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‘Tomorrow Is Another Day’ - model: Tommaso De Benedictis - photographer: Bryan Huynh - stylist: Tomas C. Toth - hair: Anna Chapman - photo asst: Tristan Claroux - styling asst: Hermes Cevera - hair asst: Tina Faith - casting & production: David Wilton - Elle Man Vietnam June 2014 - designers: Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane

anonymous asked:

Why all the dicks?

Actually…there were probably more breasts than penises in medieval art. 

From ancient times, a small penis = modesty (super immodest, drunkard, party animal satyrs had large phalluses). 

In the Middle Ages, nudity could be a sign of penance, pride, modesty/immodesty, also class or race or simply scenes of daily life (like circumcision). 

Christ and Saint Sebastian were the male figures most often shown nude or semi-clothed. 

Just google Leo Steinberg + Christ (plus all related critiques) or Robert Mills “Seeing Sodomy in the Middle Ages” book.

Also, Sebastian was a boxer AND a brief guy.