ID #43223

Name: Anna
Age: 16
Country: Finland

I’m 16 years old, and identify as a bisexual female. I’m pretty musical! I rap and sing, and play the ukulele. I’m obsessed with angels, saints, philosophy and history. I’m an introvert and that’s why I’m here, to make friends! I’m a feminist, and I love all kind of art. I live in Finland, and speak Finnish, Swedish, English and a little Estonian, Russian and Spanish.

Preferences: 15-19 years, anti-racist, -homophobic etc.


Medieval Massive Gold Iconographic Glove Ring with Saints, Spanish, 16th Century AD

A flat-section gold hoop formed as three discoid panels with interstitial square panels and larger bezel; the square panels each with high-relief expanding-arm cross; the discoid panels each with the symbol of an Evangelist, a winged nimbate ox for St. Luke, a winged nimbate man with scroll for St. Matthew, a nimbate eagle for St. John, a winged lion for St. Mark; bezel with pelleted border, reserved image on a hatched field of Corpus Christi with cross and banner above marked ‘inri’ in blackletter script, two nimbate flanking female figures. 29 grams, 29mm overall, 23.93 x 25.21mm internal diameter (approximate size British Z+5, USA 14 ¾, Europe 35.08

Devotional iconographic finger rings were a popular class of personal jewellery in the later medieval period. The present ring features heavy religious imagery.