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i never watched attack on titan but isn't eren like a kid? and i googled it and apparently the creator said levi was over thirty??. like ship what you want but don't pretend that there aren't extremely problematic elements here that deserve to be called out ://

by attacked, i mean that people told me to kill myself over it and it honestly…isn’t called for. i’ve had this discussion a lot (with ereri fans and non-ereri fans alike) and yeah ereri is pretty gross with the whole age difference thing in a modern context. which is why, back when i was invested, I was nearly exclusively in to AUs where Eren was 18+.

not that it makes me a saint, but this is the only pairing i’ve ever seriously shipped with notable problematic elements (at least to an outside party), and it’s purely their relationship as it is now in the manga that draws me to it. like, i want  them to be in a healthy, consensual, mutually beneficial, loving relationship, and i’m not into it for everything problematic about it

the people i’ve discussed this with are all super nice and either have liked Ereri or, you know, didn’t automatically tell me to kill myself. but here’s why i don’t have any qualms with it. 

Eren is 15, yes, but considering the fact that SNK takes place in a time where:

  • 15 year olds are considered adults
  • can fight and protect people from giant monsters
  • can even create order (he’d have gone into the Military Police if he hadn’t chosen to go into the Survey Corps)

In every sense he’s considered an adult in his world. Within the context of SNK I would not think that it’s really as terrible as everyone is probably saying it is.

The captain/subordinate relationship is still there, but that argument has been dismantled because:

  1. Levi treats his subordinates as his equals - and that’s evident in how he treated his squad AND Eren.
  2. Having more “power” than the other does not automatically negate having a consensual relationship or mutual respect. Levi could have married Petra, his 18 year old subordinate, for example, and Levi even told two of his companions - Isabel and Farlan - that they weren’t his subordinates when they are referred to as such. 

If it were any other context I’d probably not consider Ereri a nice thing…at all. 

Also, I find it worth mentioning that the creator did not say levi was over 30, contrary to popular belief. this was just a fandom headcanon gone out of control, as i went to the source of the claim and the ONLY thing the creator said was that levi was older than he looked. he looks like a teenager, if not younger than Mikasa and Eren.

No, I’m not going to deny the possibility that he’s in his 30s ( i actually believe that he’s in his late 20’s or early 30’s) but this circles back to the consenting adults issue. and. well. Eren is an adult. 

Regardless of all of the above, I know Ereri makes some people uncomfortable because of the age difference and their own personal cultural beliefs. It’s gross. I get it. You’re free to dislike it for that reason alone. 

I just don’t want people to tell me to kill myself over it.

WIP Aiacos Suikyou, Minos & Rhadamanthys
(this time I made an unibrow, not here xD)

I don’t know if paint it or not I don’t know how to paint >_<  suggestions?

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ff+ Jack :U

It wasn’t often that Tiff purposely sought out something to read online. There were often much better things she could be doing.

Like her boyfriend.

But he was off training and gallivanting about with her other boyfriend. So she was left home alone, huffy that neither of them were around to coddle her. Tiff didn’t even actually enjoy reading all that much, human handwriting was so much smaller and stranger than her own, but it’d been so long since she used her own that she nearly forgot all of it. Russell was slowly helping her learn. That’s neither here nor there, however.

It was one of these lonely internet browsing sessions that landed her on a Saints fan site ran entirely by the simulated denizens of Bossville. That’s also where she found fanfiction.

Of her, specifically, and Jack.

And there were quite a few references to her ‘heating him up’.

And- “My vagina does not do that!” She squealed, sitting bolt straight and holding her phone out with an aggravated frown.

Then like a bullet she was texting the link to Jack.

[SMS] Jack! Look at what I found! It’s awful, isn’t it?


OOOOH IS THAT DENE- DID I REALLY DRAW A DENE OOOOOOOOOOH seriously Here are Lia and Marin’s kids i made. In order Dene, Algie, Zosma, Reda and Altair. Zosma and Reda are twins, Altair usually sticks to them. Dene is basically everyone’s babysitter. Im sorry about quality and levels, im in class and drew them while it was going so slowly.