Twitter wants you to know about Mother Teresa’s problematic legacy now that she’s been named a saint

To be officially confirmed as a saint, there must be at least two bona fide miracles that can be attributed to the person after death. The church often brings in the voices of skeptics such as Hitchens during the process to play devil’s advocate. And those skeptics have a lot to say.

The way that terrible dudes have ruined the phrase Devil’s advocate really irks me, because the origin of the phrase is amazing.

Back in the day, when someone was up for potential sainthood, the Catholic Church would put the stiff on trial.

Each side of the case would be assigned to an actual, accredited lawyer (who was, of course, also a priest, so it’s sort of a priest/lawyer multiclass deal).

One of them would take up the role of God’s advocate, and argue in favour of the candidate’s canonisation.

The other would take up the role of the Devil’s advocate, and argue that the candidate was just a regular asshole and didn’t deserve it.

So in its original sense, the term isn’t at all metaphorical. The Devil’s advocate is literally the Devil’s representative in a court of law.

Which is a. awesome, and b. all kinds of messed up, if you think about it from the perspective of the priest who gets stuck with the job. You’ve devoted years of your life to becoming a priest and an expert in Church law? Good job - here’s your first case. Your client is the actual Devil.

The Ocean
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When you wake what is it that you think of most?
When your bed is empty do you really sleep alone?
If I imagine you, body next to another.

All around me new love and it makes me sad.
All around me feel assured that you’ll be back,
If I imagine you, body next to another.

Stop crying to the ocean, stop crying over me.
Stop worrying over nothing, stop worrying over me.
So it’s been so long since you said,
Well I know what I want and what I want’s right here with you.

I wanted to write you tender.
That is to say, I wanted to write
of a tenderness that did not exist.
That is to say, I wanted
and in the wanting gave life
to a series of white lies that
coalesced into a mythology
beginning with a creation myth
where you loved me back.

Give me a chance to get this
right, a chance to write this down.
To memorialize these words that,
unfettered and fluttering, threaten
to leave me.

And here is the truth of it:
I am bad at letting things go.

Here is the truth about holiness,
here is the truth about your wings
which from a great height look
so much like a black hole, of your
lion’s maw from which your voice
came like thunder: I will never be
rectified of your divinity.

Now in public spaces I wander,
desperate. I try to free myself of these
tremors, those sweats, willing my blood
to be more than blood.

I go towards strangers pointing at
the burn marks. I tell them,
‘This is where the angel
kissed me.’

—  Veneration & Other Painful Mythologies About Love | agooduniverse
Life is the con. You buy a place; get married; you get streaks in your hair; you buy the pair of shoes that everyone else is wearing. And somehow you fit in, you belong, and somehow that ensures that you live a long, healthy life. But it doesn’t. But we’re being berated by society, the media, commercials and our peers that these things are the things you have to do to maintain a normal existence. And it’s all a con.

-Tegan Quin

-Alternative Press Magazine/ Issue #236.1
March 2008


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