Le silence était plus profond qu'à minuit ; et pour moi le silence d'un matin d'été est plus touchant que tout autre silence parce que la lumière, quoique large et forte, comme celle de midi dans les autres saisons de l'année, semble différer du jour parfait surtout en ceci que l'homme n'est pas encore dehors.
—  Charles Baudelaire (Les Paradis artificiels - Un mangeur d’opium)
Trekker Bier (Central 28)

Brewery : Central 28
Beer : Trekker Bier
Style : Saison / Farmhouse Ale
Variance : None

8.5 / 10

Fucking NERD! Who would have thought that the Star Trek fan base would get so big that it would eventually get it’s own beer? I mean what’s next, Battlestar Galactica beer? Not on my fucking watch! Wait I’m being told that I am wrong about this beer. Thank god. This beer’s flavors are about as adventurous as it’s name and if it were up to me I would take any kind of journey through whatever kind of terrain as long as I had this brew by my side. Being that this is my favorite style I am way more picky with the beers I try but I must say that this beer delivers in every way. This has a great herbal start to it with those champagne like flavors and sweetness quickly mixing in brightening things up with some slightly floral and almost orange-like flavors mixing in at the end with even more sweetness leaving you with a delicious and dry finish. If I had a nickel for every saison I’ve tried I’d still be poor as fuck but at least I’d have a shit load of nickels that I could put in a bag to beat every person who thinks Star Trek is better than Star Wars half to death with. Central 28 has really shown that no matter what style they take on they excel in it and this beer is no exception to that and I am going to miss their interesting artwork, bright colored cans, and delicious brews until I can get my hands on some more. If you are looking for a great beer to kick back with a meal or on it’s own or just a beer that begs for you to lift your pinky while you drink it, snag a can of Trekker Bier and drink it in. This is perfect for any level of drinker so get on your crazy flying balloon bird bike and grab some from Central 28 today!

Written by: Steve B.

Un matin il avait fait ses valises et m'a simplement dit qu'il ne se sentait pas chez lui ici. Pourtant, tous les ciels sont similaires, les sentiments humains également. Il devait changer de vie. Je faisais partie de sa vie présente mais je ne serais qu'un pâle souvenir dans la vie qu'il espérait…
— et tu l'as laissé partir, juste comme ça?
— vouloir le retenir aurait été aussi vain que tenter d'arrêter les saisons. Viens un temps où l'acceptation est nécessaire pour retrouver son bonheur.
—  P.J. Baeron
Summer S.Cole ( sur wattpad)

ル・シムコー / Brewing (Nagoya, Aichi)

春のきまぐれ / 京都醸造(京都)