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I wish everyone the best of luck with Mikan and I hope she doesn't fall back into despair again

And here is everything that happened.

I…I really did…All those things? To Saionji-san and Mioda-san and then to Matsuda-san, Souda-san and Owari-san?

You did.

I’m…I’m sorry! I’m so sorry! I…I don’t know…What can I say?…What can I do?…I’m so sorry !! *cries*

We can’t tell you that this is okay, because it’s not. But what we can tell you is what to do. You have to do everything you can to atone for your sins, just like all your classmates. It might not be possible right away, it might be difficult but if you really want to become a better person then I’m sure you’ll be able to do it.

Hic…I…I will try…Hic *sobs*

Good, now I’m going to let the others know that you are okay and that they can come to see you. Try to rest a little. *leaves the room with Matsuda*

*was waiting outside* So? How is she?

She is okay, grieving, depressed and anxious but not in despair anymore. The rest is in her hands now. But I want to examine her at least two times a week and she needs therapy, not only the group therapy all the others attend but also one on one sessions.

Understood, thank you for your hard work Matsuda-kun.


guys i cracked the already cracked code

Probably the felines that went thru the most DESPURR (=;ェ;=)

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