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When Darnell’s phone started ringing again I looked at her with annoyed expression on my face. That shit has literally been going off for the last thirty minutes and I was tired of hearing it. She either needs to answer that shit and talk to Xavier’s annoying ass or turn it off. He and Trouble both have been blowing our phones up for the past two days. I got some common sense and just blocked his ass so he couldn’t call me anymore; I wish this bitch would do the same.

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Omniscient Perspective

She was a girl who knew how to be happy even when she was sad. And that’s important, you know. —Marilyn Monroe

It was cold, or maybe it was just the way the atmosphere in the room was set up. With her knees to her chest and her arms holding them in a protective manner she stared at the woman in pure annoyance. It wasn’t because she was gorgeous, with her smooth cocoa colored skin, piercing hazel eyes and long natural hair that was styled into a high bun. No, it wasn’t because of her beauty by a long shot but it was because she had the ability to read her without her even saying anything.

She kept her focus on the interior of the large room. Her eyes bouncing from the pictures and degrees that hung on the crème colored walls. The smell of cinnamon incense burning was relaxing to her and she found her body becoming less tense. However, she still wasn’t going to talk. It was the stubbornness she inherited from the person she despised the most.

The woman, who was roughly in her late thirties but didn’t look a day over twenty stared at the other young woman who sat curled up on the brown leather couch witnessing her going back and forth with herself. She knew all to well what she was going through, this is why this case was so special to her. She felt for the young woman, she just needed her to open up.

Deciding to be the first to take the next step, she slid her stocking covered feet into her Yves Saint Laurent black pumps before rolling her comfortable leather chair away from the glass desk that held various amounts of paperwork.

Looking away from the picture of the little girl who looked identical to the woman who was now walking towards her she sat up straight folding her legs Indian style.

The woman sat next to her, placing her hand on her leg in a comforting way. “Kai.” And just like that it triggered the emotions she tried so hard to suppress. “I’m ruining a marriage that hasn’t even started yet.” She cried out, but no tears fell from her dark brown eyes. “Kai that’s not true. You’re here right?” Kai nodded frustratedly rubbing up and down her arms. She was cold but didn’t want anything to keep her warm.

“That’s the first step Kai. You’re doing it the right way, baby.” The woman tried to keep it professional but because she immediately took to Kai she couldn’t help but let the comforting word slip from her red painted lips. Kai, sighed rubbing at her protruding tummy. She was doing this for not only her fiancé but their daughter as well.

“I don’t want to be like her; I don’t want my marriage to be like theirs. I’m not even scared I’m more so terrified.” The distress in Kai’s voice pulled at her heart strings.

A therapist knew not to become emotionally invested into one of their patients but Dr. Greene didn’t seem to care. “Kai why are you so afraid?” Kai sighed, twirling at the large engagement ring on her finger.

Unlike her younger sister Kai didn’t have a hard time telling anyone how she felt. “They married so young and so soon and now look at them. My dad has a mistress he thinks I know nothing about and my mom spends every night crying, drowning her pain with a bottle of whatever it is she has a desire for that night.” Kai didn’t want to be like her parents, sure they were a beautiful and loving couple on the outside but behind closed doors it was a different story. The beauty of their marriage was fake and ugly.

“Is it the marriage you’re afraid of or your mother Kai?” Twirling a long strand of her hair she nibbled on her bottom lip, knowing the answer.

“Both.” It was her only fear in life. She was afraid of becoming like her mother. She strived to be better than her mother, so she didn’t drink. Never picked up a bottle of alcohol a day in her life. So no, she wasn’t afraid of becoming an alcoholic like her mother but she was afraid of becoming weak minded like her.

Kai felt for her mother but that didn’t mean she felt bad for her. Her mother played a part in her dad’s actions. So in a sense Kai was also afraid of marriage because as a teen and now an adult she watched as her parents thirty years of marriage continue to spiral down hill.

“Can you fix me? Because for the life of me I can’t seem to do it on my own.” Dr. Greene nodded her head causing a small smile to play on Kai’s face. “I can help you but first I need you to go home to your fiancé and tell him your fears Kai.”

Kai nodded her eyes sparkling with happiness just at the thought of going home to Jay. “I can do that.” Dr. Greene smiled pushing herself up from the couch, Kai mimicking her actions. “Good now I want to see you next week ok?” Fixing the strap on her purse Kai agreed before the two parted ways.

Sitting back against the nude leather seat of her car she placed one hand on the wheel and the other on her stomach. “Mommy’s gonna do better Princess. For you and Daddy. I promise.” A promise she intended to never break.

A tired Nala slammed her car door trudging her sore feet up to her front steps. With both hands literally full, Nala managed to grab her house keys miraculously opening her front door. The second she stepped foot into the air conditioned home she let out a relaxing sigh kicking off the seven inch stilettos moaning out in relief.

