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Sant Jordi: Catalonia’s bookish Saint Valentine

Today is International Book Day, but for the Catalans it’s just more than that. It is Sant Jordi, a mix of Saint Valentine and International Book Day. It is one of the most important literary events of the year (Bookshops expect to sell a total of 1 million books all over Catalonia just today, which makes 22 million euros in a day.)

All over Catalonia, bookshops prepare stands in the streets so that people can buy books. But the tradition is more than that. (Picture: Les Rambles, Barcelona)

The tradition says that you must give your boyfriend/girlfriend (although nowadays friends and relatives count as well) a book and a rose.

Although Sant Jordi is celebrated all over Catalonia, Barcelona is kinda like the centre of everything, with the city preparing itself for the celebration.

(Picture: Casa Batlló, Barcelona)


Dark skin model of the week

Model Wayne Booth 

Born October 5th, in Jamaica 

  • Has been in magazines like Elle, Vogue, Suitcase, Lurve among others
  • Discovered and mentored by Sir Paul Smith 
  • She participated in the London Fashion Week in 2016
  • Has been in the runway for the SS17 for Palmer Harding, Barbara Cassola and others more 
  • Her agency Saint International is an international modeling agency set in Jamaica that hosts a yearly runway where international scouts search for Jamaican models 
  • Her Instagram @wayne_1_
Amy Santiago moment

I love Brooklyn 99 and today I was talking to my co-resident about studying and we both brought out our “good notebooks” which are full of our most neatly written and organized notes for when we study. Complete with table of contents and color coding. And in that moment I realized we were Amy Santiago.

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Syria and The Blood on Steve Bannon’s Hands

We learned this morning that DJT asked Steve Bannon to step down from his position at the National Security Council (NSC). 

Administration officials insisted this was always the plan and that Bannon was merely there to “deoperationalize” procedures after Susan Rice’s tenure.

First off, what the fuck does that even mean?

Secondly, Bannon still has security clearance and can still attend meetings should he choose, so the day was rife with speculation as to what is actually transpiring. One widely touted theory, that he committed the ultimate transgression and crossed DJT’s venerated son-in-law and incest proxy, Jared Kushner. 

What we do know: Bannon gets to keep his West Wing job as Chief Political Strategist. As such, he still wields enormous influence. 

Bannon’s view of Syrian refugees is akin to Hitler’s view of Jews, and I say this without hyperbole. 

When discussing Syria in recent years, on multiple occasions Bannon has invoked the hideous, dehumanizing 1973 novel, “The Camp of the Saints”, by French author Jean Rauspail. Rauspail considered dark-skinned persons not of European lineage to be dangerous, sexually voracious barbarians out to destroy Western Civilization by arriving on its shores. 

Repeatedly, Bannon compares the Syrian refugees to the grotesqueries etched by Rauspail, ignoring, or more likely reveling in the fact that “The Camp of Saints” was widely condemned as a modern day “Mein Kampf” upon its release and has only found newfound popularity among virulent white supremacists. 

This is the man advising DJT on Syria. 

This is the man who sat on the National Security Council yesterday when Assad gassed to death at least 82 Syrians, dozens of them confirmed to be children. 

My best guess?

Removing Bannon from the National Security Council was a cosmetic move to save face on the international stage. 

But we won’t save lives until Bannon is removed from the administration. 

And that won’t happen until DJT is removed from office. 

Tonight they sleep with the blood of Syrian children on their hands.


We’re thrilled to welcome Brazilian soccer player Neymar Jr. as the new ambassador of Handicap International. Through this partnership, Neymar is lending his huge fame to a good cause: empowering the most vulnerable people in the world, people with disabilities living in poor countries, victims of conflicts and natural disasters.

The first action of Neymar Jr. as an ambassador of Handicap International was to send a message of support to people with disabilities across the world. At 3:00 pm in Geneva, he went on the top of the 39-foot Broken Chair monument and called for more inclusion of people with disabilities in society. Symbolically, this message took the shape of a soccer ball with the logo of Handicap International on it. He then kicked the ball down the Allée des Nations in front of the Palace of Nations. The event was followed by a press conference hosted by the United Nations Office in Geneva.

Broken Chair is the work of the Swiss artist Daniel Berset, erected 20 years ago by Handicap International in front of the United Nations headquarters in Geneva to call for a ban on antipersonnel landmines.

More broadly speaking, Neymar Jr. chose to engage with Handicap International and to promote all of the charity’s work alongside persons with disabilities in 56 countries.

The star and Handicap International initially met in 2016 to discuss access to prostheses for amputee children, a subject that’s particularly close to Neymar Jr.’s heart, and a cause he has already supported. He wanted to support similar actions on a global scale, and got to know Handicap International’s prosthetic and orthotic programs.

In October 2016, Neymar Jr. showed his support to Haitians impacted by the devastating Hurricane Matthew by urging his followers on social media to support our work in the hard-hit nation.

He accepted Handicap International’s invitation to travel to Geneva for the “Broken Chair” event. In future, Neymar hopes to travel to the field to see Handicap International’s projects in person, but this has not yet been possible due to his busy schedule.

Neymar is Handicap International’s first International Ambassador. In North America, Handicap International benefits from the committed support of two Goodwill Ambassadors: American pilot, motivational speaker and RightFooted star Jessica Cox, and Canadian Dark Matter actor Anthony Lemke.

  • Medieval Art Professor: does anyone know the story of Saint Martin?
  • Me, internally: Saint Martin was the last son of Uriel Septim VII, emperor to Tamriel. In the year 3E 433, he single-handedly ended the Oblivion Crisis when he sacrificed himself by shattering the Amulet of Kings in order to defeat Mehrunes Dagon and seal the gates to Oblivion forever.
  • Me: *cries*