saints gear

Get FREE Agents of Mayhem customizable gear in Saints Row IV PC Steam Workshop, including outfits, weapons, and more!

This mod includes:
* Fortune and Hollywood outfits
* Glory backpack (Fortune’s drone)
* Hardtack’s Teleharpoon backpack
* Hollywood and Hardtack weapon costumes for the alien assault rifle and pump action shotgun, and a new pistol weapon for Fortune.

Each weapon costume also has 3 skins to choose from!


Liège, Belgium

Why mage

So, I got all my healers up to 70, woo. Figured I’d treat myself by leveling a DPS (ninja) while my friend levels their tank. Leveling roulette gives us the vault. Okay, cool dungeon for leveling, always nice to revisit. I do ninja things to help with enmity, but I can’t help but notice a few things. First, our healer used medica 2 before every pull. Not during, but before. We have full HP party members and DPS that should never even take damage. No need to put up HoTs like that. Then I notice that tank friendo is constantly dipping low on life, do my best to keep up the ninja deeps as I can’t help otherwise.. then we reach the first boss. And Ser Adelphel one shots the healer from full. At this point I’m just ???, and we must sadly resign ourselves to death. I look at our white mages HP for the first time, wondering how they got nuked. The level 57 WHM did not even have 6k hp when everyone else had at least 11k. Okay that’s a red flag right there, let’s look at their gear.. Oh saint Shiva and holy Halone have mercy on my soul. Their entire right side was level 50 gear, only their body and maninhand being tomestone gear, the rest was glamour gear. Literally the crafted high allagan replica set. And their right side had an assortment of physical DPS accessories. I wish I were making this up. And they are sitting there complaining about how BS it is they get one shot. I just… I don’t even. I’m afraid to not run as a healer now if this is what roulette give me. And no, we never cleared Adelphel.

(submitted by kyletehhyena)


Please tell me that was a troll. Like guys, don’t bullshit your gear and hope people don’t see just because you’re too broke or honestly lazy to get actual gear. This game shits gil, gear and tomes on you like candy it’s not hard to stop leveling for a moment to upgrade. And like…honestly if you don’t have the time to do at least that, then you don’t have the time to even be playing this game period. At least not the DoW/DoM portion of it. Though Crafting and Gathering is even more time consuming.

Upgrade. Yo. Shit.

Also if you’re confused about what you should be getting? There are some easily accessible gear guides found through this magical website called Google.

– Mod Mhi