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Ever wanted to learn how to spin yarn with out a spinning wheel? great! … because humans figured it out before spinning wheels were invented! 

Drop Spinning!!!! 

When I was in college I started being a foster mom for angora rabbits for just the winters. I knew I wanted to try making yarn with their fluff. I looked into a spinning wheel but that totally wasn’t an option at the time due to space and school loans! After going to the Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival I picked up drop spinning and bought a simple bottom whorl and practiced and practiced. With the help of some library books and the internet I was a spinning master! (ok not master.. )  it was so soothing to just pick up and create something when I came home after class or just while watching tv. 

So now I’ve decided to make a kit for beginners who want to try drop spinning for the first time.. or maybe you just want a really hip drop spindle.

check em out here! 

psg, part two

a/n: read part one here. this part was getting kind of long, so i decided to stop it here but there will be a part three. sorry for the cliffhanger though ;-)

It doesn’t even look real. Neymar, at Parc des Princes, wearing a Paris Saint-Germain kit. It doesn’t look real but she can’t stop looking at the picture on her phone. Maybe someday she’ll get used to it, but today, it just looks wrong. He’s only been gone for less than a day but she can already feel his absence. Barcelona is different without Neymar.

Meanwhile, 600 miles away, Paris is turning out to be a lot lonelier than Neymar thought.

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