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Stone “Saison”

86 B+

Stone decided to join the Farmhouse bandwagon with this new Saison, available Spring through Summer. Some additional ingredients were added to the brew, including lemon peel, lemon thyme, and lavender grown at Stone Gardens. Aromas carry that distinct floral nature of Belgian yeast, then push even further into herbal notes provided by the lemon thyme and lavender. Malts smell freshly ground with a bready character. Hops bring a pronounced impact from the lemon peel, held above grassy undertones. Further interest comes in a hint of mango, ginger, and black pepper.

The palate starts out with a quick honey sweetness, then grows sour as bright citrus highlights give an impression of orange oil and lemon verbena. Further fruitiness tastes like apple and white grape. As hops begin to fill the middle register, herbal elements emerge as sage, thyme, and grass. Bitterness steps on the back, releasing some IPA qualities in the form of rosemary, pine needles, and grapefruit peel. A sharp bite of black pepper marks the climax, then bready malts finally say goodbye. The mouthfeel is lively with effervescent carbonation, reaching a crisp peak that leaves dry. A decent amount of residual hop oils are left clinging.

Their approach is undeniably West Coast, but there are at least some connections to the source. This is just a little too hoppy for a Saison, so it comes across more like a spiced-up Belgian IPA. In terms of flavor, malts provide consistent support until the end. I appreciate how the sweetness is proportionate to bitterness, then sourness outshines all the rest. It’s a fusion with some interesting novelty. I might try it once again, because it does taste pretty good, but I’m not impressed.

$9.76 / 6-pack


45 IBU

Escondido, California

Fresco Sauvage Puncheon @cellar3. A bretted Saison dry hopped w/ Simcoe and Citra. Tasting great!

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Boulevard Brewing Company (Kansas City, MO) 2013 Saison-Brett, 750 ml., 8.5% ABV, 38 IBU. I’ve been hanging on to this one for over two years. I’m trying to cast myself back to what I was doing in the summer of 2013, but I keep getting distracted by how well this has aged. I should have bought more.

Goat cheese three ways

Got unexpected guests? Laura Chenel goat cheese logs are great to have on hand if you need a last-minute appetizer. Look for them in our cheese department in a variety of flavors. They’re delicious spread on slices of baguette from our bakery, served with Lift Bridge Farm Girl Saison.

Or, if you’re feeling fancy, try this savory recipe for Deviled Eggs with Chèvre and Pesto.

Want to try goat cheese in your main course? Try this recipe for Roasted Butternut Squash & Spinach Quesadillas

Saison Rue (The Bruery)

Brewery : The Bruery
Beer : Saison Rue
Style : Saison / Farmhouse Ale
Variance : Brewed with Rye and Brettanomyces

8.5 / 10

Have I ever told you that I love The Bruery? No? Well I fucking love The Bruery. Honestly if it wasn’t for the fact that I have to re-mortgage my house to be able to afford some of their beers, I’d probably drink them everyday. This beer has a great initial sweetness with those classic Old McDonald flavors (not those shitty burgers) but the brett adds a slight funk to this that is a welcome change up to the standard style. The sweetness is the most forefront flavor here like a Nicholas Sparks book but every once and a while you just need to treat your sweet tooth to a hot kiss in the rain (why do I know that movie so well?). Ok, so at this point you should have left your house already to grab a bottle of this but for some reason you are still reading so… Highly recommended to saison lovers and a great entry to those virgins out there. Not the best from The Bruery but a delicious brew none the less.

Written by: Steve B.

Beer in Space

John Harris at Ecliptic just can’t say no to a collaboration beer. The latest is a saison brewed with Dogfish Head. It started back when Sam Calagione sold John  Harris his brewhouse. Sagittarius B2N is named for the massive cloud in the center of the Milky Way galaxy which can form complex molecules like ethanol. Yep, space booze. 

This beer pours surprisingly clear. You’d think a saison named for a cosmic cloud would be, you know, cloudier. B2N is fluffy and full. It was brewed with grapefruit, lemon, and hibiscus, which leads to a nice floral citrus and herb flavor, but the yeast dominate this beer. It’s a very French yeast. It makes me want to eat rosemary crusted goat cheese and long skinny bread.


