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anonymous asked:

Hello! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a a time traveler?

Some problems with long-term Time Travel:

  • If you don’t live year to year, you lose track of how old you are.
  • If you go back in time to rewrite your actions, you’ll have different, often contradictory memories of the events. 
  • If you don’t have a home in a time period, there’s no external reason for you to have the same values you held before you Traveled. After all, societal values differ between time periods.
  • If you’re able to Travel far into the past and the future, you’ll know that the lifespans of all the people you care about only last in short segments. To be with one person in one time period means someone else in another might not exist yet, or they have already died.
  • And of course, knowing you have the ability to traverse eternity but you are limited to the brief period earth can sustain life because you know no other cosmic address to call home.

Time Travel themes to be explored in Saint for Rent.