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What is your favorite medieval martyr story?

Saint Agatha of Sicily, was a beautiful and wealthy young Virgin living during the Christian persecutions of Roman Emperor Decius (r.249-251). 

When she refused the advances of pagan prefect he subjected her to terrible punishments: a forced mastectomy before eventual death by dragging over hot pot shards and coals. 

Her strength of body and spirit not only converts the witnessing pagans, but also secures her a place in heaven. 

Saint Agatha’s festival is still celebrated in Catania, Sicily on February 5th (her martyrdom) and August 17th (the return of her stolen relics to Catania). It traditional to bake cassatelle di sant'agata for the feast days.


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Why all the dicks?

Actually…there were probably more breasts than penises in medieval art. 

From ancient times, a small penis = modesty (super immodest, drunkard, party animal satyrs had large phalluses). 

In the Middle Ages, nudity could be a sign of penance, pride, modesty/immodesty, also class or race or simply scenes of daily life (like circumcision). 

Christ and Saint Sebastian were the male figures most often shown nude or semi-clothed. 

Just google Leo Steinberg + Christ (plus all related critiques) or Robert Mills “Seeing Sodomy in the Middle Ages” book.

Also, Sebastian was a boxer AND a brief guy.


10 Thermidor

In memory of the citizens who have died or were executed during the Thermidorian Reaction.

10 Thermidor

  • M. Robespierre
  • G. Couthon
  • P. Le Bas (committed suicide)
  • L.-J.-B.-T. Lavalette
  • François Hanriot
  • L.-G.-F. Dumas
  • A. Saint-Just
  • C.-F. Payan
  • N.-J. Vivier
  • A.-N. Gobeau
  • J.-B.-E. Lescot-Fleuriot
  • A.-P.-J. Robespierre
  • J.-C. Bernard
  • A. Gency
  • A. Simon
  • D.-E. Laurent
  • J.-L.-F. Warmé
  • J.-E. Forestier
  • N. Guerin
  • J.-B.-M. de Hasard
  • C. Cochefer
  • C.-J.-M. Bougon
  • J.-M. Quenet

11 Thermidor

  • S.-B. Boulanger
  • P. Sijas
  • B. Arnaud
  • J.-B.-C. Talbot
  • P. Rémy
  • A. Deltroit
  • J.-G.-F. Vocanu
  • C. Bigand
  • J.-R.-C. Lesire
  • J.-B.-E. Legendre
  • J.-P.-V. Charlemagne
  • P.-N. Delacour
  • A.-G. Jobert
  • P.-L. Pâris
  • C. Janquois
  • R.-T. Daubancourt
  • J.-B. Vincent
  • Lelièvre
  • M. Wiltcheritz
  • P. Henry
  • J. Cazenave
  • J.-L. Gibert
  • P. Giraud
  • F. Pelletier
  • J.-B. Cochois
  • J.-E. Faro
  • R. Grenard
  • J. Lasnier
  • A. Mercier
  • J.-P. Bernard
  • J.-J. Beaurieux
  • A. Mercier
  • D. Mettot
  • E.-A. Souard
  • A. Jamptel
  • J.-M. Tambay 
  • J.-B. Bergot ;
  • J.-N.-I. Lumière
  • G. Tanchoux
  • F.-A. Paf
  • P.-C. Louvet 
  • P.-S.-J. Jault 
  • M.-L. Devieux
  • J. Lubin
  • P.-J. Legrand 
  • J.-B. Chavigny 
  • J.-P. Coru 
  • J. Pacotte
  • P.-L. Lamiral 
  • J.-P. Eudes 
  • J.-N. Langlois 
  • M.-F. Langlois 
  • J.-N. Blin
  • N. Naudin
  • J. Ravel 
  • P. Gamaury 
  • J. Moënne
  • A. Marcel 
  • P. Hœner 
  • J.-C. Girardin 
  • D. Dumontier 
  • P. Dumetz 
  • E.-M. Nauvin 
  • J. Morel 
  • C. Desboisseau
  • C. Bernard
  • J. Alavoine 
  • P.-F. Desvaux 
  • L. Chatelain 
  • J.-L. Cresson 
  • L.-F. Dorigny

12 Thermidor

  • C.-N. Leleu
  • L. Nicolas
  • J.-F. Léchenard
  • F. Teurlot
  • P.-F. Quegniard
  • P. Scietty
  • J.-E. Lahure
  • F.-R. Camus
  • J.-B. Grillet
  • P.-E. Marie Gillet
  • A. Friry
  • J.-J. Arthur
  • Françoise Duplay (found dead in her cell)

18 Thermidor

  • Jean-Baptiste Coffinhal

Rest in peace, citizens! 

May you rest in the Panthéon of history.

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shady-saint replied to your post “saarebitch: baptsim: ur arguments abt vivienne being problematic…”

It’s funny how they don’t come for Wynne who was pro circle or the people who actually think mages are subhuman. Dislike Vivienne if you want but if you can’t come up with a reason beside this black women didn’t cater to my every need and hold every value I agree with so she’s a bigot. Funny how they can pick and choose which things they can over look or chalk up to bad writing for their white faves

It blows my mind. Like when you disappoint Solas you prove that this world sucks and solidify his conviction to annihilate the Veil. When you disappoint Vivienne she moves your furniture around a little. Even when she’s loudly and unabashedly pro-Circle its out of interest in the security, safety, and upward-mobility of mages. Meanwhile other characters dont care about Circle reform so long as these ticking time bombs are out of sight and out of mind.

Companions out here with spy networks and secret identities and blood on their hands but Vivienne moves their sofa a few inches to the left and suddenly a rape fic to put her in her place is justifiable. Like are we really gonna overlook the flaws and lies and actual crimes of all other companions then make up facts to paint Vivienne as some irredeemable villainess. It’s just not realistic.