こんばんは. 今日は話題となっているヤッホーブリューイングの僕ビール、君ビール。(ローソン限定; 全国発売)のレビューをご紹介します. このビールはインターナショナル・ビアカップ2014(日本地ビール協会主催)で金賞を受賞しました.

セゾンはベルギーのワロン地方(Région Wallonne)発祥のエールビールで,夏の農作業の合間に喉を潤す目的で農閑期である冬に造られた低アルコールビールを起源としています. あっさり(すっきり)した味わいにセゾン酵母が造り出す豊かなエステル香,ホップの(スパイシーな)苦味が調和したビールです. ベルギービールというと癖があって好みが分かれやすいものも多いのですが,セゾンは飲みやすく個人的にもオススメです.

The Beer For You And Me

製造会社:株式会社 ヤッホーブルーイング
Brewery: Yoho Brewing (Yahhō Brewing) Company, Limited.

Location: Nagakura, Karuizawa Town, Kita-Saku Country, Kagano Pref., Japan

Beer Style: Saison

インターナショナル・ビアカップでは,アメリカンベルゴスタイルエール(American-Belgo-Style Ale)で受賞しました. このスタイルは今回初めて見たのですが,ベルジャン酵母(ベルギービールに使われる酵母)を用いたアメリカンスタイルエールという意味のようです. セゾンで良い気がするのですが,恐らく伝統的なセゾン(ベルジャンエール)との区別を図ってるのだと思われるのと,原材料にアメリカンホップを使っているからかなと思いました(となると使用しているホップの品種によっては評価が微妙に変わってくるのですが…). 個人的にはセゾンという認識でとりあえずは構わないと思います(これ以上踏み込むと専門的な議論になってしまいますし,ヤッホーブリューイングはセゾンを主張していますので).

アルコール & ボディ:5% & ミディアム
Abv & Body:5% & medium-bodied

発酵上の分類:エール (上面発酵ビール)
Classification by Fermentation:Ale (Brewed by Top Fermentation)

泡 (Foam):立ち方は標準的で,非常に細かいです. This beer bubbles normaly, the foam is fine.

香り(Aroma):セゾン酵母由来のレモン,バナナ,パインアップル,ピーチ,ナシ,オレンジなどを思わせる香りと小麦麦芽由来(?)の穀物香,ホップ由来のスパイシーさのある草っぽい香りです. ずっと嗅いでいたくなるような心地良い香りだと思います. This beer has the eater(fruity) fragrances of lemon, banana, pineapple, peach, pear or orange from Saison yeast. It also has a grain smell of wheat(?) and a spicy grass aroma of hop. VERY PLEASANT.

味(Palate):レモンやオレンジなどを思わせる非常に爽やかなシトラスフレーバーにホップ由来のスパイシーな苦味が良く調和しています. 酸味は適度で,ベリーやホワイトグレープ(ホワイトワイン)などを思わせます. 甘みは穏やかで,フィニッシュはドライです. This beer has a refreshing citrus flavor of lemon or orange, which is well-combined with the spicy bitterness of hop. The sourness is associated with berry or white grape (white wine) and moderate, the sweetness is mild. The finish is dry.

総合(Overall):フルーティでかつビターというセゾンに特徴的な味わいがしっかり感じられます. あっさりした味わいで飲みやすく,ビールに抵抗のある方(ピルスナーに抵抗のある方)でも飲みやすく感じるのではないかと思います. また,セゾンは飲むシーンを割と選ばないのでそのままでも食事中でも楽しめるのではないかと思います. 料理と合わせるとするならば,魚料理やサラダがいいですね(他に合う料理などがあれば教えて下さい). 飲む際は適度に冷やし(冷やしすぎはダメ),チューリップ型ビールグラスあるいはワイングラスに入れて香りを楽しみながら飲んでみて下さい(ワインを飲むような飲み方です). 炭酸の強弱による味の違いも楽しみたいところです. 是非この機会に”セゾン”というスタイルを覚えて下さいね. This beer has the characteristic taste like Saison which is fruity and bitter decently, is drinkable and plain. VERY GOOD. It is recommended to serve in tulip grass or wine glass.

ヤッホーブルーイング 公式通販サイト「よなよなの里」


ニュースリリース (ローソン)

インターナショナル・ビアカップ2014 結果 (PDF)