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sundaesanchan  asked:

In Catholicism, Do you believe Mary is above Christ Jesus in some way? And where do you hold the Saints in that way?

Of course not!!!!!!!!!

Never in a million years would a Catholic say Mary is ‘above’ Christ Jesus. Please understand that our reverence for her is not the same as the reverence for God.

Think of it this way. You praise your friends on their good qualities, yes? You may also praise an Olympic athlete for their virtue in athleticism, a musician for their virtue in music, etc. So why not praise holy men and women for their virtues of faith, humility, and love? It’s not like they are dead, after all. They have eternal life in Heaven. The Church conducts investigations into a saint’s life, talking to all the people they knew and doing their best to dig dirt on them, so that when they canonize a person, they aren’t being careless. And also, don’t you ask friends to pray for you? So do we ask saints to pray for us. A “devotion” to a saint shouldn’t mean to take from God, of course. But remember God is love, and there is no greater love than that for our friends, and it is in practicing love that we foster the spirit of God and make the world better.

Mary is a saint, yes. She has eternal life in Heaven, she can pray for us in Heaven, and she was virtuous and beautifully faithful and trusting. But she has a special place among the saints because she is God’s actual mother. We show honor to Jesus by honoring her. Refusing to acknowledge her importance is doing an injustice to the name of Jesus. Honor thy Father and Mother!

So no, we do not hold anyone higher than God. But certainly we can enrich the lives of others and our own lives if we befriend God’s friends and try our best to imitate them.

popcandy  asked:

Hi, so I always wanted to know how bible-reading Catholics venerate and pray to saints/Mary. It seems very weird to me given all passages in the bible about idolatry, not building images, and not worshipping created things. I know that officially, you guys don't "worship" any saints, you venerate, but when you have people bowing down to them, and asking for favours, it seems like worship to me.

(continued) The praying part is the most problematic, because according to scripture Jesus is to be our only mediator. I also don’t see any scriptural basis for asking dead people for blessing, even if they had great power when living. So could you explain it to me? I hope you’re not offended by the question, I just always wanted to understand this issue, but never had anyone to ask it to. Most catholics in Brazil are catholic in name only.

It is not offensive at all, I too was curious about the Veneration and Prayers to Saints when I was a protestant. It is true, we were told to not worship mere creations of God, but God alone. Also remember that many of these passages of the Old Testament were referring to creating images of God, who at that time had no human face that we knew of YET (this was before Jesus came to earth). We could not just “make up” an image of the son of God if we did not know what he looked like yet. As you can imagine making an image of a golden cow and calling it a portrait of God the Father, then bowing down to worship is well…you know the story.

First we have to address what a Saint is. Catholics believe that a person who is baptized is their brother or sister in Christ. A Priest at my parish once said, “Blood is thicker than water, but the waters of baptism are thicker then blood.” Our brother and sisters in Christ are our family. We keep pictures of our family right? We have photos of all of the people we love, or photos, images, statues, of things we only like. Now, imagine knowing someone on a personal level, someone who’s life was completely devoted to loving Christ, and living their life 100% for Christ. Even the words they spoke, as they spoke to you, seemed to speak to your heart in ways that made you seek Christ even more in your life and aspire to live more for Him. Throughout all the sufferings in your life as you pray to God for healing, graces, forgiveness, you turn to this person to pray for you as well, the more prayers the merrier.

Now imagine this person dies. Would you remove all the photos you had of this person, live as if they did not exist, that their life had no value or significance to your growing closer to Christ? Does their death erase how Christ worked through them on a daily basis? Do you have to stop caring for this person simply because their heart has stopped beating? Absolutely not; their life lives on eternally in heaven with God and the other people who have been born into heaven. The bible teaches us to not consult “spirits of the dead”, but people in heaven are fully alive in heaven, they are not dead.

Now think of prayer, a conversation. To say that you only believe that we can pray to God alone is to say we can speak to God alone. Do you ask your family and friends to pray with you? Do you attend church services or hold hands with others and pray together? It is the same with those who are our brothers and sisters in Heaven, we pray with them, we ask them to pray for us because they are so close to our beloved Christ in Heaven. We do not worship saints, worship is for God alone, but we do love them in a way that we love our friends, our family. To say that all love is equal and all love is worship is to say that me having affection for my cat is worship. I call on the saints to pray for me because I too, like them, am a poor sinner, need Christ. They are in Heaven where there is no sleep and no hunger, where they worship God all day and feel the presence of His love always, I will take my chances in asking someone within the presence of God to pray for me while I too pray.

We keep these photos of people who devoted themselves to Christ so we can witness and remember how God works through us every day, to remind us that we too should live our lives as beacons of God’s love and glory, so we too can go Home where our brothers and sisters in Christ are praying for us so that we can rejoice for eternity.

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Are there many old hollywood stars still alive today?

Yes, I think the oldest is Olivia de Havilland which I’m all nervous about because she’s a doll and she just turned 98 this year and I think she’s the last of the 1930s stars now that Betty is gone :(

There’s also:

  • Kim Novak (81)
  • Maureen O’Hara (93)
  • For some reason Kirk Douglas is still alive (97)
  • Queen Betty White (92)
  • My love Rita Moreno (82)
  • Christopher Lee is still making movies! (92)
  • One that never gets any Tumblr love is Glynis Johns, she’s fab and 90!
  • Eternal Eva Marie Saint is still in demand (90)
  • Doris Day (90)
  • Angela Lansbury (88)
  • Dick Van Dike (88)
  • Jerry Lewis (88)
  • Director Mel Brooks (88)
  • Stud Sidney Poitier (87) - under strict instructions not to die
  • Sean Connery (83)
  • Harry Belafonte (87)
  • Roger Moore (86)
  • Christopher Plummer (84)
  • Tippi Hedren (84)
  • Gene Hackman (84)
  • Marni Nixon (84)
  • Joanne Woodward (84)
  • Clint Eastwood (84)
  • James Earl Jones (83)
  • Robert Duvall (83)
  • Leonard Nimoy (83)
  • Olympia Dukakis (83)
  • Leslie Caron (83)
  • Angie Dickinson (83)
  • Anita Ekberg (82)
  • Piper Laurie (82)
  • Debbie Reynolds (82)
  • Omar Sharif (82)

There’s a lot in their 70s like Robert Redford, Jane Fonda, Albert Finney etc who are also not allowed to die.

This post made me feel better.

ETA: I just realized that Betty was in the 40s not 30s. Too early not enough coffee