Day 7 - An on-screen-couple you wish had married: Madhubala and Dilip Kumar

It’s hard to tell “I-want-them-to-be-married!” when knowing about the fact that they both married another person and both of the new partners (Saira Banu and Kishore Kumar) were adorable but

fact is, that Madhubala and Dilip Kumar have been engaged, broke up because of a more or less senseless fight, still were badly in love, but both were too stubborn to apologize (Madhubala to Dilip and Dilip to Madhubala and her father) for finally getting married. It would only have been few words, but it was just not possible for them.

May Madhubala would have died happier and not alone (or may they would have had a chance to find out about her disease earlier to heal it) and may Dilip would also have been happy with Madhubala instead of Saira.

Otherwise I think that Saira Banu was exactly the right wife for Dilip, they’re really perfect together and I wouldn’t want them to seperate from each other. Maybe it was right for Madhubala and Dilip to break up, because if a fight like that can tear love apart, then maybe it wasn’t the right love. I only would like to kick Kishores ass for kind of leaving Madhubala alone in her last days/weeks, I think they would have been really lovely if they would have gotten a chance (especially of Kishores parents).