Dropping her keys in the key bowl she sat her purse on the glass table walking further into her home. The pitter patter of tiny feet coming from the back and seemingly drawing closer to the front brought a smile to Nala’s pink lips.

“Mommy!!” Chuckling her eyes lit up when she spotted the sandy brown curls followed by the small body that belonged to her daughter crash into her legs.

If anyone would’ve asked Nala a couple months ago if she could see herself loving someone other than herself the answer would’ve been a definite no. Ask her that today, and she’ll gladly tell you Ai’yana has her heart.

“Did you have fun with Deanna today?” Nodding her head her curls brushed against Nala’s face making her frown some. “Yes! We went to the beach.” Finally noticing Ai’yana’s wet hair Nala combed her fingers through it walking back towards the kitchen. “I see! Where’s Deanna.”

Pointing towards the direction of the backyard Nala followed where she was pointing.

Because of Nala’s work schedule and her lack of knowing and trusting just anyone with her child, Nala hired her assistant to become a full time babysitter for her.

“Hey Na, I have to talk to you.” Placing Ai’yana on her feet, she sat down in one of the lawn chairs watching as her daughter sat on the edge of the pool playing with the small teacup yorkie.

“About?” Deanna sighed stressfully, her fire red hair blowing against her face from the Miami wind.

“I seen Benny today.” Confused because Benny was supposed to be out of town, Nala sat up straight motioning her to continue. “He wasn’t alone, he was with Jaida.” Lost she asked her to repeat it again. “They looked like they were together?” She spoke it more as a question opposed to a statement. “Well she wasn’t nobody anyway.” Benny and Jaida together definitely couldn’t be good. As a matter of fact whatever Benny was doing Nala wanted no parts but she felt like it was only a matter of time before Benny came threatening her for help.

It’s like he knew he was the topic of discussion because the second Nala went to say something he was calling her.

Standing to her feet she told Deanna to watch Ai’yana before she walked in the house.


Nala hated him but she loved him too. She wasn’t sure what it was about Benny that had her wanting to kill him but ready to have his last name. She felt sick in the head because of that.

“Don’t be like that baby. I know you missed me.” Rolling her green eyes she sat down on the bar stool wondering what he could possibly want.

“What do you want? I thought you were in LA.”

“Damn you keeping tabs on a nigga now?” Sucking her teeth she shook her head running her fingers through her freshly died black curls. “Don’t flatter yourself. I’m not Jaida.” She accidentally let that slip wincing when she did.

A deep chuckle seeped through Benny’s lips. “Jealous are we?” She was tired of playing games with him and was ready to get off the phone.

“Seriously, I’m two seconds away from hanging up on you. What do you want!?” The frustration on her voice could be heard and the spanish accent she carried became stronger. Benny only took Nala as a joke.

Like he did all the woman in his life. And yes, Brooklyn was no exception.

“I need plane tickets. Three to be exact.” She didn’t question reasons for it because again she was just ready to be off the phone. “Where? Why don’t you do it?”

Becoming annoyed with her Benny attempted to calm himself down by doing the exercises his psychiatrist told him to.

“Think of a happy place.” She told him. Forcing him to close his eyes.

He hated the bullshit exercises and felt he didn’t need them but it was either get professional help or he wouldn’t be able to see his daughter Morgan.

He loved her more than anything and would do anything for her. Morgan and Brooklyn were his world. They were the reason why he was even doing what he was doing. He needed them like he needed air.

“Just do it and stop asking so many questions Nala.” He snapped balling his fist. Jumping from the risen baritone of his voice, Nala mumbled a shaky ok. “Where?”

A distant smile spread across Benny’s defined features as he pictured the perfect destination for his family.

“Paris.” It was her dream and he was going to make it come true.


“Why ya shakin’ so much? Chill babeh.” She shook ha head squeezin’ ma hand, ha leg bouncin’ up and down. “What if she don’t like me? What if none of them like me? Aug I want to go home.” She whined pullin’ me away from tha house.

I chuckled at ha nervousness befo’ grabbin’ ha and pullin’ ha inta me. “Babeh chill. My mama already luh ya, so ya ain’ got’a worry bout tha rest of em likin’ ya. Ya already met n’ talked ta tha ones dat matta a’ight.”

Sighing she nodded but still a small pout graced ha lips. “But what about Travis? What if he d-” I kissed ha. Stoppin’ ha mid sentence. Like always ha tiny arms went around ma neck as she stood on tha tip of ha toes.

“Ya good na?” I asked pullin’ back. “Yes, I really do love you.” Grinnin’ cause I would neva get tired of ha sayin it. “I luh ya too babeh.” She smiled befo lookin’ past me. Ha eyes lit up and she moved ma hands off ha.

