saint john allerdyce

[JOHN ALLERDYCE] - Pyro - 25 - Zac Efron

↳ The story

Initially a student of Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, John became a close friend of Bobby Drake and Hank McCoy. While he was under the care of Xavier’s school, it was evident that he didn’t exactly see eye-to-eye with the X-Men’s ideology. While he isn’t completely against humans, he knows that there were better ways of getting mutant rights across more effectively than what the X-Men were doing. When John had the chance to meet Magneto and Mystique, he learned that there were others out there who shared the same views as him when it comes to human. This would cause him to change his loyalties from the X-Men to become part of the Brotherhood for Evil Mutants.

Fiercely loyal to Magneto, John would become the master of magnetism’s bodyguard of sorts. This causes him to listen to the man without much of a second thought, as he felt that Magneto wouldn’t wrong him; however, when his leader lost his powers, John left the Brotherhood and drifted around listlessly for quite some time. It was when he was approached by Raven to join her incarnation of the Brotherhood. After making a name for themselves, the new Brotherhood had decided to make their final act—make a public assassination of anti-mutant Senator Robert Kelly. While their attempts were stopped by the X-Men, John was able to escape, while the Brotherhood broke up yet again.

When all was said and done, John was left to his own devices yet again. This time, however, he knew better than to keep himself on the radar. He was a fugitive, after all, and the last thing he wanted was to be caught. He kept himself low. During the Battle of New York, John knew what was going on. He also knew that mutants were rallied to help, but he couldn’t’ bring himself to assist. He saw that it was a losing battle and that they had no chance; and he was right.

It wasn’t long after the battle that he was approached by a masked man, offering him whatever he wanted in exchange for his services. John wasn’t dumb to accept the man’s proposal on the spot, despite how tempting his offer was. He had made the mistake once with Xavier, so he knew that he needed to take his time in deciding. When he saw the ruin and decay that the world was in, and that the stranger’s plans were plausible, John agreed to join the Chaos group.

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Saint John Allerdyce according to me and Mitchell
  • Mitchell: it's all fine and dandy until you realize that headbutt probably killed John.
  • Me: No he didn't! He's alive ;n; STAP
  • Mitchell: well either A) the headbutt killed him B) the Dark Phoenix did C) his hands wouldn't heal from that and he killed himself. Pyro NEVER LIVES in any universe
  • Me: NOOOOOOO ;A;
  • Mitchell: they even bring him back just to kill him again.
  • Me: HE WAS THROWING CARS AT HIM. Well. No. Magneto was throwing cars at him. John just set them on fire making it worse. Because that's the function of John. He makes things worse. He wont push you in the water, he'll just hold your head under so you cant come up.
  • Mitchell: So he can give Bobby CPR.