Photographer & edit: ~ simply photographs ~
Sailor Moon: Kashi Cosplay
Sailor Mars: Colibri Soul Cosplay
Sailor Jupiter: Kirara Cosplay
Saior Venus: Nica Cosplay
Sailor Chibi Moon: Feline Costume Artist
Sailor Neptun: Catnip Cosplay Art
Sailor Uranus: Bunthismg Cosplay
Sailor Saturn: Fancy Shadows Cosplay
Sailor Pluto: Luka Costume Artist
Tuxedo Mask: Jack of Hearts Cosplay
Helios: Fancy Shadows Cosplay
Black Lady: MiuMoonlight Cosplay
Iron Mousse: Sayuri Tanaka Cosplay and Photography
Alumina Siren & Lead Crow: Nostrum Cosplay
Sailor Cosmos: Shivachichi Cosplay
and the other girls

Here is our beautiful Sailor Moon group from LBM Saturday.
Many thanks to Miro for creating this awesome picture.