New Orleans From The Sky

By Simon Andersson

Watch his full video on YouTube here. It’s awesome!

After Jean Baptiste Destrehan’s stint as owner of building, the wealthiest man in Louisiana purchased our property as a city home. Pierre Phillippe de Marigny owned a plantation home where Elysian Fields meets the river in addition to a large tract of land now known as the Marigny neighborhood. Pierre Phillippe de Marigny married Jeanne Destrehan who was the sister of Jean Baptiste Destrehan. Pierre Phillippe de Marigny was baptized and buried in the Saint Louis Cathedral.

Saint Louis Cathedral - French Quarter New Orleans. You’re walking (maybe stumbling, depending on the evening’s activities) through the narrow and history drenched streets of the Quarter and this shadow reaches out and demands you take notice of its solemnity, its symmetry, its perfect holiness. You stand for a minute or two transfixed, inhale the sweet breath of flowers (what kind?) that the night air carries on its humid breeze, and walk on feeling more humble, more complete, more grateful than ever to be walking at night through the streets and alleyways of beautiful New Orleans.