“My babies!!” All three of them ran ova ta ha and I sucked ma teeth watchin’ them hug ha. “We missed you auntie!” Kissin’ all ova they faces, I sucked ma teeth catchin’ all of they attention. “Dats ha y’all feelin’ na?” Kay Kay was tha first ta pull away from B followed by Chay and Maya.

“Sorry uncle Aug. We missed you too!” I shook my head feignin’ hurt. “Nah i’on wan’ cha sorry.” Each of em laughed still wrappin’ dey arms around me.

I eventually picked Kay Kay up befo’ kissin’ all of em. “Whea’ grandma?” Pointin’ towards tha house I nodded. “C’mon B.” She took a deep breath slowly walkin’ behind me.

I ain’ kno’ why she was so nervous. She talked ta ma mama on tha phone a numba of occasions. Gi ain’ have nothin’ ta worry ‘bout. Ma step pops was out tha picture so I ain’ have shit ta worry ‘bout eitha.

Walkin’ in tha house tha instant smell of ma mama cookin’ brought a wide smile ta ma face. I heard ma mama talkin’ loudly wit ma’ auntie and em. “Chay Chay who ya got in ma house!” Chaylin was ‘bout ta run in tha kitchen but I stopped ha shakin’ ma head. “Don’t tell ha.” I whispered and she nodded gigglin’.

She ain’ have no idea I was comin’ down hea and she was really gon’ be shocked when she realized Gi was wit me. She been askin’ ta meet ha fa good minute.

“Nobody grandma.” Enterin’ tha kitchen ha back was facin’ me so she ain’ see me. Ma auntie was tha first ta see me followed by ma grams. They both grinned but stayed quiet. Lettin’ Gi hand go I quietly walked behind ma mama as she talked animatedly ta ma auntie who was no longa’ listenin’ ta ha.

“Wha’ ya cookin’?” Wrappin’ ma arms around ha she jumped befo’ lettin’ out a small scream. E’rybody laughed at ha while I smiled. “Wha’ ya doin’ hea’ boy. I thought ya was busy?” She scolded but nonetheless clung on ta me not lettin’ me go.

“I kno but I was missin’ ma mama n’ Gi said I need’a vacation.” Gi, been on a nigga ‘cause she claim I’m ova workin’ ma’self. I feel like I ain’ workin’ enough. Ma mama finally looked behind me and smiled. “Well look hea’ if it ain’ ma otha babeh.” B relaxed completely a shy smile gracin’ ha face as she hugged ma grams and auntie. “Hey ms. Sheila.” I stepped away from ma mama lettin’ ha and Gi become face ta face. “We had dis discussion didn’t we?” B nodded, still smilin’ ha dimples deepenin’ “I’m sorry, hi mommy.” Ma mama grinned, “see na come gimme a proper greetin’.” Walkin’ inta ma mamas arms I watched as they embraced each otha. A nigga was on cloud nine.

Ma moms and girl gettin’ along and buildin’ a relationship was a beautiful ass sight ta me. “Ya so gorgeous n’ ya wit ma big head son?” She blushed and I frowned suckin’ ma teeth. “Thank you and yes he was so persistent and I felt bad.”

“Why ya frontin’ Gi?” She smiled and rolled ha eyes sittin’ next ta ma grams. “Ha y’all two meet anyway?” Ma grams asked. I licked ma lips sittin in one of tha bar stools. “She tol’ me she was ma biggest fan n’ da rest is history.”

Gi shot me the illest glare, “that’s not true!”

“I kno’ babeh i’on belie’ him.” Childishly B stuck out ha tongue makin’ Chay and tha girls laugh.

“Well my best friend dragged me out with her and he just so happened to be where we went.” Chandra laughed walkin’ in tha kitchen wit a smirk on ha face.

Tha only reason I knew it was Cha was ‘cause of tha ugly laugh she be doin’. “Why y’all downplayin’ it. Brook dat ain’ ha ya tol’ me y’all met.” B chuckled rollin’ ha eyes and blushin’.

“Shut up Cha!” Grinnin’ Cha smirked at B pushin’ ma head ta tha side befo’ takin’ a seat next ta me. “Nah, I’m playin’ dats ha dey really met. So lame.” Ma mama grinned shakin’ ha head checkin’ on tha gumbo she was makin.

“Well as long as you two are happy. Aug I need ya ta run ta tha store fa me. Take tha girls.” I nodded grabbin’ ma hat off tha table and walkin’ ova ta ma auntie and grams.

“I was ‘bout ta say lil boy. Famous or not I’d still smack ya.” I chuckled kissin’ ma auntie cheek and next ma grams. “Ma bad, I’m too sexy ta be smacked tho.” Rollin’ they eyes she pushed me out ha space.

