saint perez


I am writing allllll the possible endings to this season right now, because I just can’t shake the dreadful feeling that it’s going to be awful and horrible and completely gut Caitlin’s character or at least sideline her from her own arc.

So anyway, this story really is about a possible end of the season, but more about the aftermath of this possibility.


“Honey, all I’m saying is that it may be time to look for a place of our own.”

Barry furrowed his brow at her over his sunglasses. He’d adapted to the Atlantis island style unexpectedly quickly, although true to his clotheshorse ways, his brightly patterned shirts were perfectly matched with his beach shorts and those were coordinated beautifully with his flip-flops. “My parents are happy to have us for as long as we like, you know.”

“Of course they are, but their house here isn’t the biggest, and it’s just getting kind of cramped. And while we’re on the subject, I think we should find jobs. What about applying to the Atlantis PD?”

He looked away.

“You don’t think we should,” she said.

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