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The Saints Row protagonist is a legitimately great character

A few years back, I wrote an article arguing that the concept of a videogame protagonist is a tricky storytelling challenge, since there’s an inherent conflict between the player’s own actions and what a writer might demand of a character. I used the now-classic example of Adam Jensen in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, who is largely an audience surrogate but will occasionally do something moronic in a cutscene and thus force the player to clean up his mess once they’ve regained control of him. This is still a problem I see a lot of games suffer with whenever they try to tell a decent story, but nobody was more surprised than me when I started playing through the Saints Row series and discovered that it might have one of the best compromises between characterisation and player agency I’ve ever seen in all my years of unhealthily obsessive gaming.

The boss of the Third Street Saints is a character with no canonically determined gender, sexuality, race or even voice. But their dialogue and general manner paints quite a vivid picture of a witty, confident and frequently psychotic individual. Their story is of a no-name street thug who rises through the ranks and ultimately seizes the presidency of the United States before having to fend off an alien invasion. But through it all they maintain a jovial, potentially amorous relationship with their lieutenants and display such enthusiasm towards violence and domination that it’s believable they’d insist on continuing to help out with the ground-level crime even once they’ve built the Saints up to the point that they command a fleet of laser-equipped VTOLs. In short, they’re a completely irredeemable bastard who still manages to be relatable because of their charisma and the fact that their behaviour lines up perfectly with how most players tend to react when dropped into a sandbox full of flamethrowers and dildo bats.

I think Saints Row as a franchise is deceptively clever in its design beneath all the manure-spraying and pop culture references, and how the protagonist is used throughout the overarching story is pretty damn unique. Most truly memorable game characters tend to be the people you meet as you steer your generic avatar around like Sheldon Cooper’s virtual presence device, whereas Saints Row is as much of a character piece about the Saints Boss as anything else. Saints Row 2 in particular managed some good tonal variety and established a level of customisation and open-ended design that ended up making me weirdly invested in the expansion of my criminal empire. Whether by intention or by accident, Volition hit some kind of magical sweet spot that gave players great freedom in how they expressed themselves while still presenting a memorable and almost worryingly relatable main character.

So am I saying that every game should embrace Saints Row’s very specific brand of protagonist? Absolutely not. But think of how many games settle for a bland, personality-free protagonist seemingly because the creators assume the audience won’t care, when giving players a character they can become attached to in their own way can help cultivate the sort of devoted following Saints Row has enjoyed. If I was feeling hyperbolic, I might even say that Saints Row is the RoboCop of videogames: an intelligent work of fiction that’s not afraid to revel in explosions and dick jokes.

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  • Me: ok I'll go to bed when I get to this location
  • Me: *gets to location* oh I love this side quest I'll do it real quick and then go to bed
  • Me: *finished side quest an hour ago, is wondering landscape* I've never seen this location before!! Let's look around, and then I'll save and go to bed
  • Me: *is at location I was heading to 3 hours ago* ok let's do the quest that's here so I can get it done
  • Me: *is basically never ending video game trash*

listen. if your boss is straight you’ve not gotten the true heartfelt message of the saints row games. you simply havent fully grasped what volition was trying to convey with this series: everyone’s really gay


Here a little preview of SR1.

FROM 2006.


“I’ve been researching your friend Pierce, are you sure you wish to retrieve him?”
“What kind of question is that?!”
“An honest one. Historically you spend nearly half your time ridiculing him.”
“Yeah, but it’s all in good fun!”