saints gear

Get FREE Agents of Mayhem customizable gear in Saints Row IV PC Steam Workshop, including outfits, weapons, and more!

This mod includes:
* Fortune and Hollywood outfits
* Glory backpack (Fortune’s drone)
* Hardtack’s Teleharpoon backpack
* Hollywood and Hardtack weapon costumes for the alien assault rifle and pump action shotgun, and a new pistol weapon for Fortune.

Each weapon costume also has 3 skins to choose from!


Liège, Belgium

anonymous asked:

Is there any picture of outrage with all of the weapons combined. I have heard of it but never used or a picture.


Here’s the Gear piercing I did on last nights Tattoos After Dark 11/10c on Oxygen…

Note : This piercing was performed by a professional piercer on another piercer. It is not intended for long term wear and although the client still has the piercings she doesn’t wear this jewelry constantly.


Become Sloth! Our real-life Armchair-a-geddon with dual rotating miniguns is unleashed on London!