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Saint Ask

So I wanted to try my hand at making one of the ask posts. Each question is based on the saint/saint’s patronage. Some questions are serious, others are really silly! I hope you like it!

Anonymously put these in my ask :) You know how these work!

Saint Genesius: Have you ever been in a play? If so what part/what play?

Saint Francis: What is your favorite animal and why?

Saint Catherine of Bologna: Do you enjoy art? What kinds?

Saint Sebastian: What is your favorite sport?

Saint Francis de Sales: Do you enjoy writing? What do you like to write?

Saint Elizabeth of Hungary: Do you enjoy baking/cooking? What is your favorite thing to make?

Saint Ambrose: Have you ever been stung by a bee?

Saint Januarius: Do you donate blood?

Saint Stanislaus: Have you ever broken a bone? If so what bone?

Saint Thomas Aquinas: Did you/do you go to a Catholic school/public school/homeschool and did you like it?

Saint Vincent: Do you volunteer for any charities/what charities?

Saint Gertrude and Saint Roch: Do you like cats or dogs?

Saint Gabriel Possenti: What do/did/will you study in college/university?

Saint John Vianney: Do you like the sacrament of confession?

Saint Kateri: What is your favorite environment? (forest, mountain etc)

Saint Lucy: Do you wear glasses?

Saint Therese of Liseux: What is your favorite flower?

Saint Fiacre: Have you ever had a garden?

Saint Richard: Do you come from a large family?

Saint Jerome: What is your favorite book and why?

Saint Dymphna: Do/have you or anyone you know struggle with Mental illness?

Saint Cecilia: What is your favorite type of music?

Saint Nino de Atocha: Have you ever been on a pilgrimage?

Saint Clement: Have you ever been sailing?

Saint Christopher: Where is the coolest place you have ever traveled to?

Saint Juliana of Cumae: Have you or someone you are close to struggled with chronic illness?

Saint Clare: What is your favorite TV show/movie?

Saint Joseph of Cupertino: Do you enjoy flying/have you ever flown? 

Saint Alphonsus: Are you discerning/have you discerned your vocation?
How to Pray When You're Pissed at God

ESQ: But really, I’m guessing you think spicy language has its place. You argue that the Bible’s original Hebrew was not G-rated. It’s more HBO-ish than that. You say the Hebrew wordshagallis approximately the same meaning as the f-word. If you’re right, what do you think was going on? Were the writers of the Bible trying to reach the followers by getting some street cred?

IP: I think if God wanted street cred, he would have said,shagall, thrown down his mic and walked off the stage and gone back to His trailer. The way the prophet Jeremiah uses it, it has all the street cred of my dad saying the f-word after dropping a hammer on his foot. Still, our lesson from Jeremiah is we should all feel empowered to speak freely in prayer, to say exactly what we’re thinking until we feel better.

From Infallibility:

so at awards tonight i won the theatre award. glenn went up and gave a speech about how i stay present in the space and i haven’t left it since i started. and i started crying and got super red and alex came and hugged me and told me she loved me and i went up and hugged glenn (and i called him a jerk for making me cry). and my baby ducks all cheered and glenn gave me this pendant. we pray a non-denominational prayer every shows to saint genesius (saint of actors), saint jude (saint of lost causes), and saint zeke (our made-up saint of the crew). so i now have a saint genesius medal and i am super emotional because i don’t want to leave because i love these people so much.


The best opening night gift I’ve received.

I was the stage manager for a play called Incorruptable, a comedy about a group of priests in the dark ages who try to trick the public into believing their dead saint’s bones were performing miracles. The director was also our props master and he gave everyone a piece of a saint’s ‘bones’ in accordance to their position. 

I got the fingertip of the first finger (i.e. the GO button finger) of Saint Genesius, the patron saint of Stage Managers. I don’t keep too many things from shows, but I smile every time I see this.