saint mary of the angels


Immortal God, holy Lord,
Father and Protector of all You have created,
we raise our hearts to You today for those
who have passed out of this mortal life.
For all the faithful who have died we pray,
but in particular for those dear to us,
parents, relatives and friends.
nor do we forget all who did good to us while on earth,
who helped us by their prayers, sacrifice and example.
We pray also for any who may have done us harm,
and stand in special need of Your forgiveness.
May the merits and prayers of our Virgin Mother,
Mary, and those of all the Angels and Saints,
speak for us and assist them now.
Through Jesus Christ our Lord,
in unity with the Holy Spirit,
one God forever and ever.

astudyinrose replied to your post: the fact that they kept this episode so carefully…

I still can’t believe they thought this was making history. Sherlock has a sister!! HISTORY!!! Women exist!!!!!

honestly i think this was mostly their marketing campaign with, just, no real purpose, it just sounded good. or they were really so stoked to have a female villain and get to make mary into patron saint angel mum, who she was always supposed to be. who knows.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I saw your post in the Pagan tag about stop putting in Virgin Mary and arc angels into Paganism (sorry if i spell anything wrong) could you explain a little more? Im slightly confused from never coming by it!! Sorry if you have already explained!

Basically, taking Abrahamic entities (such as the Virgin Mary, saints, angels, etc) or any entity from a closed/initiated culture/religion, and honoring/worshiping/praising them in a pagan context, is disrespectful, rude, and appropriative. They belong to their original religious context. so if you honored the Virgin Mary like you would a Hellenic deity, for example, that would be extremely disrespectful NOT ONLY to Abrahamic faiths, but to the Hellenic deities as well. 

Associating Abrahamic entities to a pagan holiday, and saying “This Saint is associated with Ostara” would be incorrect, because Saints are Abrahamic and don’t have lore in pagan religions. You can worship/praise/honor Abrahamic entities in an Abrahamic context, and you can worship/praise/honor pagan entities in a pagan context, because religions have rules and they generally tell you how to honor/praise/worship the entities that belong to that religion/faith.

This isn’t specifically @ you, but in general for everyone, this isn’t “policing” your spiritual or religious life. This is about respecting the deities and entities and honoring them in their correct context. Because if you take the Virgin Mary and call her a Goddess of Imbolc, you are no longer talking about the Virgin Mary, because that is not who Mary is. No matter how much more comfortable it is to praise/honor her in a pagan way, it’s stripping her of her actual religious context. And that isn’t right, because yes, there is right and wrong in religion, because religions have rules and guidelines.

okay holy shit I was editing some MMFR screencaps and

zoomed in

look at the picture to the left of the chalkboard. 

unfortunately, i can’t really zoom in any further, but being the catholic nerd that i am i would swear that that is a painting of mary flanked by either saints or angels.

the level of detail in this movie, holy fuck

Madonna and Christ Child with Angels and Saints Mary Magdalene, Francis, Dorothy and Anthony Abbot

Mariotto di Nardo, Italy, active Florence, 1394 - 1424
tempera on panel

Birmingham Museum of Art