti, or my 1991 nissan 240. I’ve never felt like the day I did when I saw the GTR. I’m short so I couldn’t see over a car but when I laid my eyeballs on her I couldn’t look away. I knew that she was the one. I was so ready, the guy told me he was sending it to the shop to get stuff sorted out and is probably estimating a price tag of 25k. I’m 20 years old, no debt whatsoever. Live on my homies couch (one bedroom apartment) I’ve just never owned one nice thing. I’m so stuck.

There’s really no solidly good excuse for not texting someone back. Everyone has their phone on them all the time. I don’t care who you are or what you’re doing. We all know that these days people carry a phone on them 24/7, even when exercising. So it’s obvious that you’re intentionally ignoring someone when you don’t text them back. And there’s *especially* no reason at all to not text back your significant other immediately. If you care about that person, you drop what you’re doing and answer them right away. If you don’t, then all you’re really doing is letting them know that they’re not a priority. Nothing says “I don’t care” like not getting a text back.


no seriously guys, who is the hottest for ya?

Tell her you love her if you miss her so much. Let her break your heart again and again, as many times necessary. Kill your ego and exhaust yourself from trying to show her how much she means to you. She will never come back, but life with no regrets is better than a mind burning itself in dignity.