saint louis

Saint Louis Travel Guide (inspired by a st. louis hate post lol)

so people were poking fun at st. louis, i didnt take it to hert, but it gave me an opportunity to share what great stuff there is to do in st. louis!! (i just copied and pasted so sorry for typos)

we have this really cool building called the city museum which is basically a huge play house museum, consisting largely of repurposed artsy architectural and industrial objects!! (theres a bus that hangs off the side of the building)
we have the missouri history museum thats nationally recognized as one of the best history museums in the nation, and others museums have looked into how they get so much attraction

which the history museum in a small part of huge forest park, one of the biggest and oldest urban parks in the nation! it hosted the 1904 worlds, one of the few structures that still remains is also our nationally recognized art museum!! also home to the #1 zoo in america (USA Today 10Best Readers’ Choice Awards contest)

we have busch stadium, which doesnt have as much history as wrigley since its fairly new (2006)!! but!! across the street is also new ballpark village that has a cardinals hall of fame museum, its really cool and if ur a baseball fan, definitely a must see!! and HEY!! they occasionally hold family movie nights outside on the big screen, w movies like inside out and toy story!! and for the young crazy adults, they do have a club atmosphere at night!

and for u aesthetic flower nerds out there like me, we have the botanical gardens which every winter has a cool a** lightshow, sadly its not winter, but theres so much to do there too as well!!

not the arch but the riverboats down by the arch!! they take u on cruises up and down the Mississippi river with live music, good food, and cool views.

scottrade center home of the st. louis blues, one of the top teams in the league!! super great armosphere, LIT atmosphere when they play the hawks!!

and last but not least, a close one to millenium park would be the city gardern, where local modern art is displayed in the heart of downtown st. louis, a super cool place for families with small children! they have water geyers and cool waterfalls and lil mini pools for the kids!! its super neat in the summer, in the winter, like the botanical gardens, they display a light show every night!!

honourable mentions:

- science center/planetarium/omnimax theater

- the delmar loop

- washington ave

- stlfc

- the fox!!

- tower grove

- the hill

- union station

- all the locally owned businesses like arch apparel

- ted drewes

- Budweiser brewery

- lemp mansion, eat lunch in a haunted mansion

- forest park itself

- for u history nerds: old courthouse and new/old cathedral basilica

- lacledes landing

THERE YA GO!! feel free to add any more you guys think of!!!!

My tornado story, since it’s twister season. Gather ‘round, children.

So I grew up in St. Louis, which is in Tornado Alley. I’m a zillion-generation Missouri girl. Back in 1997, I was just home from school (10th grade) and it was bright and sunny but the weather guy (Dave Murray who went to my church as a kid–total dick–ANYWHOO) kept talking about tornado watches. Tornado watches in springtime St. Louis are like a daily event and nobody really pays attention.

My mom was grilling pork chops on the porch in a goddamn thunderstorm if you wonder what Missourians are like about rough weather. Apparently a tornado dropped right on top of the siren like a big asshole and nobody knew that fucker was there. My mom saw the tornado coming and took the time to casually PUT THE CHOPS BACK IN THE FRIDGE. That’s how you know you live in tornado alley. You flip the tornado the finger, put your dinner away, and then take cover.

The tornado passed within 15 feet of my bedroom window, which I’d just bolted from to hide in the bathtub. A tree went through my van. My neighbor’s speedboat parked in our complex lot was found a day later in a furniture store a mile away. I guess my complex was on CNN, not that we had electricity to watch it.

Long story short: my pork chops survived the tornado and my mom watched it go by while coolly smoking a cigarette. St. Louis women don’t give a fuck.

I, however, never ate pork chops again.