saintly rows


Happy birthday Saints Row!

We’ll be streaming every day next week to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Saints Row with never-before-seen gameplay, behind the scenes footage, unreleased games, dev stories, special guests, and other Saintly surprises! 

Saintly Rows are a four piece screamo band from Albuquerque, New Mexico, America. Everything That I Was Afraid of Happening, Happened is their second EP. They play a brand of screamo that borrows heavily from the post-rock school of songwriting. These songs take awhile to build to their explosive climaxes which are extended in the post-rock style. On songs like Tetelestai and The Potomac the post-rock serves as a base on which the anguish of the screamo can be be lit on fire and reach even higher. If you like your screamo reaching for something beyond, Saintly Rows‘ Everything That I Was Afraid of Happening, Happened will serve well.


Dear and the Headlights - Saintly Rows (Oh Oh)