ok but like
can we talk about this?
cause like
yes the 77th is SHSL Despair now but
just look at them
they all have such pure goals and dreams even though they are SHSL Despair and they just want the world to be good
but because they are SHSL Despair, they think the way to doing so is through despair
imagine if they were never brainwashed and Junko was never a thing
imagine how happy their lives would have been


A/N: So I did one where the guys meet Izuru, but not one where the girls meet him. Not much romance in this one. It’s mostly conversations (actually, most of these are usually conversations). I also remembered Peko this time!

In courtyard at Hope’s Peak

Izuru: “….” *staring*

Girls: “….”*staring at Izuru*

Akane: *is eating*

Mahiru: *whispering* “This is Nanami’s boyfriend…?”

Mikan: *whispering* “H-He’s kind of scary…”

Ibuki: *whispering* “He looks like some reject from one of those boy bands…”

Peko: *whispering* “He could be a hitman in disguise…”

Hiyoko: *whispering* “There’s no way this drag is Nanami’s boyfriend. I bet he bribed her into dating him!”

Sonia: *whispering* “We should reserve our judgements until after the meeting is over.”

Izuru: *speaks suddenly* “You are Nanami’s classmates, correct?”

Girls: *startled* “Y-Yes…”

Izuru: *gestures towards the desserts he brought* “Please have as much as you’d like.”

Mikan: *is worried* “I-It’s not poison is it…?”

Hiyoko: “Are you stupid??” “You’re going to get us all killed!”

Mikan: *cries* “I-I’m sorry…”

Izuru: “I assure you there is nothing you need to worry about. I bought these from a well-known bakery that is popular among high school girls.”

Girls: *is hesitant to try some*

Akane: “Don’t mind if I do!” *takes a piece of cake and pops it in her mouth*

Sonia: “Owari-san, you mustn’t!”

Akane: *is chewing* “This is delicious!” “You girls have got to try it!”

Girls: *exchange worried glances*

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One thing I’ll never just get over in DR3 is how Tanaka never called Sonia she-cat/dark queen or how Sonia never praised Tanaka into embarrassement.

In general their relationship always appeared to be a very one-sided one. It’s always Sonia→Tanaka but never Sonia←Tanaka. Everytime he could engage in a small conversation with her, the flow is just being stopped in an unnatural way to get on another topic. 

Sonia: Am I a demon of low rank?!

Sonia: I’m glad you’re unhurt.

Actually there was one conversation Tanaka started but to match the pattern Sonia was the one to stop the flow.

Tanaka: I warned her (Saionji) of the coming clamity.
Sonia: By the way, where is Yukizome-sensei?

The one to interact with the Devas wasn’t even Sonia but Souda who even tried to get along with Tanaka but you can’t even clearly tell if he acknowledged Souda as classmate/rival or not.

It’s like DR3 tried to pull Tanaka out of the love triangle so he can have some lines for himself without any kind of shippy connotations so that anyone in the fandom can fawn over him since he is one of the most popular characters from the SDR2 cast.
On the other hand not everyone agrees with or not even tolerates his relationship with Sonia, unlike KuzuPeko which is mostly liked by everyone.
Tanaka’s relationship to Souda can’t even be established if there’s not much with Sonia since she is the reason why they would have to interact sooner or later more often in the first place.
His relationship with Nidai was clearly shown because who the heck would disagree with best chuuni and best bro getting along? Obviously, no one.

mlgchiaki  asked:

cant speak for everyone but ive got a few major issues with nanami. 1) she befriends everyone in class and becomes class rep after playing video games with everyone like. one time. and also punchin hanamura. 2) apparently she was the one of the MOST important people to her friends but we never saw her forming a deep connection with them 3) nothing like how she was in sdr2, even though thats what we are led to believe in the first 2 episodes, and the anime completely skipped over her development

Ok I see

1) I don’t see any issue with that tbh and the punchin Hanamura thing was because he was going to, you know, rape Saionji and Chiaki just protected her imo but I know ppl have different points of view so it’s fine

2) Well there were SO MANY things the anime skipped over, that is why we never saw more of her relationship with the rest of the class, I personally believe she was really important to them but not as much to be the one Junko used to make them all fall in despair

3) Again, SDR2 Chiaki isn’t the same as DR3 Chiaki, it was obvious from the start that they weren’t going to be the same since she is an AI in the game which wasn’t 100% accurate of how she was in real life, yes she needed more development but again, the anime skipped over a lot of important stuff so it’s not surprising to see ppl complaining about this

The fact that she always waited for Hajime and never got angry at him for disappearing and Chisa for betraying her shows a big flaw she has, being too naive, which is nothing wrong considering that she is a real human being and is normal to have flaws, and I like it because is completly different to who she was as an AI which imo was too perfect lmao (I myself identify with her in this aspect since I too have waited for a friend who left me without a word and I didn’t felt angry at the betrayal of somebody important, is a side of me that I hate but being showed it in an anime character made me feel a little better)

and yes, I wished her character was better explored, but once again, this was an anime with only 11 episodes that tried to cover many shit and skipped over so many of the important stuff

thanks for sharing your opinion, you actually explained the situation way better than other ppl in tumblr had done so far, have a nice day!

things dependent people do that they literally cannot help:

  • ask you to come online and comfort them often
  • will agree with you even if they dont actually agree (a lot of lying)
  • will do anything to keep you as a friend even if it starts to become so desperate and creepy
  • will be very very very hurt if you completely leave them mentally

so dont you dare call someone manipulative for symptoms they cant help.