“Boy gone.” Shakin ma head I grabbed tha car keys, “a’ight I kno when I ain’ wanted.” My eyes casted ova ta B who’s eyes were glued ta ha phone. I watched as ha facial expression went from annoyed ta scared. I frowned and shook ma head. I could ask ha ‘bout it na or I can wait until we alone.

Eitha way it go I already kno a argument gon’ take place so I went wit tha ladder. Takin’ tha few steps towards ha she looked up at me lockin ha phone and smilin’. It wasn’t a real smile eitha but I left it alone tiltin’ ma head down and kissin’ ha soft lips.

“Im’a be back.” She nodded and I sighed steppin’ away from ha. “Wha’ ya need ma?”

“I’ll text it ta ya.” Leavin’ it at dat I grabbed tha girls from tha backyard and we made our way ta tha car.

“Uncle Aug where we going?” Startin’ up tha car I made sure they was strapped in befo’ pullin’ out tha driveway. “Tha store.” I glanced in tha passenger seat lookin’ at Chay who was playin’ in ha hair which had purple in it. I chuckled quietly shakin ma head.

I wasn’t ready fa any of ma babies ta grow up yet especially Chay by ha bein’ tha oldest. She already had ways like ha mama and anytime she was ‘round B she tried ta do e’rything she did. Like ha people call Kay Kay ma mini me, Chay and B were tha same. Of course B had a special relationship wit all tha girls it’s jus’ dat Chay took more ta ha den Maya and Kay Kay did.

It only took us a good fifteen minutes and we was finally at tha store. Lettin’ Kay Kay sit in tha cart I handed ha ma phone so she could tell me wha’ ma mama wanted.

“She said skittles.” I looked down at ha while she smiled innocently. “Let me see dis.” Shakin’ ha head no and laughin’ she kept tha phone secured in ha hands.

“Ok she didn’t say skittles can we get some?” I nodded passin’ tha candy isle. “Get wha’ y’all want.”

Like I expected dey got e’rything dey eyes landed on and I let em. I wasn’t one ta tell em no if dey wanted it dey got it. “A’ight na let’s get grandma stuff fa she start cryin’.” They all laughed, Maya and Chay walkin’ in front of tha cart.

“Wha’s tha first thing Kay?” She wasn’t even in tha message anymo she was playin’ a game. Switchin’ back ta tha original screen she got herself back ta tha message flashin’ tha phone in ma face.

I sucked ma teeth at dis long ass list she had. It had unnecessary shit on hea and I knew she was only tryna get me out tha house. She ain’ low at all.

Wit a chuckle we spent a good minute in tha store and I even took a few pictures fa tha fans jus’ cause I was happy ta be back in tha NO. It wasn’t nothin’ like goin’ back ta whea’ ya came from and tha amount of love and support tha people outchea showed me.

“Now where we going?” Maya asked dis time gettin’ in tha front seat. “Back ta tha house.” They all groaned in disapproval and I laughed.

“Noo! It’s boring we just wanna spend time wit’chu.”

“A’ight we can do dat but I got’a drop dis stuff off.”

“Yes!” Seein’ as tho my official tour kicked off in August I wasn’t gone be seein’ much of them so tha times I did get tha opportunity ta chill n’ wit dem I was takin’ advantage of it.

Tha whole way back ta tha house they tol’ me ha excited they was fa school. Wit Kay Kay goin’ ta tha first grade she was even mo’ excited ta finally be goin’ ta school wit ha big sistas.

They was growin’ up on a nigga and all I could do was be thankful dat Cha was raisin’ dem tha right way. I couldn’t have ma nieces bein’ like dese little fast ass girl outchea. Uncle Aug wasn’t havin’ dat shit.

“Uncle Travis here!” “We can go sum’whea’ tomorrow dats coo’?” They agreed opening tha door and gettin’ out tha car. Cuttin’ tha engine off we headed up ta tha now crowded house. I passed by most of ma cousins and a few of ma uncles talkin’ ta them fa a minute befo I was finally able ta go inside completely .

It almost took me a good fifteen minutes until I made in tha kitchen whea’ I figua’d ma mama and all tha otha woman was at. I seen e’rybody but who I was actually lookin’ fa.

Handin’ ma mama tha bags she took em from ma hands, ha soft laugh greetin’ ma ears. “Babeh she’s in tha back wit Cha.” “I wasn’t lookin fa ha tho.” She twisted ha face and giggled. “If ya say so sweetie. Nah gone head I kno’ dats whea’ ya wan’a go.” Kissin’ ma cheek she pushed me out ha way and out tha kitchen.

