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As a student of English and History living in London with Victorian specialisation, I can confirm that all the wacky shit that happens in this game is 100% historically accurate if you ignore 100% of the facts.

Why you should play Amnesia: Memories


Costume Porn + Weddings/Wedding Dresses x

I dreamt I was at a a bar with Sunless Sea themed drinks, and though I couldn’t remember the recipes (if they had made any sense, which they didn’t) I did remember some of their names, and I decided to try making one.

Peligin Depths

1.5oz blue Curaçao
1oz and change Kraken black spiced rum
2oz cranberry juice

“Peligin is the hue of the waters near the Zee floor and those of the land of the dead: the darkest blue there is. It’s the color of the eyes of Monster-Hunters, as they have consumed the peligin flesh of zee-monsters.”

Code: Realize: White Rose Wedding Chibis 

Alternately I’d call this one “choose a husbando: GET MARRIED!”. This illustration and collection of chibis was used for multiple goods during the Otomate Summer Market 2016 character goods sale. This was sourced from a sticker sheet included with a PSVita storage pouch. Needless to say, wedding bells will be ringing for Cardia in the “Code:Realize ~Future Blessings~ (or Blessed Future). As for myself as Cardia, I’ll be Mrs. Van Helsing, yes yes? Yeh. 

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It’s Saint Patrick’s Day! I won’t forget the Artemis Fowl II even after 13 years of reading books, thanks to Eoin Colfer.(=

Still drawing him, even if it’s quick and not that good. Just a little gift to myself and my friends from my childhood.\//