saint peters cross


I feel like educating EVERYONE that feels the need to point out that the inverted Latin cross is in FACT the saint peters cross. One more time and I will fucking explode. They sound so sure and affirmative it’s disgusting! WE KNOW ITS SAINT PETERS CROSS!!! Say it again. I dare you. I DOUBLE DARE YOU MOTHER FUCKER!!! If you are such an expert on symbology, then you would understand and know the very basics of it. SYMBOLS ARE SUBJECTIVE TO DIFFERENT GROUPS AND BELIEFS! If one person inverts a common symbol used to portray a certain ideal/theme/belief, it means to OPPOSE (symbolically speaking). Why the FUCK can’t a satanist use the inverted cross to mean “in opposition to the Christian god/church”? You all need to educate yourselves in not only common knowledge of symbolism and symbology, but also symbol origins. The cross was ADOPTED by Christianity not invented. JUST AS THE SWASTIKA was adopted by the nazis. If you all had half a brain, you’d research any article before looking like an ignorant fuck. So tell me again with your fucking logic, why we can’t use the inverted cross hmmm? Try to knock sense into me and every other person using the symbol. You all look stupid and you all look ignorant and you all are a waste of brain power. Why do you all bother arguing a subject you know nothing of? Do you think you look and sound “smart”? Do you think people will come crawling on their knees in awe at the vast amount of knowledge you brain holds? Do you feel like an intellect? Do you feel like you know something the rest of us don’t already know? Please save your fucking efforts to looking up satanic media conspiracy theories on YouTube. Go back to Wikipedia: your source for infinite and accurate knowledge. Go back to your supernatural fandoms. Go back to living in a bubble you’ve created in your own mind where you are the superior and we are the inferior. I’m done with you. ALL OF YOU. I swear if you were in my presence I’d spit on your face and slam your face with every volume of every encyclopedia known to exist. If reading isn’t your forte, I’d be more than happy to oblige in slamming even a small amount of information into you via physical force. SATAN DAMN YOU AND I HATE TOU TO YOUR VERY CORE!