Goin’ ta tha backyard whea’ it was mo’ people outchea then tha front, I ran ma hands down ma face tiredly. Ma mama was tha only person I knew who jus’ threw random ass get tagethas jus’ because.

“Yoo! Aug!” Lookin’ ta ma left whea’ jus’ about e’rybody I really fucked wit was, I made ma way ova there. B was sittin’ next ta Cha as they laughed about sum’n on ha phone. I licked ova ma lips walkin’ behind ha and pullin’ ha up.

Takin’ ha seat she sat on my lap relaxin’ ha body completely inta me. “Whea ya been?” Travis asked passin’ me tha blunt. I knew Gi ain’ really like tha smell of weed but she seemed fine wit it as of right na. Besides she was deep in conversation wit Cha.

“Grocery sto’. Why all dese people hea?” Trav shrugged while I blew tha smoke out. “I’on kno. Ya seen Tia?” Netia or Tia as we call ha is ma olda sista. I shook ma head no squeezin’ Gi waist. She looked at me smilin’ and going’ back ta wha’eva it was ha and Cha was talkin ‘bout.

“Nah, why?”

“Cause she was lookin’ fa ya earlier. Mama tol’ ha ya was gon’ though.” I nodded lookin’ around fa ha but not seein’ ha. I shrugged figua’n I’ll see ha at some point a time. “Lil Asian, finally outchea wit sum’ real niggas.” Gi laughed placin’ ha curly hair in a bun.

I waited until she was done ta take it back out. “Stooop.” She dragged out only pushin’ ha hair ta tha side. “But I like ya hair like dis.” Chucklin’ she faced me smilin’ dat pretty ass smile I ain’ seen in a minute. Ha dimples deepened and ha cheeks darkened. “You’re so cute.”

“Y’all so aggy.”

“Cha shut up! I know you not talking.” B responded makin’ Cha blush and roll ha eyes. “But it’s not about me right na.”

“Mhmm sure. That’s not what t-” Cha leaned ova coverin’ Gi mouth wit ha hand but B still continued ta talk. It was muffled but she was still goin’. “Ok I’ll quit jus’ shuddup. Ok?” B nodded while Cha hesitated but eventually moved ha hand. “You play too much.” Cha shrugged blowin ha a kiss, “ya still luh me tho so it’on matta.”

“Do I really?” Travis laughed and Cha sucked ha teeth. “Ya betta or we gon’ have problems.” B smiled softly, “you know I love me some Cha Cha. You bae.” Cha stuck ha tongue out at me and I waved ha off finishin’ off dis blunt.

“So Brooklyn?” Sliding off ma lap she sat next ta me lookin’ ova at Travis. “Yes.”

“Ha ya likin’ it down hea so far?” B smiled shyly pushin’ ha hair behind ha ear. “It’s pretty cool I like how chill everyone seems it’s a different experience.” She licked ha lips and shrugged. She tol’ me on tha plane she neva been ta New Orleans but she always wanted ta go.

“Coo’ dis ya first time bein outchea?” She nodded, “why ya so quiet? I heard ya like ta talk.” She chuckled blushin in tha process. “I’m just chillin’.”

“I’m jus’ chillin’. Soundin’ like a babeh n’ shit I heard ya go off on Aug a few times.” Tory added his two cents makin’ e’rybody but Gi laugh.

“Shut up Tory nobody asked you.”

“See dere go lil Asian.” She shook ha head restin’ ha elbow on tha table.

We sat outchea fa awhile just chillin’ n’ shit. Gi got along wit his’ about e’rybody she was introduced ta. Of course I noticed ha sum of tha females dat was hea’ starin’ at Gi in pure jealousy. I chuckled at dat. Gi noticed it ta but she neva said anything. She neva did to be honest.

Only when she felt like she needed ta otha than dat Gi was mo’ so laid back. “Can you stop grabbin’ on me.” Shakin’ ma head no I placed ma hands in tha back pocket of ha shorts restin’ ma chin on ha shoulder.

We was now in tha kitchen waitin’ fa ma mama ta tell us ta eat and like tha fat ass Gi is she wanted ta be first. Ma mama looked at us in amusement shakin ha head. “August leave ha alone.”

“Hey Brooklyn come hea’.” Ma grams called ha ova wit two large books in ha hand. Once I realized wha’ they were I pulled Gi back not lettin’ ha go.

“Oh my God!” She laughed tryin’ ta get out ma grip. “Let dat chile go.” I sucked ma teeth loosenin’ ma grip and B eagerly went ova ta ma grams.

“Oohh are these baby pictures.” My grams nodded and Gi looked at me with a smirk on ha face openin’ tha black book. I frowned at tha first pictua while Gi giggled.

