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FALL 2017 favorite collections 002: PFW + MFW + LFW + NYFW

winterwanderlust-sheree  asked:

Hello! May I know what's your favorite designers? Mine are Luisa Beccaria and Valentino ( partially due to Madeleine, no shame ). And btw, I also recognize that's an Erdem dress. You can't escape from the floral prints! 😁

Hi! Sorry this took me so much, life happened. Anyway, I have been so ready for this question since the day I was born, no, since the day I was conceived probably.
-Elie Saab ALL THE WAY (his latest collections haven’t been that good though but I am still in love with him LIKE Y’ALL REMEMBER WHEN HE DESIGNED THE DRESS FOR HGD STEPHANIE OF LUXEMBOURG LIKE YOU COULD TELL THAT THING WAS COUTURE FROM 248489439 GALAXIES AWAY)
-Yves Saint Laurent
-Christian Dior (*sigh* the good ol’stuff)
-I have developed a major crush on Ralph&Russo, their designs are stunning and I really hope The Duchess of Cambridge wear some of their gowns with the CLK Tiara
-Fadi El Khoury (this is CP Victoria and Madeleine’s fault)
-Cristóbal Balenciaga of course
-And there is a mexican designer called Benito Santos, I loooove his dresses (he is more known for designing the dress Ximena Navarrete wore when she won Miss Universe in 2010)


People’s Choice Awards 2015 Red Carpet

What they wore in captions 


I had a free day, so why not. Though I had to draw Eli two times, since I lost first unsaved file due to outage.(shame on me for not saving)

Exchange of gazes at the lockers* from 2nd chap of Otonokizaka Private Academy by jstonedd

I was thinking about something else but then it turned into two portraits 


*lockers not included ⊙︿⊙

Cathedral of Saint Elie & Saint Gregory The Illuminator - Beirut, Lebanon