September 5 2015 - The ambitiously named “Minnesota 10,000 for Southern Heritage” rally managed to get 0 attendees. Luckily anti-racists have a little more conviction, so several hundred counter-protesters from the Industrial Workers of the World, Black Lives Matter, Idle No More and Anti-Racist Action, among others, did show up, marched through the street, gave speeches and burned confederate flags. [video]


Guante - “Quicksand” (Saint Paul Poetry Slam)

“My third response, upon stumbling by chance upon a man neck deep in quicksand, is obviously to recite a poem. To throw some spirit energy his way. To describe, out loud, just how heavy my heart is.”

Performing at the September 2014 Soap Boxing Poetry Slam. Subscribe to Button on YouTube!


The Honeymoon Tour in Saint Paul, MN:

Yesterday, dansteinbacher did this fun single helix piercing using a five-gem cluster. The placement he chose works perfectly to enhance the shape and flow of his client’s ear.

The jewelry is from anatometal, the originators of this type of cluster design, featuring white and dark blue opals. Clusters like these are available in a wide array of shapes and with a huge selection of gem combinations.


Deonte Osayande - “Masks”

“I know why they have trust issues instead of trust funds. No one is banking on their survival.”

Performing during his feature at the Soap Boxing Poetry Slam in Saint Paul, MN.


Guante - “Cherry Spoon Bridge To Nowhere”

“To my fellow artists, remember: art is a weapon, not the war.”

Performing at the Soap Boxing Poetry Slam in Saint Paul. Buy Guante’s work in VIRAL.