Ha giggles turned inta full blown laughs befo’ she tried ta go in on me. “Oh my god! Baby you were so serious.” Glarin’ at ha she ignored me still talkin’ ‘bout tha pictua.

“Is that Mel?” She asked softly sittin’ up on ha knees. My grams nodded starin’ at tha pictua of Mel and I when we was lil yungins.

I found ma’self smilin’ at tha memory. Not a day goes by whea’ i’on think about Mel. As if sensin’ tha atmosphere shift Gi bein’ tha carin’ person she is she directed our attention ta anotha pictua.

“Aug I been lookin’ for you.” I looked up seein’ Tia. “Sup T.” Huggin ha she smiled lettin’ me go. “Ya met B.” Ha smiled disappeared and she nodded rollin’ ha eyes. Gi chuckled quietly shakin’ ha head.

I frowned openin’ ma mouth ta say sum’n but T beat me ta it. “Are you sure you’re ready for a girlfriend Aug?” I licked ova ma lips and nodded wonderin’ whea all dis was comin’ from.

“Why?” She sighed lookin’ in Gi direction and frownin’. “I just don’t think she’s right for you.”

“And how would you know?” Gi spoke up. “Don’t get smart it’s not gone last anyway.”

“T chill fa real bruh. I ain’ gon let ha disrespect ya n’ ya ain’ gon’ disrespect ha ya feel me.” She nodded but still kept tha attitude which I ain’ care about. “Netia come wit me fa a second babeh.”

“Grandma can we eat?” Chay came runnin’ in tha kitchen wit ma nephew behind ha. Tha second she said yea I was tha first ta grab a plate. “You so fat.” I sucked ma teeth movin out ma grams way so she could make ma plate fa me.

Tha entire time B held a unbelievable expression on ha face. “You are not handicapped at all.”

Shruggin’ I grabbed ma food kissin’ ma grams cheek and sittin’ back down. “Ya wan’ me ta make yours too babeh.”

“No that’s fine.” My grams smiled and shook ha head. “It was rhetorical na go sit down I got dis honey.” Gi sat down next ta me starin’ at tha seafood gumbo in ma bowl. “No.” She pouted stickin’ ha bottom lip completely out. I pulled on it makin’ ha frown and slap ma hands away.

“You’re supposed to share with me.” Ma grams sat ha food in front of ha and B smiled thankin’ ha. “Not when ya got ya own.” She rolled ha eyes playfully choosin’ ta ignore me all tagetha.

Later That Night

“Why are we staying at a hotel again?” Gi mumbled pullin’ off ha Nike’s and climbin in tha middle of tha bed.

“Why ya askin’ obvious questions.” She thought about it fa minute befo’ blushin’ and shakin’ ha head. “And if I said no.” I shrugged, “den we gon go ta sleep.” She yawned tiredly fallin’ back a against tha bed. “Nah ya can’t sleep.”

“But why?” She whined kickin’ ha legs against tha bed. “Cause dats all ya do is sleep n’ eat I’m startin’ ta t-” “Bye August!” I chuckled sittin’ on ha butt placin’ all ma weight on ha.

“Get off me! You is heavy.”

“Wha’ ya n’ ma mama talk about when I was gon’?” Since I wasn’t movin’ B made ha self comfortable

“Just about everything. She’s so cute and I love her. I’m gone find her a boyfriend.” I shook ma head at dat. “She’on need’a boyfriend.” Witout ha even lookin’ at me I already knew she was rollin’ ha eyes. “Anyway you don’t get a say so she grown.” I wasn’t ‘bout ta argue wit ha ova sum’n dat wasn’t happenin’ so I changed tha subject.

“Wha’ else y’all talk about?” I rolled of ha and she sighed in relief turnin’ on ha back. Placin’ ha arms ova ha eyes she blew out a low breath. “We actually didn’t talk about us; well not that much. We talked about me.”

“Wha’ about ya?” Movin’ ha hands she turned and faced me. “I’m changing my major.” I frowned B was adamant on becomin’ a doctor, all she had ta do was take one exam and she was goin’ ta medical school.

“Ya sho ‘bout dat babeh. I mean ya half way done.” She nodded playin’ wit ha nails. “Yes, I’m passionate about it but I just don’t see myself wanting to do this for the rest of my life.” I nodded grabbin’ ha arm and pullin’ ha completely inta me.

“Wha’eva makes ya happy bae. Wha’ ya changin’ ya major ta?” Wit ha chin on ma chest she played wit ma goatee a permanent smile on ha face.

“Thank you Auggie pumpkin and well I have my bachelors in business management but I want my masters. Now the hard part is just telling my parents.”

“When ya ready ta tell em’ I’m hea.” Kissin’ ma lips I felt ha smile inta tha kiss. “Thank you.” “Ya welcome Squirt.”

