Saito Soma’s “Kyun-kyun Confession Situation” with My Melody!

Soma: Ooh, it’s cold! Right!? Well, you know…the scenery is really nice, and since there isn’t anyone around it’s really quiet.

Soma: Hm? I can hear something… Hey! Can you hear it?

My Melody: 🤔

Soma: You can’t? I wonder where it’s coming from…

Soma: [touches floor] Not here.

Soma: Not- ah! I see. I could hear it from here.

Soma: My…Melody.

*Theme song*

Egu: Oi! You guys are already so clingy! Don’t be flirting!

Saito Soma’s cutie pose
Eguchi Takuya’s cutie pose

Eguchi Takuya’s Kyun-kyun Confession Situation

Sanrio Boys - 2 Year Commemoration & TV Anime Pre-Broadcast Commemoration Event in Sanrio Puroland (2017.12.18)
Cast: Eguchi Takuya (Pompompurin), Saito Soma (My Melody), Oosuka Jun (Hello Kitty), Kagura Hiroyuki (Little Twin Stars), Uchida Yuma (Cinnamon Roll)


You know how in SQ Party a fan asked Rikka and Dai if they had any embarrassing stories from when they were children?
And then they mentioned something about Tsubasa falling off a chimney and Shiki being stranded in a forest.
Well, here’s the full story to that if anyone was curious  (o´∀`o)

The video clip is from the TsukiPro Event in Harajuku ^^

[TL] Interview w/ Saito Souma :The Lying Phantom

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Are the spinning words true or false?
Continuing from before words become weapons
Gentaro’s mysterious world

Fling Posse carries the stylish and brightly-coloured Shibuya Division on its back. Amongst them is the novelist, Yumeno Gentaro, who loves to lie. According to Fling Posse’s leader Amemura Ramuda’s survey, Yumeno Gentaro tell tales to his severely ill friend in order to cheer him up, but that seems to be a made up story, too.

Before joining the team, Gentaro showed Ramuda and Arisugawa Dice the line (as mentioned in the column) “There’s a person whom I want to make him smile no matter what it takes” which seems to refer to said friend of his. He seems to be disgusted by reality; so much so he thinks about changing the world. While holding such thought, Gentaro tells solitary lies and, by spinning tales, he has intertwined reality with it. Isn’t that a very lonely task? Even after some time had passed since the team’s formation, Gentaro finds it difficult to express and open up his feelings to his teammates. However, it seems like he enjoys spending time with them. If Fling Posse’s relationship gets closer after experiencing the battle against Shinjuku Division’s Matenrou, it may bring something different to the loneliness in Gentaro’s heart. Maybe one day, Gentaro will not be alone and spin lyrics together with his teammates, waiting for the day that he will be able to make his important person smile.

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