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friend u know some random fun facts bout zico

Random fun facts? Let me think, I think I remember some things by heart. ;;

  • Zico thinks his lips are his charm (well isn’t he right);
  • He used to like Hello Kitty. In the beginning, he started to collect a lot of Hello Kitty stuff to minimize his strong appearance, but he eventually became addicted to her. lol But he said a few years ago that he has broken up with her~ (but I don’t think sooo, there are pictures of him from last year with a Hello Kitty bag (from a store) and a Hello Kitty mirror LOL;
  • Zico has been through camera tests for SM Entertainment for a few months when he was a teen;
  • He was born in  Mapo, Seoul;
  • He’s the leader, but he’s the 2nd youngest;
  • He took out the first money he ever earned from copyright in cash and gave it to his parents;
  • He used to perform in Hongdae under the name of ‘Nacseo’ before his debut;
  • Zico has several tattoos on his body: the National Flower of Korea, a portrait of his mom, “John the Apostle”, Saint Veronica Veil, “God Save Paulus”, his birthday in Roman numerals, King Sejong, a lot of bees, the date of Block B first win, and a big cross on his tummy;
  • Zico can do Marge Simpson’s voice (it’s really annoying tho);
  • Zico underwent a heart surgery when he was a kid, he had (has?) congenital asthma and hernia;
  • He gratuated from university last year with VIXX’s Hongbin! And with Achievement Awards!;
  • Jiho’s stage name (Zico) comes from the first syllable of his real name (Ji) + (- Ko), that’s how girls in Japan give each other nicknames: their name + -ko. They would call him “Ji ko, Ji ko”, and he adopted the cute nickname for him :D;
  • So yeah, he went to high school in Japan! He stayed there living with his dad.
  • To Zico, Whiskey doesn’t give you a hangover and it tastes clean. He has a severe hangover if he drinks Soju lol;
  • He likes to watch anime lol and also reads manga;
  • He’s catholic;
  • He has pierced ears (I think he’s got 4 piercings);
  • He has a dog named Jihye - pics x x x x x and there’s also a dog named 뽀뽀 (ppoppo) x x but I don’t know if it’s his dog;;;
  • He’s friends with an incredible number of idols;
  • Zico had his first kiss during the 2nd year of high school;
  • He and Park Kyung had the same girlfriend lol Kyung dated the girl fist in one year and Zico dated her another year lol lucky girl;;;
  • Zico is ambidextrous but I think he’s more a left handed;

That’s what I can think about him right now~ if you want more pics or source just ask me ^^


Francisco de Zurbarán

The Holy Face · The Veil of Saint Veronica

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