“You’re grandma is cute I’m taking her home with me.” I chuckled restin’ ma hands on ha ass. “Nah ya got ya own.” Shakin’ ha head she yawned against ma neck laughing when I pinched ha thigh. “She loves me more she told me.”

“Yea wha’eva das why ya auntie love me mo’ den ya.”

“She probably do.” I grinned, “it’s tha accent, feel me bae.”

“Please!” I looked at ha wit a yeah right expression but she stared at me blankly. “Tell me I ain’ have ya when a nigga said wha’ up ta ya.” She shook ha head back and forth pressin’ ha lips tagetha.

“You be frontin’ Gi.” “I do not.”

“You do but it’on matta cause I gotcha na n’ ya ain’ goin’ nowhea.”

Shyly she hid ha face against ma neck ha fingers goin’ ta ma hair. “Can you bring the curls back. Pleeeeaase?” She dragged out but it sounded muffled. “Wha’ I get?” She squirmed unda me when I put ma hands inside ha shorts. “All the kisses you want.”

“I’a see.” She moved ha face lookin’ at me wit dat famous pout. “Just say yes.” Ha eyes followed tha movements of tongue dat ran against ma lip and I chuckled befo runnin’ ma tongue against ma grill.

“Can you stop.” “Wha’ I do?” Messin’ wit Gi was funny, especially when she get irritated. She would frown ha face up and ha nose would wrinkle while ha cheeks flushed red.

“Why ya be gettin’ so mad?” Smackin’ ha lips she climbed off me and out tha bed altagetha. “Ya ackin’ bipolar na.” Grabbin’ ha duffle bag she dropped it on tha bed ignorin’ me.

“i’on undastand ya at times Gi. I really don’t.” She shrugged and I sighed at ha nonchalant attitude.

I wasn’t bout ta baby ha dis time if she wanted ta be in one of ha moods it was coo’ wit me. All I kno is by tha time she come back out tha shower ha fucked up attitude betta be left in tha bathroom.

I grabbed ma phone decidin’ ta occupy ma’self wit ma fans fa a minute since Gi wasn’t showin’ me no love.

Tha sound of tha bathroom door slammin’ caused me to laugh. Lickin’ ma lips I kept ma attention on ma phone until tha constant vibration of Gi’s phone began ta irritate me.

Grabbin’ ha phone from off tha nightstand I furrowed ma eyebrows at tha amount of missed calls and text messages she had from jus’ on numba.

I’an tha type ta go through ma girls phone but shit I was curious. Unlockin’ ha phone I opened tha messages readin’ ova each one feelin’ ma blood boil. All I saw was red.

From: 305-565-9856

So you really not about to answer yo phone?

                                                  Sent 12:45 pm

Remember Brooklyn it’s not hard for me to find you. I did it once I can do it again.

Sent 1:15 pm

Baby why you being like this? I’m not about to keep blowing yo shit up.

                                              Sent 4:15 pm

She only responded ta dis shit once and all she said was fa him ta leave ha alone. This nigga really had B scared. Clenchin’ ma jaw I picked up ma’ phone gettin’ ready ta dial ma squad but tha B’s phone vibrated again.

I read ova tha message twice befo’ I came ta conclusion dat dis nigga had a death wish and a nigga like me was bout ta grant dat shit.

Fuck it Brooklyn if I can’t have you nobody can. That’s a promise baby.

                                                  Sent 12 am

The sound of B comin’ out tha bathroom pulled me away from tha text. It’s like she already knew sum’n was wrong cause all she did was look at ha phone in ma hand and at ma face. Wit a long sigh she ran ha fingers through ha wet hair.

“Please don’t do anything stupid.” Chucklin’ dryly I texted Tory ignorin’ ha completely. “Tell em ta met ya hea’ Gi.” She shook ha head no droppin’ tha white towel. I licked ma lips starin’ at ha body.

“No August I’m not letting you do anything that’s going to put you in jail.” I sucked ma teeth, she was aggravatin’ me wit ha I don’t care attitude. “Ha tha fuck ya expect me ta react when a nigga threatin’ ya life Brooklyn. Ya seen dis nigga n’ ya ain’ say shit. Is he tha reason ya been actin’ ha ya are?” By na I was standin’ up from tha bed as she slipped on a long sleeve t-shirt.

“Yes.” She sighed facin’ me. I shook ma head, “Giselle wha’ happened n’ don’t lie ta me eitha.”

“Fine but promise me you won’t get mad.”

“It’s too late fa dat.” Placin’ ha small hands on top of ma clenched fist she rested ha chin on ma chest starin’ up at me.

“I don’t know how but the night I went out with Ki and seen you well I guess he was there. I was by myself and to scared to call you.”

