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           (Y/N) was sitting on her knees, talking to the little girl with twin tails at the door frame of the Café Theatre’s side door. The woman’s dress suggested that she was going out on a business.

“Remember what I have said, Juliette?”

“Don’t play a prank on Madame Gouze or anyone else, Maman,” She replied. Her face was a little bit sad.

“That’s my girl,” (Y/N) kissed her daughter’s forehead; “I won’t be too long, être une bonne fille. And don’t persuade your Papa to play anything dangerous.”

“And what is it that you’d find dangerous?” She smiled cheekily.

Just like her father, she thought, and then answered; “Anything which require climbing and leaping among buildings.”

(Y/N) repeated her words again, before leaving the Café. Juliette couldn’t help but walked back upstairs, since she had strolled around the Salon – which was filled with customers and scholars who usually came to the Café – and no one could played with her (or accurately, she couldn’t play a prank on anyone).

She walked pass the training room and Memento Gallery – where her mother and father taught her to play the harpsichord – until she reached the garden.   

Her (E/C) eyes saw the tall man walking around the garden, with a book in his hand. She ran quickly to him.

Papa!” She shouted as she hugged him tightly.

“Ah, mon petit ange,” Arno said as he closed the book, sat down, and seized her into his arms. “I thought you were going with your Maman.”

“She said her business was a secret, I can’t go with her.”

“Also she said that you can’t play a prank on every one, Am I right?”

“And I can’t play anything exciting with you either,” Juliette twisted her lips.

“So, it also means that we can’t practice your climbing and leaping.”

Arno said with an indifferent expression, but his daughter jumped a little;

“No, Papa! I want to practice them!” She grabbed his hand, her eyes were immersed.

“But your Maman has said that you can’t do that, hasn’t she? Beside, aren’t you afraid of falling?” He teased her by pretend to agree with (Y/N).

“I always have you to watch over me, you would surely save me from it.” She circled her arms around her father’s neck, “Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease, Papa. I want to climb the Notre Dame like you do, when I grow up.”

“You have to promise me – one thing only – if you want to.” He still pretended to be the solemn father, but he was almost laughing.

“What is it, Papa?”

“Don’t tell your mother, because we are sneaking out from here – the garden!”

Her face immediately turned cheerful. She nodded eagerly and hugged him tight, before taking off her dress – to reveal that she had been wearing a shirt and pants like a boy already.

Arno picked up the dress, to hide it behind the bushes. He was confident that (Y/N) would never think of this place.

The father and the daughter started leaping and climbing to the rooftop of the Café; from the main building to the building – where the most of the staffs slept and lived – but they didn’t go further than the area around Île Saint-Louis.

“Papa,” She tugged Arno’s sleeve as they were sitting on the rooftop of a building near the Notre Dame – resting their legs, after leaping and climbing buildings for hours.

“Yes, what is with you, ma petit fille?” He smiled.

“When can I climb to the top of the Notre Dame?”

“Maybe when you’re fifteen or sixteen, when you’re skillful enough,” He said. Then he saw his daughter’s face, and sighed softly.

“But it’s almost ten years from now!” She whined, “You will be older; your hairs will turn grey and you will be slower than you are now.”

“Just ten years, it can’t make me that weaker,” Arno chuckled, caressing her head. Then he looked at the dusky sky.

“Stand up. We should go home now, or your mother will be worried.”

Juliette jumped up and followed her father down from the building. When her feet reached the solid ground, Arno bended his knees for his daughter could climb upon his back. As everything was ready, he started running back to the Café Theatre – laughing loudly and cheerfully with his girl.

“How would you tell Maman, about what we have played today?” Arno asked her – to check as if she had forgotten their promises already.

“I would tell her that we had played princess tea party! And you had agreed to dress like a pretty lady, before we went for a walk around Île Saint-Louis!”

“That’s my girl.” He let her down to the ground inside Café Theatre’s yard, kissing her forehead before walking hand in hand to the hall.

(Y/N) was sitting on a coach, grabbing a little dress. When she saw her husband and daughter approached to her, she began smoothly;

“Could each one of you explain this to me?”

“Maman,” Juliette ran to her and kissed her cheek. “I didn’t persuade Papa to play anything dangerous!”

“Oui, mon amour,” Arno smiled innocently. “We didn’t play anything dangerous!”

But it seemed like (Y/N) didn’t believe them. She continued;

“What did the two of you play today, then?”

“I persuaded Papa to play a princess tea party with me – he also dressed like a lady too – Before we went out for walk around the place!” the girl blurted out and sincerely looked at her mother face.

“And I told her to take off the dress, because I gave her running lessons too,” He backed up his daughter’s words.

“Really?” She narrowed her eyes. Both of Arno and Juliette nodded like their lives depended on them.

Arno thought it was the best to get away; he quickly picked Juliette up and walking straight to the staircase.

“Regardless, you’re still going to be punished,” She stopped them. Then she inspected Juliette’s clothes and found them to be full of stains. “This is the third shirt you’ve stained this month. There will be no chocolate after dinner for you, Juliette. And you…Arno.”  

“Yes? There will be no chocolate for me either, right?” He smirked.  

“No,” She smiled wickedly, “Worse than that.”



1. 2013 Met Gala wearing Givenchy Couture 

2. 2014 Dubai International Film Festival wearing Lanvin 

3. 2011 CFDA Fashion Fun Awards dinner wearing Calvin Klein Collection 

4. 2012 Costumer Designer’s Guild Awards wearing J Mendel 

5. 2013 Oscars wearing Givenchy 

6. 2012 “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” Paris premiere wearing Louis Vuitton

7. 2013 “Side Effects” New York premiere wearing Alexander McQueen

8. 2013 LA Screening of “Ain’t Them Bodies Saints” wearing JW Anderson 

9. 2012 AFI Awards wearing Lanvin 

10. 2012 “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” Rome photo call wearing Dion Lee