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How the hell was Reagan racist? I don't remember him creating any racial tension like Obama.

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I think that your disingenuous question reveals some agency and just how little you seem to know about racism

If you seriously think that PBO actually “creates racial tension”…smh…if anyone lays ANY of the fault for so-called “racial tension” at his feet, well then, that’s a pretty good sign that they’re probably racist or anti-Black af, because the president hasn’t said or done one single thing thing to remotely make anybody think such fuckery

Were you not so intent on projecting White pathology and pretending that it is President Obama who somehow *creates* “racial tension” (by simply being president-while-black I guess), maybe you would have noticed a little something I like to call a fucking hyperlink that was included in the the original post

For anyone else who is actually interested, HERE is that link again. Please note the part where the link contains very easily verifiable ~*facts*~ like how

1. Ronald Reagan was against the Voting Rights Act of 1964 and 1965 — Reagan was against Black people having the right to vote — because, among other “totes not racist” reasons, Reagan feared that the law might somehow be “humiliating to the south“ (like, that’s what was shameful or humiliating, according to Saint Ronny. Not the soul crushing racism White people inflicted on Black people, not the beatings, not all of the “unsolved” murders and lynchings endemic of the south, but a law finally allowing Black people to vote…that’s what he thought might be humiliating for the south…go chew on that for a while)

2. Reagan very actively opposed ending the racist practice of Apartheid in South Africa, and he placed Nelson Mandela on a terrorist watch list, and even wanted him to remain jailed 

3. Reagan employed well known racist, Lee Atwater, and utilized his intentionally racially divisive tactics of racial code words and ‘dog-whistle politics

4. Reagan knowingly launched his political campaign a scant few miles away from Philadelphia, Mississippi, the very place where James Chaney, Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwerner were murdered for engaging in the Civil Rights struggle. He did not pick that place to heal any of America’s racial wounds. Reagan picked that place to show solidarity with “aggrieved” White southern men 

5. Throughout his campaign, Reagan frequently employed Atwater’s Southern Strategy in his stump speeches, by repeatedly using phrases like “lazy, Cadillac driving welfare queens” and “strapping young bucks” when referring to young Black women and men, and ofc he invoked the perennial racist’s anthem, “States Rights

I could go on, but I don’t think you are actually interested in the truth or hearing a real answer -this is the internet in 2014 and facts and answers are easily found and verifiable, without jumping into someone’s ask box to ask questions you likely don’t really want answers to. Such people are more interested in protecting White supremacy and a race baiter like Reagan…literally one of the worst, most economically harmful presidents in recent American history (and I won’t bother re-listing any bullet points, as they are also in the original post)

So I’ll just top off this post for any people who legitimately may not have known about “Saint” Ronny (because they do not teach this stuff in any schools)

Make no mistake…every single Republican president since the Civil Rights era of the 1960s has played some role in actively and knowingly undoing much of the racial progress and social justice which so many people fought and died for, but Reagan was arguably the most pivotal of them all. He and his protege, George H. W. Bush, bridged the gap and carried the torch from America’s Jim Crow era to today. They continued with planting the seeds for an exploding (asynchronously Black) prison population, with a so-called “War on Drugs” and the resulting criminalizing of Blackness and much of the Nixonian level corruption, and economic inequality we that are trying to survive today

Republicans, conservatives or Libertarians who literally try to whitewash and sanitize Reagan’s history, while casually alleging (with no examples, hint: there are none) that PBO is racially divisive, are not to be taken seriously