Bitin’ ha bottom lip she stepped back lettin’ go of ma right hand. Holdin’ ha arm up she rolled ha sleeves up and pointed ta tha faint purple bruise which rested on tha inside of ha arm.


It’s like everything inside him changed. He wasn’t my August anymore it was in his eyes. I was scared not for me but for him. He grabbed my arm softly yet his hands were shaking. The more he looked at the bruise Benny created the more his eyes would darken.

I wasn’t sure how he didn’t notice it before but I’m good at hiding things so I didn’t really expect him to find it. “I’ll be back.” Even his voice was unrecognizable and though I knew Aug had a temper I never witnessed it and with him being this upset wherever he was going wasn’t going to do him any good.

I shook my head no wrapping my small arms around his waist. He let me; gently pushing me back against the wall. “Giselle.” He warned softly but the anger was still in his voice. “No August I’ll call the police but you can’t do anything. I don’t want you to.” It sounded harsh but I couldn’t let him do anything to jeopardize his career for me. I also knew that the police weren’t going to do anything. Benny has made a name for himself and with his line of work it’s going to be my word against his.

I was stuck and I was scared. “Fuck allat Gi.” His phone rung breaking the silence altogether. With my arms still wrapped tightly around him he managed to pull his phone out of the back pocket of his jeans.

“Yeah.” I didn’t hear much of his conversation and he wasn’t saying anything in response to whoever was on the phone except for him making the occasional ‘yea’s’.

Hanging up his phone I could tell that he was still angry but was calming down some. Or maybe he just wanted me to think that. I don’t know.

“Can you lay with me?” Abruptly picking me up my arms enclosed around him and I nestled my face in the comfort of his warm neck.

Laying us down on the soft king size bed his fingers rubbed circles against my back as his heart beat rapidly against my ear.

“Anthony just promise me you won’t do anything stupid.” I had a strong feeling my words were falling on death ears but I still reiterated how serious I was.

When it came to tempers I felt like Aug and Benny were one in the same. Except Aug knew how to control his anger at times and he never reacted violently whereas Benny was the type to shoot first and ask questions later.

Reasons why I spent nights glued to the toilet seat in the bathroom tending to a bruise because he jumped to conclusions. That feeling that I’ve been having for the past six months seemed to get stronger making my stomach churn and my heart drop.

You ever had a feeling like a strong feeling like you knew something bad was going to happen. You knew what it was but you didn’t at the same time. It’s almost like a premonition…maybe.

Feeling Aug trace the bruise lightly on my arm I didn’t look at him but every so often his hand that rested on my back would turn into fist. “I’m fine I promise.” Finally looking up at him he stared at me pushing my damp hair behind my ear.

“I’on wan’a lose ya B. I’on care if we only been tagetha fa a lil ova two months but shit a nigga a go crazy if sum’n eva happened ta ya n’ dats on ma brutha.” He confessed all seriousness laced in his voice

Could you ever be so deeply in love with another person so soon that it’s almost dangerous almost unhealthy in a sense. But at the time same it’s like when you’re with that person time seems to standstill, like you’re both confined and surrounded by the presence of each other.

I’ve never experienced a love like this; I’ve never been in love like this before. As much as August didn’t want to lose me, I didn’t want to lose him and I had a feeling that anything that involved Benny would result in that happening.

I’d honestly rather deal with my own problems instead of letting August do it. He had an entire family to take care of, a family that’s been through enough pain and I definitely wasn’t going to be the cause of them feeling or experiencing a pain like that again.

“You’re not going to baby I promise.” I was thankful that he had relaxed some so now I could finally sleep. I was tired but I was fighting sleep because I knew that he would try and leave, now that I was sure he wouldn’t by how comfortable he just got I closed my eyes the sound of his even breathing and the constant movement of his thumb circling against my lower back putting me faster to sleep. 

Jumping out the deep slumber that I was once in I wiped the small beads of sweat from my head trying to get my breathing back to normal from the horrible dream. A dream that felt a little too real. Pushing the hair that stuck to my face behind my ear I finally looked on the opposite side of me not seeing August.

I panicked and i’m not sure why. I called his name but the suite wasn’t that big so I stopped after not getting a answer. Climbing out of bed I went to grab my phone but it was gone. Letting out a frustrated scream I slid against the bed placing my face in my hands. I had an idea of what he was doing but I was silently hoping I was wrong.

I was crying out of frustration and pure anger. I couldn’t do anything it was driving me crazy inside. All I could do was just sit and wait until he finally walked through this hotel door.

Emotions on high and my blood boiling the longer I sat and waited the angrier I got. This is the only time that i’m praying i’m overreacting and my mind is just thinking the worst.

But I feel like i’m not and that’s what’s honestly eating me up inside.