saints row game

some johnny gat headcanons

  • he hates change. he’s so comfortable in his role as a go-in-and-fuck-shit-up lieutenant that he has no interest in leadership. he knows exactly who he is and what he’s good at, and has no desire to change any of it.
  • bought aisha the same flowers every week for years. right up until he saw her bloody head lie between the familiar petals
  • painfully allergic to cats even though he loves them. doesn’t have the time to have cats of his own but there’s this scraggy british shorthair that hangs out near his apartment he’s named and sometimes leaves food out for
  • he snores. it’s awful.
  • only started with the slicked back hair when the saints got more famous and everyone got a personal stylist. he wasn’t going to let them change his shoes though
  • his loyalty slowly but surely shifts from the saints to the boss. there’s no way the saints would’ve stuck together if boss was the one to die on the plane. johnny would’ve ended up alone, leaving pierce and shaundi to figure out what to do with the gang. the boss ends up meaning more to him than the saints ever did