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The 6th member thing Liam said was nice but he is still joking around using Zayn's name. I'm just tired of the poc always being used as the punch line for jokes. Even the more "innocent" ones as people have labeled his slogan one. Can Zayn just please catch a break even in the whole anxiety thing was part of the "narrative" it makes Zayn look bad. The things Liam has been saying but Zayn's character into question and narrative or not narrative Zayn is the one most affected 😔

I feel ya, nonnie.

I hadn’t heard the dig at Zayn til this morning when I heard the entire speech and that really took the wind out of my sails. It wasn’t super mean but still.

Listen, I’m really, really trying to be on Liam’s side but these snide little “jokes” are really rubbing me the wrong way. I wish he’d just stop. Like FULL STOP.

I love Liam and have given him the benefit of the doubt cuz of his shitty narrative, too but no way am I gonna keep overlooking this. Zayn’s my baby and this shit does not sit well with me.

Basically this is me pretty much after every Liam interview these days:

Team Liam needs to stop this. We have enough bullshit to endure with Liam’s promo already. Zayn bashing is a deal breaker for me.

shaundi’s instagram: gorgeous selfies of her in the makeup chair before a talk show, pictures of her on the red carpet, promos for her tv show

johnny’s instagram: second most amount of followers after shaundi, only two pictures - both from 136 weeks ago - of a cat he saw on the street and a set of knives

pierce’s instagram: way too many posts, least amount of followers, intense filters over photos of him in the studio working on his demo album

boss’ instagram: “official account run by the saints’ pr team” because 89% of what they posted got flagged