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5 lfc crew urls (u choose)

hmmm okaay

arneriise - Kelly’s my sunshine and maid of honour because she’s perfect and flawless and I love her and she gets me and my love for our u21s and that’s so important

martinskrtels - Zane can be cool sometimes but I find it sad how he has to try and feed off of my swag just because he has none

stevengerrarcl - Quinn is my dirty nun and my soulmate. I love her so much and she’s definitely one of - if not my closest friend on this site

ricardoronaldos - Sandy is a dumbasser but I love her to bits even tho she screenshots all my snapchats and thinks she’s cooler than me (hint: she’s not)

saintmignolet - Annika is my babe and a human puppy I love her adorable face and personality so so so much and we cry over Borini together which makes me somewhat stable