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Imagineyour boss demanding that Volition make a game about their life and that's how we have Saints Row? (After the Atomization of the earth, Kinzie continues to make the games in Volition's place, hence Saints Row IV and Gat Out of Hell.)

“Ok so then Zimos was pulling us in a cart and I shot some of the other gimps. But the gimps EXPLODED the explosion is very important. And don’t forget the giant purple dildo bat”

“Um…the people exploded? And wait, did you say dildo bat?”

“Mr Boone, if you enjoy having kneecaps you’re going to put in the dildo bat and you are going to make it motherfucking floppy”


Some doodles of my Saints Row OC, Jimmy.

Funny thing is that he was created purely because of a joke! I’d recreated Johnny in Saints Row IV, then my best friend was like OMG it’s a twin! So that’s where the idea came from. We went off the idea of him having almost an opposite personality to Johnny, he’s bashful and loves snuggling into his blanket.

I then showed this idea to @kotor-mstr and we came up with headcannons for him, making him into his own character!

Screenshots of Jimmy

Making of the Saints Row IV Slamout

We don’t just make the games at Volition, we do a lot of the video work in-house as well. Here’s a short (though pretty technical) video from our  Video Editor Alex Mejia on the process he went through creating the slamout segment for all of the Saints Row IV trailers.